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More on OUN/B Influence on the Ukrainian Political Opposition

Galician Division Re-enactment

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COMMENT: The ongoing political crisis in the Ukraine is–to an increasing extent–being couched in Orwellian rhetoric in the West.

With a shrill amen chorus discussing the “anti-Democratic,” and/or “extreme” nature of the Yanukovich government’s response to murderous behavior on the part of political opponents, we are being treated to a fundamental perversion of political cognition.

FACT: armed elements of the opposition coalition opened fire on government security forces, killing a number of them.

FACT: Nowhere on earth are security forces going to react benignly to the use of deadly force on members of their ranks.

QUICK: What U.S. police or military forces would NOT shoot back, if fired upon?

Heinrich Himmler inspecting troops of the 14th Waffen SS Division (Galicia)

We note, again, that the political forces ranged in opposition to Yanukovich are in coalition with elements such as Swoboda and Pravy Sektor, both of which are evolved from the OUN/B fascists of Stephan Bandera.

Staffing Waffen SS units and Einsatzgruppen (the mobile killing squads that performed Hitler’s liquidations following the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union), the OUN/B was a fascist organization and its leading figures were war criminals of the first order.

In a previous post about the Ukrainian crisis, we noted the intimate networking between Swoboda, Pravy Sektor and the “moderate forces” of Ms. Timoshenko and Mr. Klitschko.

Both the U.S. and German governments openly networked with the coalition that incoporated the OUN/B-linked elements, with OUN/B war criminals working both for American and German intelligence services. The Reagan administration incorporated OUN/B leaders in the cabinet.

The latest post from german-foreign-policy.com notes the Vitali Klitschko has endorsed the possible use of force, relying on the OUN/B-evolved militants as, in effect, enforcers.

(Note that german-foreign-policy.com could use financial support for its English-language edition, ideally in the form of monthly sustainers.)

For background on the Ukrainian crisis check out some previous posts on the subject, as well as following links in the articles.

UPDATE: “Vanfield” informs us of an article that features observations by an unnamed senior European politician, who identifies 23 different extremist parties in the Ukraine, representing about 40 percent of the population. (The story also takes note of the fact that Yanukovich–like a LARGE percentage of world leaders, was corrupt and incompetent. So was George W. Bush. Corruption and incompetence is not a justification for fascism.)

“At All Costs;” german-foreign-policy.com; 2/19/2014.

EXCERPT: Yesterday, the day after the German Chancellor held deliberations with two leaders of the Ukrainian opposition, protests in Kiev escalated into bloody confrontations. Demonstrators, unconditionally sponsored by Germany and other western countries for months, began, over the past few days, to arm themselves with firearms and ammunition. Two police officers were shot to death during yesterday’s uprising. This escalation into a bloody confrontation followed on the heels of government compliance with a fundamental demand of the demonstrators, just as it seemed that a de-escalation was about to begin – to the tactical disadvantage of the “Germans’ man” in Kiev, Vitali Klitschko, who has been calling for the president to resign. Klitschko, who flew to Berlin Monday, to discuss the next steps, threatened an even more bloody escalation and declared, that he does not “rule out the use of force in the evacuation of the Maidan.” One of the organizations he is relying on is explicitly named after Nazi collaborators, who had carried out mass-murder of Soviet Jews. Escalation strategies, such as those currently implemented in Kiev, are not alien to German foreign policy.

Firearms and Ammunition

In the course of yesterday’s bloody escalation of the protests, several police officers and demonstrators were killed in Kiev. As was confirmed by news reports, there have been clear indications since some time that some of the demonstrators in Kiev had begun arming themselves. It was reported that for days, a group calling itself the “First Hundred Group in Kiev of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” were publicly asking for “ammunition or money to buy it.”[1] Just previously, the Berlin-supported leader of the opposition, Vitali Klitschko, called for forming militias. Yesterday, the fascist-interspersed, violence-prone, “Right Block” called on all opponents of the government in the possession of firearms to come to the Maidan. In their attempt to storm the Ukrainian Parliament, government opponents broke through police barricades and set police cars on fire. Heavy clashes erupted between the armed demonstrators and police. Parliamentarians seeking to flee the building were clubbed in their cars; the office of the governing party was set on fire. Whereas demonstrators claim that ambulances were impeded by the police in action, the wounded apparently were not treated because of the barricades set up by the demonstrators.[2] During the night, the situation escalated further.

