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“No More Coverups!”: Another Witness Says More than One Shooter in RFK Assassination

COMMENT: A number of you took note of this story. Robert Kennedy’s assassination was not the work of a “lone nut,” any more than were the killings of his brother, Martin Luther King and many others. Robert Kennedy was dispatched by the same forces that killed his brother.

(For a detailed overview of the RFK assassination , see AFA #9. For an examination of some of the main points of information, see FTR #582).

In addition to new scientific information confirming that more than eight shots were fired (Sirhan’s gun only held eight), that the “girl in the polka dot dress” was real and indications  that Sirhan was indeed hypno-programmed, a witness has come forward claiming that there was more than one gunman and that her previous testimony was distorted.

Nina Rhodes-Hughes claims that she never endorsed the single gunman theory on the record and that her testimony to that effect was inaccurate. She says she saw a second gunman and that there were more than eight shots fired.

Notice the relative silence surrounding the re-opening of the case–an incident that determined the course of a very important Presidential campaign in 1968.

“Key Witness in Assassination of RFK Says Sirhan Sirhan Didn’t Act Alone” by Eric Pfeiffer; The Sideshow [CNN]; 4/30/2012.

A key witness to the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy has retracted her official statements in the case and now claims that convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone.

Nina Rhodes-Hughes, 78, tells CNN that the FBI “twisted” her original statements to authorities. In recent court filings led by California Attorney General Kamala Harris, state prosecutors argue that even if there were a second gunman on the scene, Sirhan is still guilty of murder.

“What has to come out is that there was another shooter to my right,” Rhodes told CNN. “The truth has got to be told. No more cover-ups.”

Rhodes’ original FBI statement says she only heard 8 gunshots at the time and makes no mention of a second shooter. However, Rhodes, who was just feet away from Kennedy says she never claimed to have only heard 8 shots.

“I never said eight shots. I never, never said it. There were more than eight shots,” she told CNN. “There were at least 12, maybe 14. And I know there were because I heard the rhythm in my head.”

Last November, Sirhan’s attorneys announced they were filing a challenge to the verdict, alleging a conspiracy by authorities in the case. They are asking that Sirhan be released from prison. His attorneys argue that Sirhan was the victim of a malicious form of “hypo programming” that falsely caused him to believe he was RFK’s assassin.

“For me it’s hopeful and sad that it’s only coming out now instead of before — but at least now instead of never,” Rhodes told CNN.

Rhodes was never called as a witness in Sirhan’s trial but claims she gave an interview shortly after the shooting during which she claimed to have heard at least a dozen shots.


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  1. Posted by Vanfield | May 17, 2012, 11:19 am
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  3. The alleged Aurora, Colorado 2012 shooter (James Holmes) had a mentor named John Jacobson (see link [1] below) who bragged about his hypno-programming powers to manipulate “temporal perceptions” of linear time (see link [2] below).

    If James Holmes was indeed hypno-programmed, or set-up in any manner (a list of items to keep in mind: No victim present at the shooting can identify Holmes as the shooter, because the shooter was helmeted & gas-masked; also, when Holmes was arrested at his car, he was “impaired” and “meek” and appeared to be drugged until the time of his first hearing, one day later; Holmes was described by police as “acting as if he thought he was in a movie”), is it possible that Holmes will begin to become cognizant of his circumstances — and claim that he was hypnotized, thus discrediting the William Pepper case on behalf of Sirhan?

    In other words, if Holmes claims he was hypnotized as a defense, how does this affect the RFK case?

    Is this the purpose of the Aurora, Colorado shooting?

    Is it relevant that the Aurora police chief, currently conducting the investigation, was Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s head of NYPD intelligence?



    [1] 2012.7.22 Video Of James Holmes At 18 Years Old Giving Presentation At Science Camp (Mentions His Mentor (John Jacobson) At 0.50) (ABC, youtube.com):

    [2] 2010.4.10 How Can We Begin To Define Time?, John Jacobson, Chronicles 1 (Quote At 1.58) (youtube.com):

    Posted by R. Wilson | August 6, 2012, 8:18 pm
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