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Nazis Conducting Arizona Border Patrols; Connected to Sponsor of Arizona Immigration Bill

Com­ment: Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, asso­ciate of Rus­sell Pearce, the spon­sor of Arizona’s recent and highly con­tro­ver­sial immi­gra­tion leg­is­la­tion, is launch­ing a para-military bor­der patrol operation.

Note the res­o­nance and polit­i­cal over­lap between this milieu and the GOP’s  Palin/Tea Party types, who use the same anti-immigrant rhetor­i­cal stance.

“Neo-Nazis Patrol the Vekol Val­ley; J.T. Ready Calls ‘Bor­der Ops’ for Sat­ur­day” By Stephen Lemons;  Phoenix New Times; 6/16/2010.

Excerpt: Pinal County Sher­iff Paul Babeu recently announced that “drug car­tels” con­trol the area in his county where deputy Louie Puroll was allegedly shot at, and where two men were recently gunned down.

Now Babeu may be get­ting some assis­tance from an unwel­come and unsa­vory source: Vig­i­lantes led by National Social­ist Move­ment mem­ber J.T. Ready.

As I blogged back in May, Ready and fel­low neo-Nazi Harry Hughes have been going on ille­gal alien “patrols” in Pinal County’s Vekol Val­ley, dressed in cam­ou­flage and armed with assault rifles. . . .


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  1. Neo-Nazis whose self-importance and egos far out­strip their com­pe­tence patrolling the Ari­zona border?

    What could pos­si­bly go wrong?

    (Intense sar­casm.)

    Posted by Scott M | June 23, 2010, 2:58 pm
  2. So how much of the vote might a neo-Nazi gar­ner in Ari­zona if he sud­denly switched par­ties from GOP and Demo­c­rat and ran for Sher­iff while prais­ing George Wal­lace and Jim Crow laws? We’ll find out!

    Neo-Nazi Who Advo­cated Bor­der Land­mines Launches Run For Sher­iff in Ari­zona
    Nick R. Mar­tin Jan­u­ary 24, 2012, 7:13 AM

    Two years ago, he was call­ing for land­mines to be used to stop immi­grants from ille­gally cross­ing into the US from Mex­ico. Now, a well known Ari­zona neo-Nazi wants to be in charge of law enforce­ment in a vast swath of desert south of Phoenix.


    Ready is a long­time Repub­li­can and one­time precinct leader in the Ari­zona GOP. But elec­tions records show he switched par­ties Jan. 13 and plans to run as a Democrat.

    He told TPM on Mon­day that he respects the Demo­c­ra­tic Party’s his­tory, say­ing it was the party that brought about Jim Crow laws and Alabama’s seg­re­ga­tion­ist Gov. George Wallace. He said he also has a prob­lem with tough-talking Repub­li­can sher­iffs like Joe Arpaio and Babeu.

    “All these, quote, bor­der hero sher­iffs — they sit there blam­ing the pres­i­dent while they’re not doing every­thing they can do,” Ready said.

    Obama is “def­i­nitely not per­fect in my book,” he added, but the Demo­c­ra­tic pres­i­dent has sent more troops to the bor­der and deported more immi­grants than the sher­iffs could ever hope to.

    Ready said he’s no longer a mem­ber of the National Social­ist Move­ment, the nation­wide neo-Nazi orga­ni­za­tion he belonged to for years, but he could not remem­ber exactly when he resigned his mem­ber­ship. He also said he can’t stand the term neo-Nazi, call­ing it “the other N-word,” and insisted he is seek­ing diverse sup­port for his campaign.

    How­ever, Ready’s racist views remain on full dis­play on his cam­paign Face­book page, show­ing his ide­ol­ogy hasn’t changed even if his mem­ber­ship sta­tus in the NSM has.

    The page is sprin­kled with quotes from Wal­lace. He also posted a photo of him­self stand­ing under a street sign that dis­played the name of Mal­colm X. Below the photo, he wrote that one of his pri­or­i­ties in office would be to get a street named after George Lin­coln Rock­well, the founder of the the Amer­i­can Nazi Party.

    As the Phoenix New Times noted when it first reported on his can­di­dacy last week, Ready also lists his cam­paign chair­man as Harry Hughes, a long­time friend and doc­u­mented mem­ber of the National Social­ist Move­ment. Ready told TPM he is now liv­ing with Hughes in the Pinal County town of Maricopa.

