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More Right-Wing Israeli Interface with Euro-Fascists

COMMENT: Another right-wing Israeli political contingent has reached out to European fascists. Communing with Russian fascists, the “National Unity” bloc has impressed the leader of the National Democratic Alliance, who feels the two groups have much in common.

Following on the heels of an Iraeli deputy minister’s schmoozing with a prominent Swedish neo-fascist financier, Aryeh Eldad’s hobnobbing with Ilya Lazarenko perpetuates a disturbing pattern of Zionist/fascist interface dating back to the pre-World War II period.

“The Unholy Alliance: How Israeli Wingnuts Befriended Russian Hitlerophiles” by Sergey Romanov; Little Green Footballs; 7/14/2011.

EXCERPT: Russian nationalists met in Israel with a right-wing Zionists.

One of the leaders of Russia’s National Democratic Alliance, who visited Israel together with his colleagues at the invitation of religious-right-wing Zionists, came to the conclusion that the two political forces have a lot in common …

Since last week, in Israel there is a group of moderate [ethnic] Russian nationalists from Russia, arrived here at the invitation of the religious-right bloc “Ihud ha-Leumi” (“National Unity”). The leaders of an interregional public association of the National Democratic Alliance (established in March 2010) made several trips to the Holy Land, visited the Knesset, and the memorial complex “Yad Vashem”. Following the visit, co-chairman of the movement Ilya Lazarenko came to the conclusion that the Russian nationalists and right-wing Zionists have much in common. “We are very much in common, and first of all – rejection of violent Islamism, which is a threat to civilization – he said to the portal IzRus. – We also have some ideological overlap associated with the objectives of nation-building and its operation.” . . .


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