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More Shredding of Neo-Nazi Files by German Intelligence

COMMENT: We have examined the unsavory relationship between Germany’s domestic intelligence service and neo-Nazi cadres. Another incidence of shredding of files on neo-Nazis has emerged, leading to the resignation of Claudia Schmid, the agency’s top Berlin official. 

After the shredding of files on the National Socialist Union (which may well have been in cahoots with Germany’s domestic intelligence service), it emerges that files on Blood and Honor, another neo-Nazi organization, were shredded by an official of the Verfassungschutz.

Of possible significance is the fact that Claudia Schmid was friendly with “Landser” a German Nazi band.

The BND–the foreign intelligence service that evolved from Reinhard Gehlen’s Nazi Eastern Front spy outfit–shredded its files on Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann’s deputy. Brunner worked for the BND.

“Fifth Head Rolls in NSU Investigation Affair”; The Local; 11/14/2012.

EXCERPT: None of the files appeared to be related to the National Socialist Underground, which is suspected of killing 10 people between 2000 and 2007. Four other top Germany security officials have resigned this year due to blunders in the NSU investigation.

Claudia Schmid, head of the Berlin Office for the Protection of the Constitution, requested a transfer to another job the day after she announced that her office had illegally destroyed files on the far-right “Blood & Honour” organisation rather than presenting them to the Berlin state archive. She described the action as a “regrettable mistake.”

The head of the authority’s department on extremism, responsible for the most recent case of illegal file shredding, has also stepped down from his post. Further employees are subjects of an internal investigation for their role in destroying the files.

It is still unclear whether the destroyed files were connected to the case of the National Socialist Underground terrorist organisation, which went undetected for over a decade. However, the files did contain information on “Landser,” a neo-Nazi band with whom an authority employee was once friendly.


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  1. The thing is, the shredded file thing is actually irrelevant and clearly being used as an excuse.

    It doesn’t matter if they were shredded.

    Read out latest post;


    Posted by GW | November 22, 2012, 12:39 pm

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