Collaborators in Nazi Murder

This escalation into a bloody confrontation occurred the day after opposition leaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Vitaly Klitschko had had an audience in Berlin’s Chancellery, where they discussed with Angela Merkel the next steps the government opponents should take. The plea by the “First Hundred Group in Kiev of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” for ammunition could not have not been known to them at the time of their meeting. The plea had not been made clandestinely, but was publicly displayed on a poster. Apparently, neither the Chancellor nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had insisted that further offensive protest demonstrations be held back, to avoid the worst, until the arms buildup of the opposition could be reversed. On the contrary, as usual, the German Foreign Minister criticized “the violence” in Kiev, generally and specifically that emanating from state forces. The fact that the demonstrators, under the leadership Berlin’s Klitschko, is largely comprised of fascists, is not even mentioned in the German government declaration. The “First Hundred Group in Kiev of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists,” for example, is a historical reference to the “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists,” who, at the side of Nazi Germany’s Wehrmacht, helped invade the Soviet Union and, among other crimes, actively participated in Nazi mass murders of Jews. (german-foreign-policy.com reported.[3]) . . .

. . . . The escalation in Kiev came at precisely the point, where the Ukrainian government accepted a central demand of the protestors, declaring an amnesty for the arrested demonstrators. “Signs of a slight relaxation of tensions” were “not to be overlooked,” according to reports in the German media,[6] which then indicated that special units of the police were being pulled back and law enforcement officers had begun dismantling barricades and towing away burned out police cars. However, this also removed the means of leverage for all those who, like “the German’s man” in Kiev, Klitschko – sought to force President Viktor Yanukovych to resign. Out of the escalation into violent confrontation, the German Foreign Minister now concludes that “Europe’s restraint, exercised in its decision to impose personnel sanctions” – on politicians in Kiev – “will certainly now be reconsidered.”[7] Washington recently criticized Berlin and the EU for not having put enough pressure on the Ukrainian government. . . . .

“Tea With Neo-Nazis: The Vio­lent Nation­al­ism in Ukraine” by Dr. Inna Rogatchi; Israel National News; 2/21/2014.

EXCERPT: Dur­ing these [May 2014] elec­tions, pan-European ultra-right rad­i­cals will try to hijack Europe once again; and the sit­u­a­tion has not been this seri­ous in Europe since pre-WWII.

The most wor­ri­some and largely over­seen fac­tor of the ongo­ing Ukrain­ian tragedy, to me, is the mighty pres­ence among the oppo­si­tion hard-core mil­i­tants from ultra-right nation­al­is­tic par­ties and move­ments there. The threat which is posed by those forces shall be not under-estimated, espe­cially in the con­text of rapidly ris­ing ultra-national forces all over Europe, a new ugly ‘fash­ion’ of nowadays. . . .

. . . .

But today, 75 years after the Holo­caust began, there is no way of play­ing igno­rance as a lead card, one that is actu­ally cov­er­ing indif­fer­ence, often sim­ple cow­ardice, and a strangely aloof atti­tude towards the recently risen clear and pal­pa­ble threat of deter­mined race hatred sweep­ing over all of Europe, – about which nei­ther the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment, or the Coun­cil of Europe, nor any other sup­pos­edly pow­er­ful inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tion is doing any­thing real to stop and erad­i­cate as they should.

–“I have been six times in Ukraine dur­ing the last two months, what a tragedy is going on there”, — a senior Euro­pean politi­cian told me recently.

–I asked him : “Have you noticed the activ­i­ties of ultra-right rad­i­cals there? Have you heard what they are pro­claim­ing and under which slo­gans they are ‘fight­ing for democ­racy’, so to say?”.

–“Yes, that Svo­boda ( Free­dom) party, I know, it is a night­mare, by the way”.

