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Islamofascist Agenda Promoted, Guardian Readers Soothed

November 23, 2005

Unless one counts the propaganda piece written by “a former PLO representative” in praise of Yasser Arafat (“This is a battle over the right to call this conflict a conflict between two peoples: one that is oppressed, and the other that is denying them their right to be free. Recovering the true myth of [Arafat] is the key to understanding who the Palestinians are, and how they will achieve their freedom.”), it’s been nearly an entire month since Guardian comment page editor Seamus Milne has confirmed his dhimmitude by making space available in which apologists for terror and jihadis for the Caliphate present sanitised faces to the world.

Perhaps fearing a loss of his coveted dhimmi status, which would jeopardise his very existence in the coming Sharia empire – despite his having done so much to promote it – Mr. Milne gladly provides a platform to Muslim Brotherhood vice-president Khairat el-Shatir, in which the latter informs relieved readers that “the success of the Muslim Brotherhood [in the Egyptian elections] should not frighten anybody“. He gives as his reason the fact that “we respect the rights of all religious and political groups“.

This assertion would undoubtedly come as a surprise to members of the religious/political group known as “Jewish Israelis”, whose right even to survive is dismissed by Muslim Brotherhood president Muhammad Mahdi Othman ‘Akef. The Brotherhood leader, who has “complete faith that Islam will invade Europe and America“, views Palestinian “martyrdom operations” as obligatory, and explicitly supports them:

“Thus, the [Muslim Brotherhood] movement supports martyrdom operations in Palestine and Iraq in order to expel the Zionists and the Americans.”

It doesn’t matter if such operations deliberately target civilians – as, in the view of the Brotherhood, there’s no distinction between Israeli civilians and the military:

“In Israel, there should be no [differentiation between] a civilian and a member of the military. All are enemies of the Arab homeland and of Islam. They are occupiers and have no right to one handsbreadth of the land of Palestine”

It is, on the surface, difficult to see just how this position meshes with the “respect for all religious and political groups” that Mr. Shatir so eloquently expresses. Undoubtedly, however, an explanation sufficient for Guardian readers will soon be forthcoming.

Leading Egyptian liberal reformer Tarek Heggy sheds some light on the aims of the Brotherhood – aims which go somewhat further than those declared in the sunny Guardian piece (“to trigger a renaissance in Egypt“, as well as to “energise an inclusive debate“). Mr. Heggy writes [grammar as in original, but it makes the point]:

“The Muslim Brotherhood (MB’s) (established in Egypt in 1928), is the best organized political force in many Arab countries. It is a radical transnational organization which aims to take over the Islamic world in order to establish a Caliphate, is the best organized political force in many Arab countries. Such a Caliphate, a religious militarized state will be the base to wage war against the infidel West.

“And for our own societies, in the Middle East and Arab world, rule by the MB’s would undoubtedly result in: less freedom, increased state-ownership, segregated class-rooms, as well as the fact that a non-Muslim could never become president. It could also very well result in the reimplementation of punishments such as stoning, lashing, and cutting off the hands of thieves.”

Don’t worry, though – there’ll be lots of “inclusive debate“.

In an October, 2005 article published in the Swiss daily Le Temps (machine translation and French text available here), investigative journalist Sylvain Besson describes the discovery by Swiss authorities of a 14 page document written in 1982. The document, known as “The Project“, is an explicit blueprint for the Muslim Brotherhood’s benign goal – that of “establishing the reign of God everywhere in the world“. According to M. Besson:

“One western official who had studied The Project described it as ‘a totalitarian ideology of infiltration which represents, in the end, the greatest danger for European societies … we will see emerging in Europe the demand for a parallel system, the creation of ‘Muslim Parliaments’, such as already exists in Great Britain … Then will begin the slow destruction of our institutions, of our structures.”

See? There’s nothing at all to be concerned about.

The Guardian article – soothingly headlined “No need to be afraid of us” – represents a classic example of the way the Brotherhood operates, insofar as public presentation is concerned. As Newsweek reports, the organisation “always has had two faces: one a peaceful public, proselytizing and social-welfare oriented wing; the other a clandestine, paramilitary wing“. It also represents a classic example of the willingness of the Guardian, and Mr. Milne in particular, to assist groups like the Brotherhood in the execution of their “projects”.

It is of course possible that Mr. Milne is simply naive, a useful idiot who’s clueless about the Califascist agenda of those he so readily allows to use him for promotional purposes. However, given his track record, it’s becoming increasingly difficult not to conclude that he’s only too eager to do what he can to help bring about “the slow destruction of our institutions“.


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