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Israeli Cabinet Member Perpetuates Iraeli Right Wing’s Tradition of Nazi/Fascist Interface

Ayoob Kara: Israeli minister likes his fascists

COMMENT: The recent meeting of an Israeli cabinet minister with a prominent Swedish fascist is the latest example of a long-standing feature of the behavior of that country’s political right wing.

In addition to the fascist movement that has existed within the Zionist movement and what we’ve termed “Bormann Jews,” Israelis and Zionists from the right side of the political spectrum have maintained contact and interaction with elements of the fascist international.

In particular, members of the Likud and other Israeli far-right parties have conducted political interface with European Nazis and fascists.

Note that Ayoob Kara also met with the head of the Austrian Freedom Party, the neo-fascist party formerly headed up by Jurg Haider.

“Deputy Minister Meets neo-Nazi Millionaire” by Eldad Beck; ynetnews.com; 7/4/2011.

EXCERPT: Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara met with Swedish-German millionaire Patrik Brinkmann who has ties with German neo-Nazi groups in Berlin over the weekend, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

Brinkmann, who is trying to establish a far-right anti-Islamic party in Germany claims he is not an anti-Semite, however his previous close contacts with the German neo-Nazi party (NPD) and his past membership in another neo-Nazi party raise questions regarding his ideology.

Brinkmann, 44, made his fortune in the Swedish real estate business in the 1980s before becoming mixed in tax problems in his home country. As legal battles were going on he used the majority of his finances for the establishment of two research foundations which became closely affiliated with far-right and neo-Nazi elements in Germany. . . .

. . . Several months ago, Kara met with Austrian Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache who was once active in neo-Nazi groups.  . . .


11 comments for “Israeli Cabinet Member Perpetuates Iraeli Right Wing’s Tradition of Nazi/Fascist Interface”

  1. Here’s another remind of the ongoing threat of far-right violence from Israel’s Jewish extremists. Useful idiocy at work:

    Israeli extremists spread violent mayhem

    Joel Brinkley, © 2011 Joel Brinkley

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    If Christian pilgrims traveling to Bethlehem for Christmas this week happen to witness violence, for the first time militant Jews, not Palestinians, are most likely to be the perpetrators.

    Now that a far right-wing government has governed Israel for almost three years, settlers feel emboldened so that Jewish extremists are wreaking havoc and mayhem. West Bank Palestinians, meanwhile, are standing by quietly, largely minding their own business – even as these settler-marauders repeatedly attack them. This has never happened before.

    In the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority now employs a widely respected police force that has effectively kept the peace. And so it certainly will in Bethlehem. Secret cooperation between Palestinian police and Israeli security forces is “one of the reasons Israeli citizens enjoy such a calm security situation of late,” Reuven Pedatzur, a columnist for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, wrote last summer, before the settler-extremist violence had reached its zenith.

    But in just the last few weeks, these settlers have burned two mosques, torched Palestinian homes and cars, threatened Israelis they perceive to be leftist and attacked an Israeli army base, wounding one of its officers. That final act, attacking the army, finally roused the government from its lackadaisical approach to the violence.

    These militants, intent on challenging anyone who questions their perceived right to live in the occupied West Bank, have been causing trouble since at least the fall of 2008. Occasionally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials have offered condemnatory statements. But they’ve done little else.

    Now, suddenly, Netanyahu is giving the army new powers to arrest these malefactors and send them to administrative detention – imprisonment without charge, usually reserved for Palestinians. Why suddenly now? “Whoever lays a hand on (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers or Israeli policemen will be severely punished,” Netanyahu vowed. So much for all those Palestinian and liberal Israeli victims the settlers have threatened and attacked over the last three years.

    The Jewish extremists first announced their presence in September 2008, when they exploded a pipe bomb on the front porch of Hebrew University Professor Zeev Sternhell’s home. He was an outspoken critic of settlements. On the side of his house, the extremists spray-painted their slogan “price tag.”

    Since then, the militants’ avowed policy has been to attack Palestinians or liberal Israelis as payback every time the army removes an illegal settlement outpost, or someone in Israel acts against the settlers’ interests. About 350,000 Israelis live in settlements that occupy about 10 percent of the West Bank, and on Sunday the government authorized 1,028 more settlement homes.

    After hundreds of attacks over several years, earlier this month Defense Minister Ehud Barak called the latest incidents “homegrown terror.” He and other security officials asked the prime minister to designate the settler-extremists “terrorists.” That would give the army more leverage. Netanyahu refused, saying the violence was merely “something small that could grow to be a big plague.”

