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Munich Gunman “Worshipped Hitler”

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DerFuehrer [6]COMMENT: “Lone Nuts” håve been driving much of the news cycle, garnering much political attention by people and institutions determined on mining the incidents for political capital. The Trumpenkampfverbande is an excellent example. The French National Front, the Alternative For Germany, the Sweden Democrats and others benefit from the mayhem, which resonates around the world.

Initially, Ali David Sonboly–the 1-year-old killer of nine in Munich, Germany. Now, it turns out that he was of Nazi orientation [7]. It might be interesting to learn the name and associations and possible political views (if any) of the unnamed weapons dealer who used the dark web to sell the murder weapon to Sonboly.

It is interesting to observe that the “lone nuts” are not so “lone”! The truck driver who crashed into a crowd at Nice was initially reported to be a loner and (not necessarily) a jihadist. Then accomplices were arrested and it does, in fact, seem as though he was, in fact, influenced by online “jihadism.”

Micah H. Johnson, after being reported as part of a team, was then dismissed as a “lone nut.” It turns out that he was under the sway [8] of the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party, both hate-spewing, anti-Semitic black nationalist groups.

The Baton Rouge (LA) shooter–Gavin Long–was a “Sovereign Citizen” [9] and also had reported links with the Nation of Islam.

Recall, also, that this “leaderless resistance” strategy was defended by Citizen Greenwald [10] when he was an attorney. Greenwald’s efforts protected advocates of this strategy against civil liability.

“Munich Gunman Who Murdered Nine in Munich Worshipped Hitler and Saw It as an ‘Honour’ that They Shared the Same Birthday” by Julian Robinson; The Daily Mail; 7/28/2016. [7]

Munich gunman Ali David Sonboly worshipped Adolf Hitler and saw it as an ‘honour’ that he shared the same birthday as the Nazi leader, it has been revealed.

Sonboly, 18, shot nine people dead at a shopping centre in the southern German city on Friday before turning his handgun on himself.

The German-Iranian considered himself ‘Aryan’ and had built up resentment against Arabs and Turks, who, it is claimed, bullied him at school.

It has now emerged that the teenager took the fact that he was born on the same day of the year as Hitler – April 20 – as an ‘honour’.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper said he was a racist who held extreme right wing views about foreigners and minorities. . . .

. . . . Police say the teenager was obsessed with mass killings – including Norwegian rightwing fanatic Anders Behring Breivik’s 2011 massacre – and spent a year preparing for the shooting spree. . . .

“Germans Arrest Suspected Supplier of Gun to Munich Gunman” by Alison Smale; The New York Times; 8/16/2016. [11]

. . . . The police have arrested a 31-year-old German man suspected of selling a gun and bullets to a teenager who killed nine people [12]in a rampage last month in Munich, which sent the city into a panicky lockdown amid fears of a terrorist attack.

The man was detained on Tuesday in the central German city of Marburg after being lured into a weapons deal with investigators and boasting that he had supplied the gun and ammunition in the Munich rampage, the authorities said Tuesday. They said he had sold the gun to the teenager, Ali Sonboly, in May, and 350 bullets in July, four days before Mr. Sonboly committed his crime.

Last week, Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière proposed tightening Germany’s already-strict gun laws [13], specifically tracing “dark web” connections.

On Tuesday, a prosecutor in Frankfurt, Alexander Badle, said the arms dealer, who was not named, had come to the attention of special units fighting internet crime after he sold arms and ammunition to a 62-year-old bookkeeper in North Rhine-Westphalia State, and to a 17-year-old high schooler in the state of Hesse.

Officers who searched the bookkeeper’s home on July 27 found a pistol and ammunition he had obtained in a weapons swap with the arms dealer in June, Mr. Badle’s statement said.

A search of the 17-year-old’s home in early August turned up a rapid-fire weapon and 157 bullets he had bought from the dealer for 1,150 euros, or nearly $1,300, the statement added.

Both customers used the dark web to make their deals, Mr. Badle said. . . .