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Is Wael Ghonim an Islamist?


Wael Ghonim: Is he an Islamist?

COMMENT: Wael Ghonim garnered world-wide publicity during the Egyptian uprising, credited with doing much to galvanize the opposition to Hosni Mubarak.

A graduate of American University in Cairo (at which Muslim Brotherhood-linked elements embrace the economic theories of Ibn Khaldun [2]), Ghonim is alleged to have developed one of the most popular websites [3] in the Arab World.

Is Ghonim an Islamist? Is he Muslim Brotherhood?

We may be fairly confident that the driving elements behind what we have termed “the Piggy-Back Coup [4]” will doubtless assure us of the “moderate” nature of the site and its contents.

An English version of the website (perhaps edited for Western consumption) is available here [5].

“Wael Ghonim”; Wikipedia.org. [6]

EXCERPT: 1998–2002 – Helped in the launch of one of the most visited websites in the Arab world (http://www.islamway.com [3])