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | December 24, 2011, 4:55 pm
  2. @Pterrafractyl: I view these pathetic POSes in the exact same light: useful idiots for the Establishment…..just like our Tea-Freakers.
    The Israeli public needs to wake up, and very soon, I hope.

    Posted by Steven l. | December 24, 2011, 7:31 pm
  3. @ Terrafractyl and @ Steven: I am sorry guys but I don’t buy it. First, let me say that Haaretz is not a credible local source of information. The Jerusalem Post is much better. I recommend it. Haaretz presents the expected rhetorical line of the “New Left” that took form after the collapse of the U.S.S.R. What can you do, Leftists had lost their ideological basis, they had to invent something else. With them, it is always the same song: the West is always wrong, Jews shouldn’t be in Palestine to begin with, Islam is a religion of peace, capitalism is bad, war is bad, etc, etc, and everybody else outside the west, is always nice, great, gentile, open, soft, peaceful and forgiving. It is not an adult way of seeing reality. It doesn’t work like that.

    Open your eyes my friends: Palestine is not “occupied” for the very reason that it is not a country to begin with. Israel IS a country. The “settlements” which you are refering to are simply houses, villages in parts of lands that are DISPUTED. That’s the proper term. You can think of Kashemir as another part of the world that is under similar conditions. Nothing demonic there, only clashes between nations who compete for the same lands. But to understand the legitimacy of Israel and the ridicule of the “Palestinian” position, one has to know the facts on WWI, WWII, and all the legal resolutions that were adopted running to the creation of Israel in 1948. Here is a PDF document that resumes that. Please, take the time to review the information:


    As Newt Gingrich said, and French author Guy Millières, the Palestinian people has been invented. Why? For a couple of reasons, among them to continue “The Secret War Against The Jews” that John Loftus has refered to in this fabulous book; to delegitimize Israel as an outpost of Western civilization (doing then the agenda of Russia, Iran, China, etc)in the Middle East; to create and control a fifth column inside Israel to further the antisemitic agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliates, the Catholic Church and Europe’s political elite; to control the oil in the region, etc, etc.

    Please try to get a broader view of the situation. If reports are genuine that Israelis commit violence against the Arab/Muslim residents of these areas, it is certainly sad. But for those who are outraged or concerned about that, where were they when the “Palestinians” shot thousands of rockets to Israel and perpetrated hundreds of deadly terrorist acts in the last years? I don’t remember seeing, reading or hearing any particular outcries from them, not from the Haaretz or from any other sources. Regularly, the air missile alarm go off, and people leave everything for the shelters…

    On Christmas, I wish all to remember that Jesus tried to liberate people from propaganda, not enslave them with it.

    Merry Christmas.

    Posted by Claude | December 25, 2011, 1:30 pm
  4. @Claude: Don’t worry, I have been getting more aware of the true situation in recent years.
    Hamas is definitely responsible for the murders of many hundreds of innocent Israelis, particularly thanks to rocket attacks, and is, of course, VERY hell-bent on destroying the Jewish people in Israel.
    As for Haaretz? While they do have flaws in their presentation of things, that is true, J-Post, unfortunately, is not exempt from their own biases. Personally, I read both.
    Also, your comment about the fifth column is very true….but you are forgetting the other key group; the Israeli extreme right, whom Dave has exposed a number of times. They are about as bad as Hamas ideologically, at least. Perhaps someday soon, in actions as well.

    Posted by Steven l. | December 26, 2011, 5:05 pm
  5. @Claude: I have to echo Steven L’s general sentiments. Much like their Islamist counterparts, the far-right Israeli settler movement appears to be dominated by theological zealots hellbent on the realization of Greater Israel through self-fulfillment of Hebraic prophecy and/or the creation of an ethnically pure state. At least that seems to describe the disposition of the violent settlers, and I just can’t see how Israel can have any future under these visions.