–“Well, it is not what I would attest to as ‘by the way’”, I replied, and asked my friend fur­ther on: “That night­mare is just one of the par­ties of that direc­tion in Ukraine; do you know how many vio­lent racist move­ments in Ukraine are oper­at­ing today? Six­teen more in addi­tional to the Free­dom party plus seven more of an extreme-radical char­ac­ter, mak­ing it twenty three in total. Do you know that together with 10,44% of the seats in the cur­rent Ukrain­ian par­lia­ment occu­pied by Free­dom party, those 23 more par­ties would cover at least 20% of the pop­u­la­tion of that huge coun­try of 45,5 million?”

– “Yes, it is very seri­ous” – my friend sud­denly sounded alarmed, “it should be taken into seri­ous con­sid­er­a­tion, of course”.

– I con­tin­ued: “Do you know that these big Ukrain­ian rad­i­cal move­ments are work­ing in close co-operation with and have very close ties to the infa­mous Hun­gar­ian Fas­cist Job­bik party?”

– “ Really?.. No, I did not know that. Oh, that’s very impor­tant. That’s really bad”, and now he was thor­oughly alarmed.

My friend flew to Ukraine the next morn­ing for the sev­enth time in two months. He joined the urgent sum­mit of the for­eign min­is­ters of Ger­many, France and Poland there as the high­est level of the Euro­pean diplo­macy was urgently try­ing to save the sit­u­a­tion that has gone out of con­trol and beyond of the point of no return. We already know that the sum­mit was another dia­logue between the deaf and the blind.

But I do hope that as a hon­est man and an effi­cient inter­na­tional politi­cian, my friend will con­tinue to pur­sue the case that he and I were dis­cussing with mutu­ally shared seri­ous worry not only for Ukraine, but regard­ing the entire face and des­tiny of Europe in the near future, after the com­ing Euro­pean elec­tions in May 2014. Dur­ing these elec­tions, pan-European ultra-right rad­i­cals will try to hijack Europe once again; and the sit­u­a­tion has not been this seri­ous in Europe since the pre-WWII time, for a fact. . . .

. . . . In Ukraine, the Janukovich-led regime has been mas­sively cor­rupt, the pres­i­dent him­self hap­pens to be a con­victed crim­i­nal, and his clique fully cor­re­sponds to those mar­vel­lous qual­i­ties. Still, it is the same Ukrain­ian peo­ple who did vote for him; the same way peo­ple in Venezuela kept vot­ing for their Orwellian pres­i­dents, one after another. Any expert on Ukraine would tell you that all the pre­vi­ous Ukrain­ian regimes were, quite sim­i­larly, utterly cor­rupted, as has always been the case for this coun­try. Only names and influ­en­tial groups have changed dur­ing the 22 years of the country’s inde­pen­dence, but not their slo­gans, ways and methods. . . .


4 comments for “More on OUN/B Influence on the Ukrainian Political Opposition”

  1. I feel the adjective “Orwellian” is right on the money. One instance of that was on French public TV news; the anchor – the grinning, brain-dead talking head kind – announced a report on the extremists among the demonstrators and I kept watching out of curiosity; as it turned out, there was not even an attempt at political analysis and no mention was made at all of any fascist/nazi affiliations. Now bear in mind, France is a country where the word “fascist” usually gets thrown around quite liberally, for instance participants in recent demonstrations in France against gay mariage and adoption or other government policies, no matter if they were families or old ladies and gents, were all inevitably labelled extremists or fascists at one point or other by a part of the media. The Swiss were recently denigrated collectively as extremist and intolerant by the interior minister for their recent very narrow vote (0.3% margin) against immmigration. Yet our medias and politicians don’t recognize and label a true fascist when there’s one right under their nose. I find this very strange, “Orwellian” is the right word, and extremely worrying.

    Posted by goelette | February 21, 2014, 1:30 am
  2. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/14553#.UweM24Wmbmg

    Tea With Neo-Nazis: The Violent Nationalism in Ukraine
    Published: Friday, February 21, 2014 8:45 AM
    The violence in Ukraine is a show case of the pan-European rise of race hatred. Europe is engaging in a risky blindness. Again.

    Dr. Inna Rogatchi
    The writer is president of the Rogatchi Foundation. Her forthcoming book is “Stars of Despair, Stars of Hope: Personal Reflections on the Holocaust in Modern Times”.

