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J. Edgar Hoover: “Marilyn Monroe Is a Communist!”

COMMENT: We began our odyssey into anti-fascist politics through study of President Kennedy’s assassination. (We’ll be updating that path of inquiry later in the new year, the 50th anniversary of that pivotal, horrifying event.) 

After penetrating the official cover-up, we arrived at the foreign and domestic Nazi involvement in the killing–that spurred our inquiry into the real history and methodology of fascism.

A side-note to the JFK hit concerns the death of Marilyn Monroe, believed by many to have been murder.

Debunking the “Kennedy brothers did it” disinformation would require more time and effort than is warranted in this very busy and perilous time. (Suffice it to say that there is credible evidence that JFK had an affair with Marilyn. That would NOT have resulted in her murder. Members of the elite have affairs, as do others, though this doesn’t occasion murder, except in exceptional circumstances. Jackie also had affairs. According to the late Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, JFK gave one of Jackie’s lovers a job in the White House, in order to still any tongues that might wag.

We have long suspected that Marilyn’s death may well have been murder, intended to provide potential ammunition to silence the Kennedy family if they broke silence about the President’s assassination.)

Recent partial disclosure of Marilyn Monroe’s FBI file reveals that J. Edgar Hoover directed the FBI to monitor the late, unfortunate Ms. Monroe because of her suspected communist affiliations.

Apparently derived from her marriage with the liberal playwright Arthur Miller and her association with a self-exiled leftist, this would have been more than enough to have earned Monroe a death sentence.

Coupled with Hoover’s deep hatred of the Kennedys, this alleged “commie” affiliation warrants investigation of her death as part of the coup d’etat .

Many observers have opined that, if her death was indeed murder, it may have been intended to provide ammunition to embarrass the Kennedy family in the event that they cried “conspiracy” following JFK’s assassination.

Hoover’s ire toward Ms. Monroe may have been amplified by the fact that she looked better in a dress than he did! 

“What’s Inside the FBI’s Secret File on Marilyn Monroe?” by Esther Zuckerman; The Atlantic Wire; December/2012.

EXCERPT: We know Marilyn Monroe the actress and Marilyn Monroe the sex symbol, but previously redacted FBI files obtained by the Associated Press now reveal a different side: Marilyn Monroe, suspected communist.

Yes, the beauty — like many in Hollywood during the late 50s and early 60s — was under the watchful eye of J. Edgar Hoover’s organization for her leftist tendencies. And so was Arthur Miller. New details are available after the FBI removed redactions and the AP got a hold of a version of her file through the Freedom of Information Act. Anthony McCartney of the AP writes Friday that informants reported on the actress’ late-in-life “mutual infatuation” with the self-exiled leftist Frederick Vanderbilt Field, whom she associated with while in Mexico in 1962 for a furniture shopping trip. No one seemed to like this relationship. The file said: “This situation caused considerable dismay among Miss Monroe’s entourage and also among the (American Communist Group in Mexico).”

The AP released a photo of one page from the FBI that comes from the file of (one of) Monroe’s husband(s), the playwright Arthur Miller, including information on an anonymous tip to the New York Daily News in 1956 that claimed that Miller was a “CP” member and the group’s “cultural front man.” The fact that Miller and Monore were married in a religious ceremony was described as “cover up” and Monroe had “drifted into the Communist orbit.” Money from Marilyn Monroe Productions was “finding its way into the CP” and the production company was “filled with Communists.” . . . .


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