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New, 32GB Flash Drive Containing All of Dave Emory’s Work

We are pleased to announce that a new, 32GB flash drive containing all of Dave Emory’s 35 + years of work is available for a tax-deductible contribution of $65.00 or more. 

The drive contains all of the material on the Spitfirelist.com website, plus videotaped lectures on the relationship between fascism and organized religion and one about the background of Barack Obama.

The new drive is current as of 10/02/2014. (The old, 16GB drive was current as of 5/23/2012. This drive contains all of the For The Record Shows through FTR #812.)

Whereas the old, 16GB drive had little capacity for new material, the new, 32GB drive has plenty of spare capacity to which listeners can save new printed and/or recorded material. This is important, as Mr. Emory is steadily compiling new programs and new articles.


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