    During these [May 2014] elections, pan-European ultra-right radicals will try to hijack Europe once again; and the situation has not been this serious in Europe since pre-WWII.
    The most worrisome and largely overseen factor of the ongoing Ukrainian tragedy, to me, is the mighty presence among the opposition hard-core militants from ultra-right nationalistic parties and movements there. The threat which is posed by those forces shall be not under-estimated, especially in the context of rapidly rising ultra-national forces all over Europe, a new ugly ‘fashion’ of nowadays.

    Ukraine now has become a tragic ‘show-case’ of this alarming threat. The civic society world-wide simply has no luxury neither does it have moral right for allowing the repetition of the Nazi-like nightmares. When the Holocaust happened, just three generations back, there had been no precedent for such total horror and absolute crime committed non-stop for 12 years all over Europe, and – as it worth remembering – allowed to start by the weak governments and inept leaders.

    But today, 75 years after the Holocaust began, there is no way of playing ignorance as a lead card, one that is actually covering indifference, often simple cowardice, and a strangely aloof attitude towards the recently risen clear and palpable threat of determined race hatred sweeping over all of Europe, – about which neither the European Parliament, or the Council of Europe, nor any other supposedly powerful international organization is doing anything real to stop and eradicate as they should.

    –“I have been six times in Ukraine during the last two months, what a tragedy is going on there”, – a senior European politician told me recently.

    –I asked him : “Have you noticed the activities of ultra-right radicals there? Have you heard what they are proclaiming and under which slogans they are ‘fighting for democracy’, so to say?”.

    –“Yes, that Svoboda ( Freedom) party, I know, it is a nightmare, by the way”.

    –“Well, it is not what I would attest to as ‘by the way’”, I replied, and asked my friend further on: “That nightmare is just one of the parties of that direction in Ukraine; do you know how many violent racist movements in Ukraine are operating today? Sixteen more in additional to the Freedom party plus seven more of an extreme-radical character, making it twenty three in total. Do you know that together with 10,44% of the seats in the current Ukrainian parliament occupied by Freedom party, those 23 more parties would cover at least 20% of the population of that huge country of 45,5 million?”

    – “Yes, it is very serious” – my friend suddenly sounded alarmed, “it should be taken into serious consideration, of course”.

    – I continued: “Do you know that these big Ukrainian radical movements are working in close co-operation with and have very close ties to the infamous Hungarian Fascist Jobbik party?”

    — “ Really?.. No, I did not know that. Oh, that’s very important. That’s really bad”, and now he was thoroughly alarmed.

    My friend flew to Ukraine the next morning for the seventh time in two months. He joined the urgent summit of the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland there as the highest level of the European diplomacy was urgently trying to save the situation that has gone out of control and beyond of the point of no return. We already know that the summit was another dialogue between the deaf and the blind.

    But I do hope that as a honest man and an efficient international politician, my friend will continue to pursue the case that he and I were discussing with mutually shared serious worry not only for Ukraine, but regarding the entire face and destiny of Europe in the near future, after the coming European elections in May 2014. During these elections, pan-European ultra-right radicals will try to hijack Europe once again; and the situation has not been this serious in Europe since the pre-WWII time, for a fact.

    Why is it that people are so stubborn in their persistent drive to reject reality? Why our brains are so weak? And our eyes so comfortably blind, always and repeatedly?

    Double-Sided Hatred

    In Ukraine, the Janukovich-led regime has been massively corrupt, the president himself happens to be a convicted criminal, and his clique fully corresponds to those marvellous qualities. Still, it is the same Ukrainian people who did vote for him; the same way people in Venezuela kept voting for their Orwellian presidents, one after another. Any expert on Ukraine would tell you that all the previous Ukrainian regimes were, quite similarly, utterly corrupted, as has always been the case for this country. Only names and influential groups have changed during the 22 years of the country’s independence, but not their slogans, ways and methods.

    Janukovich, a weak and ineffectual leader, did not react adequately when his special forces violated the rights of protesting students in early December in what became the turning point of the change from peaceful protest into the growing and uncontrollable violence we witness now. Infamous “Berkut” troops and the other Ukrainian security troops, their state militia and the special force units are notoriously anti-Semitic, as can be seen from their own pages in Facebook, their sites and their videos on YouTube.

    What we are having in the case of Ukraine is ugly, uncivilised and involves large groups of hard-core nationalists and militant racists – from both sides, importantly. And this double-sided violent nationalism is only increasing the threats to normal, now-terrorized citizens of Ukraine, and those who are visiting the country.

