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More on the Increasingly Vitriolic (and Depressing) Debate on the “9/11 Mosque”

Comment: In the increasingly Kafkaesque political landscape in this country, nothing highlights the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of both sides of the political aisle than the debate over the “9/11 Mosque.” Conservative elements have correctly noted the links of Feisal Abdul Rauf and associates to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as disturbing indications that his much-ballyhooed “moderation” may be largely illusory.

As President Obama has correctly noted, Muslims–like members of other faiths–MUST have freedom to worship as they please. Religious freedom is an unshakable tenet of American society. So, however, is the rule of law and separation of church and state. The Muslim Brotherhood (with which Rauf is clearly associated) is an Islamic fascist organization that advocates the worldwide implementation of sharia–Islamic law–including the United States. Rauf himself has made statements indicating that he is of similar mindset.

Conservative commentator Alyssa Lappen has chronicled Rauf, his family history and professional associations.

“Feisal Abdul Rauf” by Alyssa Lappen; Investigative Report Prepared for ACT! for America.

On the other hand, the GOP and their allied elements steadfastly ignore the ongoing and decisive links between Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, the Bush administration, the GOP and the Muslim Brotherhood/Bank al Taqwa milieu.

The so-called “progressive” sector–Pacifica Radio in particular–is complicit with the same elements, lauding convicted terror associate and George W. Bush political ally Sami al-Arian.

Nor has the GOP and it allies touched on the links of Muslim Brotherhood lynchpin Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia to Newscorp (he’s the second largest stockholder, behind the Murdochs.)

It turns out that Alwaleed, too, has contributed to the support of Rauf.

“News Corp’s Number-Two Shareholder Funded ‘Terror Mosque’ Planner” By John Cook; Yahoo.com; 8/20/2010.

Excerpt: . . . Indeed, as none other than Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post reported last May, the Kingdom Foundation, al-Waleed’s personal charity, has donated a total of $305,000 to Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow, a leadership and networking project sponsored jointly by two of Rauf’s organizations, the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative. Al-Waleed owns a 7 percent, $2.3 billion stake in News Corporation. Likewise, News Corporation owns a 9 percent, $70 million stake – purchased in February – in Rotana, Al-Waleed’s Saudi media conglomerate. Put another way: Rupert Murdoch and Fox News are in business, to the tune of billions of dollars, with one of the “Terror Mosque Imam’s” principal patrons. . . .


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