    In general, whenever I hear about any group of zealots firing rockets at civilians or torching homes or whatever, my initial response is “idiots”. And idiocy, especially violent idiocy, is often useful to someone. I could be misreading the situation, but the described behavior by the settlers doesn’t strike me as being useful to Israel. Then again, if this is an instance of shoddy, exaggerated reporting by Haaretz, well, then yeah, this looks like example of biased journalism with an agenda. The history laid out in books like Loftus’s “The Secret War Against the Jews” of attempts to delegitimize Israel’s existence are part of what leaves me scratching me head when I read stories about the Netanyahu government basically acquiescing ignoring the violent tactics of the settlers over the past three years. It’s just such awful PR for Israel so I have to wonder if condoning violence might be bad for Israel but really good for some of the politicians.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | December 27, 2011, 12:50 am
  6. @ Terrafractyl and @ Steven: Most of the time, I hit that wall when speaking to others on that issue. Frankly, I don’t know what to say anymore. To completely cover the subject would necessitate hours of discussion. Briefly, concerning Dave’s research, I am aware that there are “Bormann Jews” at work in Israel but the fact is, they are everywhere on Earth, including here in Canada. There is nothing we can do about it in the short term. We have first to assure the survival of democracy in the western world and of Israel, one of our only outposts in foreign lands.

    Concerning the exercice of delegitimization of Israel, you have to know that it is not only the Underground Reich or Islamist groups that are against the Jewish state, but Iranian and Russian interests as well. Here is an article relating to the creation of post-WWII Palestinian propaganda rhetoric, apparently in 1964 in Russia. For the Russians too, Israel appeared to be in the way. And for Iran, it is pretty obvious. I hope you read French.


    For the “zealots” whom that you are refering to, you have to know that the great majority of Israelis are peaceful, quiet, democratic, living a life of pleasure and confort. Israel is similar to Canada or the U.S. for its atmosphere, way of life. The people is not responsible or behind, for example, acts committed by Hasidic Jews or others of that type, and these ones are marginal, at least for the moment. Among the Hasidic community, you find people who are strongly for the state of Israel, and people who are strongly against it.

    For the question of violence, I am always amazed to see how little we allow the Jews to do, compared to what we accept from the Islamists. An Israeli kills a fly in a restaurant and it makes the first page everywhere around the world…while you have Palestinians committing murders on a daily basis and we don’t hear about it in the mainstream press.

    I could talk about the UN, the UNESCO, that have a clear bias in favor of Palestinians, but as I said, this conversation would last forever. A last point: When you are refering to a Greater Israel, you are biting in to the apple of propaganda, an exercice motivated by the conscience of guilt (not yours but nazi, fascist and Islamist guilt). If you have checked the document that I have attached in my last commentary, you have seen that the territory of Palestine was given to the Jews to be able to reconstitute their national homeland, at the conference of San Remo in 1920. It was negociated in good faith between members of the Zionist movement and members of the ex-Ottoman Empire, following the Balfour Declaration of 1917. The 1922 Mandate expanded the definitions of the San Remo Declaration. Everything is there. Arab/Muslim leaders have signed documents and agreed to recognize the rights of the Jewish people in Palestine, but they never really wanted to respect their signature or speech and they do everything to destroy the peace process. And in all matters, they have lost WWI and it is not the fault of the Jews.

    Anyway, we are not going to extinguish that subject today.

    Posted by Claude | December 27, 2011, 5:56 pm
  7. @Claude: You’re right, there’s no way to extinguish this set of subjects any time soon. So I’ll just post two article excerpts that both highlights the kind of zealotry that I find extremely unhelpful for Israel’s viability and underlines sort of underlines your point about parallels between the conflicts within Israel and the US and Canada.


    Sex segregation on the buses divides Israelis
    Ultra-Orthodox Jews plan private fleet after woman refuses to sit at the back

    Catrina Stewart


    Wednesday 21 December 2011

    A group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish millionaires is considering funding a private bus line in Israel that would enforce strict segregation between male and female passengers, an Israeli newspaper has reported.

    The initiative follows public outrage at an incident where a secular Israeli woman refused to take a seat at the back of a public bus travelling to an ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood in Jerusalem at the request of a religious male passenger.

    The backers of the proposed project are looking at providing bus transportation in Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, Ashdod and Beit Shemesh as an alternative to Israel’s Egged bus service, which insists that any gender segregation on its buses must be voluntary, Israel’s daily Yediot Aharonot reported yesterday.

    “The Haredi public doesn’t own the entire state,” Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger was quoted as saying. “I support segregation, but only when it is done willingly. On private lines in which all the passengers are eager for separation, and the dignity of women is maintained, then that is a welcome initiative.”

    Israel’s Transport Ministry has yet to respond to the request, and it remains unclear if the initiative will be approved, as Israel’s laws against discrimination demand that any provider of a public service must treat everybody equally, irrespective of gender, religion or ethnicity.

