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New World’s Indoor Record for Ignorance

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[7]COMMENT: If the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for sheer political and historical ignorance, the Polish foreign minister just might lay claim to that dubious prize.

The Red Army units that liberated Auschwitz were part of the Soviet force amalgamated under the command rubric “Ukrainian Front.” Seizing on that, the Polish foreign minister claimed that “Ukrainian” soldiers liberated Auschwitz.

We don’t know what he has been drinking or smoking, but it must be really strong stuff!

Good grief, Charlie Brown!

Programs covering the Ukraine crisis are: FTR #’s 777 [8]778 [9]779 [10]780 [11]781 [12]782 [13], 783 [14]784 [15]794 [16]800 [17]803 [18]804 [19], 808 [20]811 [21]817 [22]818 [23]824 [24]826 [25]829 [26]832 [27]833 [28], 837 [29].

“West Rains on Putin’s WWII Parade as Ukraine Crisis Takes Toll” by Anna Smolchenko and Olga Rotenberg [Agence France-Presse]; Yahoo News; 3/19/2015. [30]

. . . . Presiding over preparations for the Russia-wide festivities this week, Putin said attempts to belittle Russia’s role in WWII were aimed at stripping it of its “moral authority.”

“Occasionally we hear sheer lunacy — it’s amazing how people even come to that.”

Poland angered Moscow when its foreign minister said it was Ukrainian soldiers — rather than the Soviet Red Army — who liberated Auschwitz in 1945. . . .