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More from the Trumpenkampfverbande: A Picture Worth a Thousand-Year Reich, er, Words

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TrumpClintonJewBait [6]COMMENT: Sometimes, things aren’t all that hard to figure out and don’t need a lot of explanation. The GOP, in general, has used dog whistles to energize people who normally should not vote for a party of the rich, which the Republicans most surely are.

A recent tweet by “The Donald” attacking Hillary speaks for itself. Just check this out!

This sparked an online Fuhrer, er, furor!

We already knew that Donald Trump kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bed, according to a 1990 interview of Ivana Trump [7].

UPDATE#1: It is not surprising that the tweet did not originate with Trump, but with a Nazi online message board [8].

UPDATE#2: David Duke has endorsed Trump’s re-tweet, buttressing [9] its anti-Semitic message.

“Trump Sparks Online Firestorm with Anti-Clinton Tweet Featuring Star of David” by Caitlin Dickson; Yahoo News; 7/02/2016. [10]

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump drew widespread rebuke on Saturday with a tweet featuring a Star of David while accusing rival Hillary Clinton of corruption.

The star, a symbol of Judaism, was on a backdrop of $100 bills and paired with a Fox News poll in which a majority of respondents described Clinton as corrupt. Next to Clinton’s face was a red Star of David bearing the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” . . . .