    Tanya Rosenblit, a Jewish woman, was furious when she boarded a bus in Ashdod last week only to be told by a black-clad Haredi male passenger to sit at the back of the vehicle.

    The man refused to allow the driver to close the doors while Ms Rosenblit stood her ground and the police were called. A policeman asked her to acquiesce with the man’s request, but she refused and the man got off the bus.

    Writing on the Israeli news site Ynet, she said: “Until yesterday, I was sure that I lived in a free country. I was certain that a person’s dignity and freedom are supreme values in our diverse society. It’s still hard for me to believe that in 2011, there are men who believe they must not sit behind a woman.”

    Israeli newspaper editors quickly drew comparisons with Rosa Parks, the black American woman who refused to sit at the back of a bus in Alabama in 1955, an act of defiance that was a defining moment in the civil rights movement.

    And second:

    Op-Ed: A letter of concern for American democracy

    By Jason Edelstein · December 27, 2011

    JERUSALEM (JTA) — Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed some concerns about Israeli democracy in a closed-door session at the Saban Forum, reportedly criticizing proposed Knesset legislation aimed at curbing foreign funding of Israeli NGOs and gender-segregated bus lines serving haredi Orthodox areas.

    A couple of weeks later, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman penned an Op-Ed saying that he is “deeply worried about where Israel is going today.”

    Maybe Clinton and Friedman first should take a hard look at the state of democracy at home.

    In the spirit of Friedman’s letter-style columns, I offer my own only half-facetious letter on American democracy:

    Dear Tom Friedman and Hillary Clinton,

    As I write from Jerusalem and look at what is happening in America, I am very worried. Let me be clear: As someone who used to live in America, I love the United States. I also love liberal values. It is with both of these loves in mind that, as 2011 concludes, I must express my concern that the very core of America’s democratic underpinnings is disappearing.

    Numerous events this year suggest a dangerous trend — not merely isolated incidents — that strikes at the heart of American democracy and ultimately could lead to the country’s downfall.

    In November, I watched with horror as protestors at the Occupy demonstrations at the University of California, Davis were viciously mistreated by police. Simply for sitting and showing opposition to America’s unfair economic structure, these students were violently and repeatedly pepper-sprayed. This form of police brutality can cause blindness and even death in some occurrences. The police reaction stands in stark contrast to the principle of freedom of assembly on which America was founded.

    Frankly, the Occupy movements throughout the country were met with the type of violence that we normally see in totalitarian regimes here in the Middle East.

    My deep love for America also drew my attention to New York, where local papers reported on gender-segregated bus lines in Brooklyn. Gender segregation is deplorable and — particularly when it occurs on buses — a stark reminder of a time when American bus companies enforced racial segregation. A democratic country that fails to stop gender segregation will soon cease to be democratic.

    I have been horrified as well as I learn of the views of Michele Bachmann, a mainstream Republican presidential candidate who has such a popular following that she was atop the polls at one point. Yet, her views on homosexuality have no place in a democratic society that claims to treat all citizens equally. In a 2004 conference, Bachmann said that “gays are part of Satan.” And her husband’s counseling center espouses the view that Christianity can “cure” homosexuality.

    These views are destructive and hateful and have no place among the leaders of a democratic society.

    And here’s a final article that’s a grim reminder that, no matter how uncivilized segregated busing or political lunacy might be (or even the torching of mosques), these societal conflicts could be resolved in much worse ways:

    After Nigeria’s Church Bombings: The Advent of Christian-Muslim Conflict?
    By Monica Mark / Lagos Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011

    On the blood-splattered front walls of the blasted church, using wood burned into charcoal from the flames of the explosion, somebody scrawled two messages: “Revolution now” and “No more peace in the country.” In the aftermath of the attack by Islamist militants against a Christian sanctuary in Abuja and four other churches in Nigeria, those are the symptoms of a sectarian backlash that Nigerian authorities are most alarmed about.

    At least 32 people were killed as they poured out of the packed Christmas-morning Mass in St. Theresa Catholic Church near Abuja, the capital, Interior Minister Abba Moro told TIME. Four other bombs elsewhere in the country took at least three lives. Boko Haram, a group whose aim is to impose a strict interpretation of Islamic Shari’a on Africa’s most populous country, took credit for the attacks. One-third of Nigerian states already live under Shari’a.