    The genie of hatred has come out of the bottle, and it will be extremely difficult to put it back. But without doing it, there will be no peace in that big and important country. And the inflammatory situation will threaten all of Ukraine’s neighbors, from Poland to Moldova, including Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, all of them besides Moldova members of the European Union; with Russia and Byelorussia among the Ukrainian neighbors, as well. Who on the earth needs such threatening open fire in one’s neighbor’s courtyard?

    To handle smoke, one needs to extinguish the fire. And the fire is that provocative, open and dangerous ultra-radical nationalism blossoming today in Ukraine.

    Racial Hatred As Yeast for Riots

    It is crucial to realise that sheer and ugly racism has become the yeast of the Ukrainian riots – from both sides, it is important to note. Why are none of the European and Western world leaders not pointing in that vital direction? Why is it being overlooked once again?

    My close friend living in Ukraine wrote me a few days ago on how her West-based fiancée is very nervous about the situation and ‘is praying that democracy will win in Ukraine’ – “Poor naive man”, writes my Ukrainian friend. If things continue to unfold the way they are unfolding now, all of Europe will become poor and ridden by race-based hatred and it may happen soon.

    Neo-Nazis as ‘Freedom Fighters’

    Little more than a year ago, in Autumn 2012, the ultra-right nationalist, fervently and openly anti-Semitic Freedom party received over 10% of the seats in the Ukrainian parliament and now has a solid 37 seats in the 450-member governing body. Just over a year since the legitimisation of that party, which initially proudly called itself a National-Socialist party, the protests in Ukraine have turned into bloody riots and are very close to civil war.

    Since the very beginning, a heavily racist element has been present in the rhetoric of the protests. Why did nobody in the West react adequately to these non-stop proclamations of hatred and calls for violence? Why did nobody speak about it in plain language, not once?

    If any of the MPs of almost any of the Western countries – except Hungary, obviously – would allow him or herself to imitate a pale shadow of the speeches which were repeatedly heard from the podium of the Ukrainian parliament, the speeches produced by the Freedom party MPs, that Western parliamentarian would find him or herself in jail instantly.

    And to make the customary Ukrainian surrealism entirely bleak, today the Freedom party leader has become one of the three most visible, officially recognized leaders of the Ukrainian opposition. To accept it is the same as signing a decree that “from today on, we are once again living happily in a barbarian age”.

    The German government seems to be the only one that has made a distinction between the leader of the blatant neo-Nazis and the (acceptable to the West) other Ukrainian opposition leaders. Germany clearly has no alternative about that.

    But what about every other Western government, the European Parliament and the European Commission who are so very active – and so very unsuccessful – in solving the Ukrainian drama? Are they deaf? Blind? Illiterate? Not interested in details, most probably – hurrying up in a non-stop shuttling to intermediate the peace process in Ukraine which comes across as another fiasco, so far; very similar to the Egyptian and Thailand ones.

    In 2012, the Anti-Defamation League officially listed the Ukrainian Freedom party as a neo-Nazi party. How it is possible in the civilised and post WWII world that this party is accepted as part of an official opposition and a partner in the negotiations attended by anyone who is not Nazi or a neo-Nazi ideology supporter? European and Western leaders do owe us the answer to that simple question.

    The Right Sector of Armed Debauchers

    People who are following the situation in Ukraine, know that the notorious Freedom party looks almost like church choir boys in comparison with 23 more ultra-right radical organizations in Ukraine, several of them recently united into the Right Sector Alliance comprised of highly aggressive militants. The current reality is that those thousands of militants are well equipped with weapons and ammunition and are determined to run the war, according to their leader’s repeated statements. It is those people who have happily taken responsibility for multiple acts of arson, increasing daily terror and limitless violence. It is those people who beat severely a newly appointed official in Volyn, put him on his knees, hand-cuffed him publicly in the city square, and brought his family to stand in front of him. Those people call themselves fighters for freedom. Is this the definition of freedom with which the European leaders are happy?

    These are not ‘separate accidental cases’ as we are hearing in some official comments. This is the position and practice of the absolutely real, serious, large, well organized and well prepared sector of the Ukrainian protesters, and this truth shall be realised and acted upon without delay.

