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Is Wael Ghonim an Islamist?

Wael Ghonim: Is he an Islamist?

COMMENT: Wael Ghonim garnered world-wide publicity during the Egyptian uprising, credited with doing much to galvanize the opposition to Hosni Mubarak.

A graduate of American University in Cairo (at which Muslim Brotherhood-linked elements embrace the economic theories of Ibn Khaldun), Ghonim is alleged to have developed one of the most popular websites in the Arab World.

Is Ghonim an Islamist? Is he Muslim Brotherhood?

We may be fairly confident that the driving elements behind what we have termed “the Piggy-Back Coup” will doubtless assure us of the “moderate” nature of the site and its contents.

An English version of the website (perhaps edited for Western consumption) is available here.

“Wael Ghonim”; Wikipedia.org.

EXCERPT: 1998–2002 – Helped in the launch of one of the most visited websites in the Arab world (http://www.islamway.com)


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