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Jaanika Merilo, the Estonian (of Ukrainian Heritage) Minister Who Is to “Attract Foreign Investment” to Ukraine

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Jaaniko Merilo

Jaanika Merilo

COMMENT: In FTR #’s 824 and 826 (among other programs) we discussed the incorporation of foreign nationals (many of Ukrainian descent) into the government of Ukraine.

Joining Ukrainian-American Natalie Jaresko (Minister of Finance) will be Jaanika Merilo, an Estonian of Ukrainian heritage. Merilo’s designated task will be to attract foreign investment.

Merilo has demonstrated a penchant for suggestive photographs and quasi-b & d and s & m staging. Ms. Merilo has not displayed what would be considered professional conduct for a businesswoman. She has also been a member of the Estonian parliament!

If she were, say, Miley Cyrus, we would expect such behavior.

It is strikingly inappropriate, under the circumstances.

Examining the pictures Ms. Merilo has posted of herself, we cannot help but wonder just WHAT type of “investment” she is trying to “attract,” and WHERE, exactly, it is going to be “invested?”

Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Previous programs about Ukraine are: FTR #’s 777778779780781782783784794800803804, 808811817818824826829832833.


Merilo preparing to cut unnecessary social spending programs



“John Helmer: The Lure of Foreign Investment in Ukraine–Meet Jaanika Merilo” posted by Yves Smith; Naked Capitalism; 1/20/2015.

The case for foreign investment in Ukraine is to be made by a specialist in sado-masochism, cosmetic surgery, and undress. Jaanika Merilo (above), 35, a member of the Estonian parliament of Ukrainian origin with US and UK training, was appointed the government advisor on foreign investment in Kiev on January 5. She will report to Aivaras Abromavičius, a Lithuanian and Ukraine’s Minister of Economic Development and Trade since December. In a press campaign this month which Merilo has authorized, she likens herself to the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

In London and Brussels, Merrilo has promoted herself as the executive head of the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA), which is backed by Horizon Capital, the US Government-funded operation of Natalie Jaresko, who became the Ukrainian Finance Minister on December 3. The Warsaw Stock Exchange and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are backers of Merilo’s association, through which she also claims to be a protégé of Sir Richard Branson (below, left), and a “Facebook friend” of Edward Lucas (right). Lucas is the first e-citizen of Estonia, and is basing his media promotion business there. . . .


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