    There is no secret concerning the real political agenda and programs of ultra-nationalist parties in Ukraine – there is nothing close to European values and goals there. One just should open existing documents and hear what the representatives of those parties proclaim daily. They are sharply anti-European, and highly racist. They have nothing to do with the values and practices of the civilized world. Why are the European leaders embracing such forces so indiscriminately?..

    The Threat to Ukranian Jewry

    Ukrainian Jewry is facing a real and serious threat, and it is simply chilling to write about it on the eve of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the destruction of Hungarian Jewry. The Hungarian government is putting the commemoration on the back burner, expectedly, but unacceptably.

    Twenty five years ago, in 1989, there were almost a half a million Jews in Ukraine. In just over a decade, 80% of them left the country. This fact alone tells a lot about the country’s attitude and atmosphere vis a vis Jews. Ten years later, that number had diminished by a third. Now, less than 70,000 Jews are citizens of Ukraine, according to official statistics.

    That enormous shrinking of the Jewish population is one of the most tangible characteristics of the independent Ukraine, one has to face it. And now there is palpable and increasing danger to the Jewish people and Jewish institutions in the country. The world community should become vigilant and alert to this threat. It should act immediately in order to preserve and guarantee necessary safety to those people and institutions. There is no ‘tomorrow’ for that.

    A Pre-condition for Civilization

    There is no doubt that the only way out of the heavily escalated bloody conflict in Ukraine is through early elections. With the current situation there, and the general silent acceptance of the radical ultra-right nationalistic parties and movements from outside the country, there is a high enough probability of their serious gain in early elections.

    Europe simply cannot afford to add gasoline to the already-started fire. As European leaders are so active these days trying to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, they should make it absolutely clear to all parties involved that Europe and the world will not tolerate legitimization of race-hatred. This has to be the pre-condition of any further development in Ukraine and the coming early elections.

    To empower the openly neo-Nazi movements in Europe by ignoring the threat they pose is an utterly risky business. People should not have to pay a terrible price – again – for the meekness and indifference of their leaders. As Ukraine today has become the tragic show-case for all of Europe with regards to breeding and allowing race-hatred to become a violent and uncontrollable force, it is impertive to handle the situation there in accordance with existing international law and norms of civilisation.

    Never again, you said?

    The writer, president of The Rogatchi Foundation (www.rogatchi.org) is curator of the Holocaust Exhibition in the Ukraine. Her forthcoming book is “Stars of Despair, Stars of Hope: Personal Reflections on the Holocaust in the Modern Times”.

    Posted by Vanfield | February 21, 2014, 9:42 am
  3. http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/jewish-world-news/1.575732

    Ukrainian rabbi tells Kiev’s Jews to flee city

    Fearing violence against Ukraine’s Jews, the Jewish community asks Israel for assistance with the security of the community.
    By Haaretz | Feb. 22, 2014 | 4:20 PM | 19

    Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman, called on Kiev’s Jews to leave the city and even the country if possible, fearing that the city’s Jews will be victimized in the chaos, Israeli daily Maariv reported Friday.

    “I told my congregation to leave the city center or the city all together and if possible the country too,” Rabbi Azman told Maariv. “I don’t want to tempt fate,” he added, “but there are constant warnings concerning intentions to attack Jewish institutions.”

    According to the paper’s report Azman closed the Jewish community’s schools but still holds three daily prayers. He said the Israeli embassy told members of the Jewish community to avoid leaving their homes.

    Edward Dolinsky, head of the umbrella organization of Ukraine’s Jews described the situation in Kiev as dire, telling Maariv “We contacted Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman requesting he assist us with securing the community.”

    Protesters in the Ukrainian capital claimed full control of the city Saturday following the signing of a Western-brokered peace deal aimed at ending the nation’s three-month political crisis.

    President Viktor Yanukovich is still in Ukraine, a senior security source told Reuters on Saturday following reports his residence was empty and unguarded and his Kiev offices were in the hands of protesters.

    Correction (Feb. 22, 4:20 P.M.): An earlier version of this report incorrectly described Rabbi Azman as the chief rabbi of Ukraine. Azman is not the country’s chief rabbi, but one of two rabbis challenging the official chief rabbi, Yaakov Bleich, in Kiev, and like most Chabad rabbis, is aligned with the Kremlin.