    “What Harry has is a big piece of prop­erty that we have turned into a com­pound,” Ready said, not­ing that they’ve sur­rounded it with sand bags and barbed wire. How­ever, he added: “It’s not a mili­tia or any­thing like that.”

    Ready has been on the fringe of Ari­zona pol­i­tics since at least 2006, when he came in sec­ond place in an elec­tion for city coun­cil in the Phoenix sub­urb of Mesa. And before he made his racist beliefs pub­lic, he was also a men­tor of for­mer state Sen­ate Pres­i­dent Rus­sell Pearce, the pri­mary spon­sor of Arizona’s harsh immi­gra­tion law in 2010. Pearce has since dis­tanced him­self from Ready.

    In early 2010, Ready attended a Tea Party rally that Pearce and Arpaio both spoke at. He min­gled in the crowd and passed out fliers for the National Social­ist Move­ment that called for land­mines to be placed along the US-Mexico border.

    “We all should be actively advo­cat­ing daily to main­stream Amer­ica the most humane, non-racist, fair bor­der secu­rity plan avail­able,” the fliers said. “Namely, A MINEFIELD!”


    Posted by Pterrafractyl | January 24, 2012, 7:43 am
  3. TPM has a nice review of the ongo­ing JT Ready-affiliated neo-nazi drive to build a small army along the US-Mexican bor­der. It’s worth a read.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | March 20, 2012, 8:05 pm
  4. @Pterrafractyl: They’re at it again? Hmm.....thanks.

    (BTW, Dave, thanks for intro­duc­ing me to the Phoenix New Times back in 2010. It’s been one of my favorite sources, par­tic­u­larly on this subject. =) )

    Posted by Steven L. | March 21, 2012, 10:04 am
  5. Because noth­ing pre­vents a race-riot like rov­ing gangs of heav­ily armed neo-nazis...

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | April 9, 2012, 1:02 pm
  6. Well, this was trag­i­cally unex­pected:

    Bor­der Vig­i­lante Iden­ti­fied As Gun­man In Ari­zona Massacre

    Nick R. Mar­tin May 2, 2012, 8:25 PM 6889

    Updated: May 2, 2012, 9:23 PM

    Long­time white suprema­cist and bor­der vig­i­lante JT Ready saw him­self as part of a war that few oth­ers would fight. He amassed weapons. He donned a uni­form. He formed his own brigade of vol­un­teers to walk along­side him as he hunted what he described as “narco ter­ror­ists” flow­ing across the Arizona-Mexico border.

    On Wednes­day, reports out of Ari­zona said Ready died, not at the hands of drug run­ners, but with his own gun dur­ing a mad ram­page inside a sub­ur­ban home just east of Phoenix. Along the way, the reports said, he took the lives of four other peo­ple, includ­ing a toddler.

    It was unclear imme­di­ately who the vic­tims were, but Ready still some­how man­aged to use the event to blame immi­grants even after his death. A post­ing on his Face­book page appeared hours after the mas­sacre took place.

    Reports are uncon­firmed that a car­tel assas­si­na­tion squad mur­dered JT Ready and sev­eral of his friends and fam­ily this after­noon in Gilbert Ari­zona,” the post­ing said. “This page’s admin will keep you updated of the sit­u­a­tion as soon as possible.”

    TPM called Ready’s cell phone late Wednes­day, but a mes­sage on the other end said the line had been dis­con­nected or was no longer in service.


    Before that, Ready was a mem­ber of the National Social­ist Move­ment, the largest neo-Nazi orga­ni­za­tion in the nation. He joined in at NSM ral­lies in Ari­zona and Cal­i­for­nia and was often spot­ted along­side swastika flags.

    Ready told TPM he had quit the move­ment, how­ever he could not remem­ber exactly when. He also fre­quently brought Harry Hughes, another mem­ber of the NSM and long­time friend of Ready’s, along on the desert patrols.

    Ready said in the inter­view that he had recently moved into Hughes’s house near the town of Mari­copa, inside Pinal County.

    “What Harry has is a big piece of prop­erty that we have turned into a com­pound,” Ready said. He men­tioned they had recently sur­rounded the prop­erty with sand bags and barbed wire. How­ever, he added, “It’s not a mili­tia or any­thing like that.”

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | May 2, 2012, 6:28 pm

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