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Mohamed Atta and German Intelligence

[1]COMMENT: In our analysis of 9/11, we have discussed Mohamed Atta’s association with the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft [2], under the auspices of which he traveled to the United States. Like a group of similar programs [3], it appears to be an offshoot of [4], and a portal to, the Underground Reich. [5]

We have also highlighted information suggesting a BND role in 9/11 [6]. (As veteran listeners know, the BND is the German intelligence service, the final incarnation of the Reinhard Gehlen spy [7] outfit from World War II.)

Another possible BND connection to Atta concerns his German language training in Egypt. He apparently learned German at the Goethe Institute. In our visits with professor “Wilhelm Stauffer” [a pseudonym] in the 1990’s, we examined his allegations that the Goethe Institute [8] is a front for the BND.

Atta’s course work at the Goethe Institute appears to have led to his networking with his German sponsors and the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft.

(Note: Wikipedia should be used with extreme caution. There is a great deal of disinformation in it. One must check the links. In this case, they check out.)

Mohamed Atta; Wikipedia. [9]

EXCERPT: . . . . In 1990, Atta graduated with a degree in architecture,[15] and joined the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Engineers Syndicate organization.[8] For several months after graduating, Atta worked at the Urban Development Center in Cairo, where he worked on architectural, planning, and building design.[16] In 1990, Atta’s family moved into an 11th floor apartment in Giza.[15][17]

Upon graduating from Cairo University, Atta’s marks were average and insufficient to be accepted into the University’s graduate program. His father insisted he go abroad for graduate studies, and had Atta enroll in a German language program at the Goethe Institute in Cairo.[18] [Italics added.] In 1992, Atta’s father invited a German couple over for dinner while they were visiting Cairo. The German couple ran an exchange program between Germany and Egypt, and suggested that Atta continue his studies in Germany. They offered him a temporary place to live at their house in the city. Mohamed Atta ended up in Germany two weeks later, in July 1992. . . .