    Posted by Vanfield | February 22, 2014, 8:18 pm
  4. This comes from the “Strategic Culture.Org” website. I still do not understand who produces this, but I think it is most likely a front for the Russians.

    None-the-less, it contains concerns from the anti-neo-Nazi, antifascist reaction to the Coup in Ukraine, so here goes:



    Ukraine: Coup Staged, New Order Established, First Steps Taken, Tendencies Taking Shape
    Pavel DMITRIEV | 25.02.2014 | 03:00

    “The coup in Ukraine has taken place. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) has voted to set early presidential elections for May 25 and done so in violation of Constitution and established order. The former President escaped from Kiev having betrayed his voters, the party, those who stood on guard of law and order and the people. Kiev and a larger part of Ukraine, including Volyn and Galicia regions, have moved under the control of rebels.

    The south-eastern part of Ukraine and the Republic of Crimea, excluding the Dnepropetrovsk region, are still loyal to the Constitution and have actually refused to recognize the new regime. At that, it is unclear how long will the local powers in the country’s south-east be able to keep the situation under control…
    “Until now, the situation in the south-east has been under local powers’ control. Anti-fascist self-defense formations are actively formed in Donetsk, Kharkov and Lugansk, the population there is adamant in its desire to resist. It’s relatively calm in the autonomous Republic of Crimea. The legal powers are strongly determined to repel the attacks of Bandera movement gangs which spread their activities across the country like cancer metastasis.

    The main driving force of the coup is not opposition parties which have representation in the parliament (UDAR, Batkivshchyna), but rather neo-Nazi militants from Galicia, Kiev and the central parts of the country. Well organized, they did their dirty job on the streets and barricades while the opposition used the results of their activities to its advantage.

    Now these radical-nationalist elements are strongly committed to the idea of having a representation in the new government. Though until now the inclusion of Bandera movement activists into the Ministry of Internal Affairs structures has not been considered, Minister A. Avakov said the police forces would maintain law and order together with Pravy Sector and Maidan self-defense units. It’s easy to see that the Bandera movement’s goal is a “national revolution” meaning the establishment of “revolutionary dictatorship” and terror against dissidents.

    Pravy Sector is ready to promote the goals of coup much further that the moderate opposition parliamentary forces may want the process to go. The head of Maidan neo-fascists posted an instruction of the Pravy Sector headquarters saying that the Party of the Regions and the Communist Party of Ukraine are criminal organizations and their activities should be stopped. The immediate aim of neo-Nazi is to get through into the parliament. If there is no early parliamentary election, they will demand it.

    A part of population is on edge, and there is some support for fascist ideology influencing the Ukrainian politics. There is blood on the hands of neo-Nazi militants and their Western sponsors – they are responsible for the Party of Regions and the Communist Party offices pogroms, beatings up and tortures of prisoners, killings of armless policemen and Berkut soldiers.

    The gap between the Maidan Nazi on the one hand and UDAR and Batkivshchyna political parties on the other hand has become wider. There is also a gap between the Nazi and Svoboda political party which does its best to look respectable in the eyes of Europe. The main problem for the opposition is finding a way to disband the militants and make them disarm without the use of force.

    Svoboda has already stated that it won’t support Yulia Timoshenko as a candidate for the position of Prime Minister. Perhaps that was the reason Timoshenko refused to run for the office as it was formally stated.

    Having staged the coup, the West has made Ukraine destitute of its sovereignty. The country is ruled from outside. Washington and Brussels are consulted before taking any decision of significance. First of all it has relation to the issue of the association agreement with the European Union. It’s worth to note that Karel De Gucht, European Commissioner for Trade, confirmed the EU readiness to conclude an association agreement with Ukraine. He believes the agreement will be signed but refused to tell the date. According to him, the issue could be considered after the government is formed, democracy guaranteed and stability restored.

    Washington needs the Nazi militants to use them as a leverage over the powers in Kiev if need be. The world community should fully realize that Ukrainian Neo-Nazi have become an instrument of US foreign policy.”

    Pretty strong language, not seen in other sources.

    Posted by Swamp | February 24, 2014, 7:54 pm

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