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More Subtle Propaganda from The New York Times

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COMMENT: As the New York Times continues in “Warren Report Mode” (the Gray Lady published that pernicious document), its Cold War style journalistic blitzkrieg against Russia continues. (We note in passing that Russia is no longer Communist.) In an op-ed piece about the next target of supposed Russian aggression, the author casually ascribes the 1999 assassination of Armenian leaders, including the prime minister, to Russian conspiratorial process.

In FTR #182, we noted the history of the Dashnags (there are various spellings). An Armenian fascist and ultra-nationalist group, the Dashnags collaborated with the Third Reich, Ukrainian fascist elements and the Christian Mobilizers of Gerald L.K. Smith. The latter was a prominent American fascist  whose organization was among the ideological tributaries that fed the milieu of the Aryan Nations.

The relevant material begins at around 1:20 and concludes at around 13:36.

The sources accessed include a San Jose Mercury News article from October 28, 1999, American Swastika by Charles Higham and Under Cover by John Roy Carlson.

“Russia’s Next Land Grab” by Brenda Shaffer; The New York Times; 9/9/2014.

 . . . . Three times in the 1990s, Armenia and Azerbaijan signed peace agreements, but Russia found ways to derail Armenia’s participation. (In 1999, for example, a disgruntled journalist suspected of having been aided by Moscow assassinated Armenia’s prime minister, speaker of Parliament and other government officials.) . . .


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