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Joerg Haider Hid Millions in Liechtenstein Accounts

Comment: The late Austrian fascist leader appears to have hid millions in Liechtenstein accounts. Long a money-laundering vehicle for various fascist and criminal elements, Liechtenstein has become a focal point for various countries seeking accounts belonging to tax dodgers in their respective countries.

Note that his Freedom Party began as a vehicle for the political resucitation for Austrian Nazis who had served the Third Reich.

“Far-right Austrian Leader Joerg Haider Secretly Had 40 Milion Pounds in Liechtenstein”; Telegraph.co.uk; 8/1/2010.

Excerpt: More than 45 million euros in undeclared cash belonging to Austria’s late far-right leader Joerg Haider has been found in the secretive European principality of Liechtenstein, according to reports.

Prosecutors from Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein found 12 shell companies whose Liechtenstein bank accounts Haider had access to, Profil magazine reported. The accounts currently still have 5 million euros of deposits, it said.

The money was found in an investigation by Austrian and German authorities into the near-collapse of Austrian bank Hypo Group Alpe Adria, once owned by the Austrian region of Carinthia, which Haider governed until he died in a car crash in 2008. . . .


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