    Authorities are now battling to keep a lid on the bubbling threat of a sectarian civil conflict that would pitch one half of Nigeria’s population of 155 million against the other. “The fact that Christian facilities were bombed was intended primarily to provoke Christians into attacking Muslims,” Moro told TIME. “We have appealed to our Christian brothers for them not to do so.” But two days after the bombing, the area around St. Theresa remained tense as angry young men loitered just beyond military cars patrolling the area. “If the government cannot protect us, we will take revenge by ourselves,” said Josiah Agbo, 18, whose mother was killed in the blast. He left only after a priest from St. Theresa took to the streets urging Christians not to attack Muslims. In a country where religious leaders wield enormous power, Muslim counterparts in the powerful Sokoto and Kano caliphates — the country’s historic Islamic communities — denounced the bombings.

    “The people lying in hospitals after the Christmas bombs were … Muslim and Christian,” Moro said. “Boko Haram aren’t aliens from another planet. People know who they are. We want to draw members of the public into sharing that information to prevent future attacks.” He said two arrests in connection with the Christmas bombings were made because of just such collaboration.

    But there have been almost 500 deaths in near daily bomb blasts and shoot-outs in the predominantly Muslim northeast in 2011 alone. And Boko Haram (a name that means “non-Islamic education is sacrilege” in the northern Hausa language) at times seems perilously close to plunging the country into chaos. “The Islamic militants want Nigeria to be an Islamic republic like Iran, but we may end up becoming a Sudan or Somalia if the violence continues at this pace and scale,” says activist Shehu Sani, who heads the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria and led attempts to mediate a cease-fire with the group. “It all depends on the ability of the leadership to handle the crisis.”

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | December 28, 2011, 1:50 am
  8. @Claude: Well, again, there are some good and valid points here, namely that many Israelis really are decent people and that there are many anti-Semites and misguided dupes who claim, or feel, that Israel itself is illegitimate.
    However, again, to ignore the Israeli extreme right, is just as perilous as ignoring the fascists on the Palestinian side of things. Both must be dealt with, if peace is to truly begin.

    Posted by Steven l. | December 28, 2011, 11:37 am
  9. Wow, just found this heated “debate” … I have to say it’is incredible, if only in the breadth of its inanity.

    Those poor Palestinians, mistakenly thinking (along with anyone else on earth who can actually think and observe) that they live under a 45 year occupation. Trite to point out, but many govts have also denied rights to persons unfortunate enough to dwell in “unrecognized” (by the operating definition of the British, French, Belgian, Dutch, Russian, Japanese imperial machinery, the US Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Third Reich, etc., etc., … and now Lys d’Or) territories. “You’re not a person, hence my knife in your heart is not a crime!” Man, can it get any more blatant that!

    Speaking of trite vs not trite, here’s an interesting quote:

    “But in my opinion, they [Zionists] have erred grievously in seeking to impose themselves on Palestine with the aid of America and Britain and now with the aid of naked terrorism… Why should they depend on American money or British arms for forcing themselves on an unwelcome land? Why should they resort to terrorism to make good their forcible landing in Palestine?”

    I guess then it was something before Israel, before the Palestinian non-territories were non-occupied, before the non-illegal non-settlements were made. Tough luck for all those so-called Palestinians but actually non-people.

    By the way, that was a quote from Ghandi, a luckless nobody since he was born in not-his-own-country, or rather his own non-country. Presumably the statement was made before he was murdered, but after the non-occupation of his non-country had — by some mysterious, magical, inexplicable means — ceased.

    Posted by Rob Coogan | January 10, 2012, 11:01 am
  10. @Rob: Well, again, it IS true that Israel is far & away from being the only country that has denied rights to persons in ‘unrecognized’ territories as you pointed out, but I still would like to see some decent workable solution to the whole problem, if one can be found. At the very least, the booting out of any extremists and/or troublemakers amongst the Jewish settlers in the West Bank would be a very decent start(while ensuring that the rights of the other 85-90%, that is, the productive and law-abiding majority, are not violated. As in, they stay if they wish.), although the same thing may need to be done to those on the Palestinian side as well, at least to insure fairness towards, if not also the safety of, the Jewish denizens.

    Posted by Steven L. | January 11, 2012, 4:46 pm
  11. […] souligné avec pertinence le chercheur et animateur radio Dave Emory dans plusieurs articles dont celui-ci et dans cette émission de radio, certains membres de la classe politique israélienne continuent […]

    Posted by La campagne de BDS sur la rue St-Denis à Montréal: Une inquisition anti-Québécois et une opération nazie/fasciste | Lys-d'Or | August 29, 2012, 8:58 am

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