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More about “The Earth Island Boogie”: Grey Wolves, National Action Party Supporting Uighurs

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Turkish demonstrators burning Chinese flag

COMMENT: Once again, we visit the subject of the Earth Island or “World Island” as it is sometimes called. Stretching from the Straits of Gibraltar, all across Europe, most of the Middle East, Eurasia, Russia, China and India, that stretch of land: comprises most of the world’s land mass; contains most of the world’s population and most of the world’s natural resources (including oil and natural gas.) Geopoliticians have long seen controlling that land mass as the key to world domination.  The population that occupies the middle of that stretch of geography is largely Muslim.

Utilizing that Muslim population to control the resources of the Earth Island is a stratagem that has been in effect in the West for a century.

Now, we are seeing the Uighurs, a Turkophone, Muslim group in the petroleum and natural-resources-rich Xinjiang province of China, receiving support from the Pan-Turkist/fascist  National Action Party and its youth wing, the Grey Wolves

As Russia is being boxed in by renascent Ukrainian fascism in the East and Caucasian Islamist terror in the Caucasus, we must wonder if the NAP/Grey Wolf PR offensive against China and on behalf of the Uighurs is part of an ongoing NATO/U.S./Underground Reich effort against the core of the Earth Island, Russia and China.

Are we seeing an effort at breaking those countries apart?  Are the Islamist and Pan-Turkist movements aligning in furthering this goal?

Will this same Underground Reich stratagem ultimately be used against the U.S.? Will the South secede again? Will the Pacific Northwest?

“Anti-China Sentiment Is Suddenly Sweeping Over Turkey” by Barbara Tasch [Business Insider]; Yahoo News; 7/21/2015.

Protests. Burnt flags. Attacks on tourists and restaurants. Rampant racism on social media.

Anti-China sentiment has been reaching new heights in Turkey over the last few weeks, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to make an official state visit to China later this month.

It started at the beginning of July, when a Chinese restaurant in Istanbul was attacked by five men with sticks and stones. 

“We do not want a Chinese restaurant here, get out of our town!” the men were heard saying, according to Al-Monitor.

A few days later, a Korean tourist mistaken to be Chinese was attacked by a group of ultra-nationalists in the capital. On the same day in Balikesir, protesters hung an effigy of Mao Zedong. And a few days later, the protests spread again to Istanbul, where Chinese tourists were attacked and harassed, according to CNN.

The protests gathered momentum a few weeks ago, when reports emerged that Uighurs — who share ethnicity and have close cultural ties with Turkish Muslims — who were living in western regions of China had allegedly not been allowed to fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Those allegations have been denied by the Chinese government. Uighurs make up around 45% of the Xinjiang autonomous region of China.

On July 9, a group of about 200 men who are believed to be part of the East Turkestan Solidarity Group attacked the Thai embassy in Istanbul with rocks and wooden planks. The attack followed the repatriation of over 100 Uighurs back to China by the Thai government.

In a recent interview, Devlety Bahceli, chairman of the far-right Nationalist Action Party (MHP) in Turkey, whose members have been accused of assaulting tourists, said they are “sensitive to injustices in China.”

“Our nationalist youth is sensitive to injustices in China. They should have the freedom to exercise their democratic rights. These are young kids. They may have been provoked. Plus, how are you going to differentiate between Korean and Chinese? They both have slanted eyes. Does it really matter?” he said, according to Al-Monitor

Those racist comments caused uproar in national and international media. And following growing social pressure, Nationalist Action Party members told Al-Monitor that they view all tourists as their guests. The head of the Grey Wolves, the youth wing of the MHP in Istanbul, told the BBC that the attacks took place between protesters and the police — and that no tourists were harmed.

 “The safety of every tourist coming to our country is our responsibility. We can’t tolerate any sort of violence,” he said. 

Amid the multiplying attacks, the Chinese embassy issued a travel warning to its citizens and told them to avoid going out alone, getting close to protests, or taking pictures of them. The Chinese Philharmonic Orchestra also canceled its August concert in Istanbul, and local police announced it would provide extra security for an exhibition by a Chinese artist. . . . .


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