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More German Historical Revisionism from the Vertriebene Groups

Comment: Adding to the momentum generated by Erika Steinbach, the German minister overseeing the vertriebene groups, people and institutions involved with those organizations have continued to intimate that Poland and Britain bear responsibility for starting the Second World War.

Under the control of the postwar SS underground, the vertriebene groups embody the link between Germany’s present and future with its Nazi past.

Note that Dirk Bavendamm, the house historian for the Bertelsmann firm (which dominates English language publishing) has blamed World War II on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. imperialism and Jewish control over the news media. (Bertelsmann was the publishing outlet for the SS in World War II.)

“History A La Carte”; german-foreign-policy.com; 9/8/2010.

Excerpt: . . . With their public statements, two auxiliary board members of the “Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation Foundation” have caused the current scandal. They had been nominated last July by the German League of Expellees (BdV) and elected to their functions by the German Bundestag. One of them, Arnold Tölg, BdV Regional Chairman in Baden Wurttemberg, had told a right-wing weekly that “while the victors were rightfully putting the German war criminals on trial in Nuremberg, those same countries [Poland, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, gfp] had committed crimes similar to those committed by Hitler Germany, in regards to slave labor.”[1] The other, Hartmut Saenger, vice chairman of the BdV Regional organization in Hesse and a lecturer in adult education at the BdV, suggested in a news article that Poland could share the blame for launching World War II. In addition he claimed that it was Great Britain, who “turned it into a world wide conflict with its war for Danzig, which then became a global conflict when the USA entered” because of its interests in the Pacific. . . .


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