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It’s Called “Fascism”

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making-of-trump [6]COMMENT: In time, we will be sharing thoughts concerning the disaster which was consummated on Tuesday evening. Long [7] in the making, this debacle embodies what we warned about in the conclusion of Miscellaneous Archive Show M11 [8], recorded in May of 1980, and reprised in FTR #511 [9] in 2005–give this [10] a listen.

The commentary so far has been predictable: the usual suspects doing the usual things, from the so-called progressive sector lamenting that Saint Bernard (Sanders) didn’t get the nomination, asserting that he would have won and jabbering mindlessly about the need for “grass roots organizing” and “populist outreach.”  Obama and the Dems are saying we must “unify” and that we are all American (patriots.)

Let Obama unite with the Trumpenkampfverbande if he so desires. We’ll pass, thank you.

In weeks to come Mr. Emory will be doing a number of programs about David Cay Johnston’s concise, insightful biography of Donald Trump–The Making of Donald Trump [11].

In the meantime, we emphatically suggest that people get the book and read it. 

We also note the role of the fascist WikiLeaks [12]in throwing this election. This is a classic example of  technocratic fascism in action. David Golumbia stated in a seminal post [13]: “. . . . Such tech­no­cratic beliefs are wide­spread in our world today, espe­cially in the enclaves of dig­i­tal enthu­si­asts, whether or not they are part of the giant corporate-digital leviathan. Hack­ers (“civic,” “eth­i­cal,” “white” and “black” hat alike), hack­tivists, Wik­iLeaks fans [and Julian Assange et al–D. E.], Anony­mous “mem­bers,” even Edward Snow­den him­self walk hand-in-hand with Face­book and Google in telling us that coders don’t just have good things to con­tribute to the polit­i­cal world, but that the polit­i­cal world is theirs to do with what they want, and the rest of us should stay out of it: the polit­i­cal world is bro­ken, they appear to think (rightly, at least in part), and the solu­tion to that, they think (wrongly, at least for the most part), is for pro­gram­mers to take polit­i­cal mat­ters into their own hands. . .”