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No, No Nano-Thermite (with Apologies to the Producers of “No, No, Nanette”)


"Truther" Conference: A Grass Roots Movement

COMMENT: As one who has studied fascism for decades and, as a result, been exposed to Nazi theory and culture, encountering the “Truthers” has proved seductive and challenging.

After reading of “subhumans,” “life unworthy of life,” “useless bread gobblers” and the like, one should not be exposed to the “controlled demolition of the World Trade Center,” “cruise missile hit the Pentagon” freaks.

At times, I now think that, perhaps, the Third Reich had the right string, but the wrong yo-yo. Instead of “the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem,” or gassing gays, gypsies, the elderly, disabled and seriously ill, perhaps simply killing off stupid people might have significantly improved society.

Perhaps a “Final Solution to the ‘Truther Problem'” is indeed what is called for. “Kill ’em all, let David Ray Griffin sort ’em out!”

(Predictably, the “Truthers” rely on anecdotal evidence, and don’t take into account the fundamentals of a controlled demolition. FTR #599 debunks the notion, featuring a paper by Brent Blanchard, one of the top engineers in the field. Supplementing that, I recommend Item #3 at this website. Produced by Brent Blanchard’s firm, it shows the implosions of many buildings. In numerous programs, recorded and live, I’ve repeatedly noted that, before an implosion can be done, the targeted building must be gutted, with I-beams, staircases and entire floors, in some cases, removed prior to the implantation of the charges. Otherwise, the building won’t “implode”! Check out the buildings here–they have been gutted! That is NOT the case with ANY of the WTC buildings. Not the Twin Towers, not WTC 7. Item #13 at this same site offers a more measured view of this, due to the placement of the video camera and the background lighting.)

Truther shill Steven E. Jones’ nonsense has been effectively debunked.

The only significant accomplishment of the Truther milieu is to help obscure the very real, demonstrable links between the GOP and the Bush administration and the individuals and institutions involved in financing Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. This is on the public record, available from public media sources. When was the last time you heard a Truther discuss Operation Green Quest?

Instead of languishing in a cell at Guantanamo, GOP bigwig Grover Norquist is actively obstructing efforts to implement the tax increase required to get America’s budgetary house in order. (Norquist was one of the architects of the Bush/GOP/Muslim Brotherhood axis exposed by the Operation Green Quest investigations.)

The Truthers have also succeeded in eclipsing the, heroic, important work done by Daniel Hopsicker on the intelligence and organized crime connections to the flight school milieu through which Atta and company infiltrated the U.S. When was the last time you heard a Truther discuss Huffman Aviation, Rudi Deckers or any of what Daniel has researched?

Another casualty of their collective folly is the investigation that should have been conducted into Ptech, the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled firm that designed the threat assessment software for the Air Force, NORAD and other federal agencies. When was the last time you heard a Truther discuss Ptech?

Among the most important and most neglected aspects of the investigation concerns SICO, the Swiss-based holding company for the Bin Laden family’s interests. When was the last time you heard a Truther discuss SICO?

After floating the preposterous notion that explosives were used to bring down the Twin Towers, the “Truthers” have attempted to retreat to the quaint notion that thermite or nano-thermite were used to bring down the towers.

That, too, has collapsed like the towers themselves.


The red/gray chips found in the WTC dust at four sites in New York City are consistent with a carbon steel coated with an epoxy resin that contains primarily iron oxide and kaolin clay pigments.

There is no evidence of individual elemental aluminum particles of any size in the red/gray chips, therefore the red layer of the red/gray chips is not thermite or nano-thermite.

Read the whole report here…


14 comments for “No, No Nano-Thermite (with Apologies to the Producers of “No, No, Nanette”)”

  1. Very good article, Dave. Truthfully, however, I must be honest and say that I don’t think all the Truthers are bad people and that there should be distinguishment between the good people who may be just misled in a variety of ways and the bonafide fascists, provocateurs, disinfo agents(Eric Hufschmid may a damn good example), and useful idiots of all kinds, and I was kind of hoping this article could perhaps be edited to better reflect these realities.

    Speaking of useful idiots, ever ran into this character by the name of Daryl Bradford Smith who runs ‘The French Connection’ website? Guy’s from New England originally and lives somewhere in France, which, btw, is the reason for the naming of his site(and not as a homage to the classic movie from 1971, in case that thought could cross someone’s mind). Some of his early material was interesting(back then, but not now.), but it seems that he was ‘turned’ about 5 years ago or so and he’s been allowing, and even parroting some pretty screwed up B.S., mainly of the anti-Zionist variety, on his show(one guy claimed that Jews invented jazz as part of a conspiracy theory!). (I have to admit I was kind of a dupe back in the day so I ended up just tuning out the crazier stuff, instead of confronting it like I would today.)

    What’s really ironic about all this is that he doesn’t actually seem to hate on ALL Jews, and has even spoken fondly, ever so often, about a Jewish lady who actually kept him fed and clothed during his college days in Manhattan. Frankly, this guy may be in some need of psychological therapy of some kind, it seems to me.

    BTW, for those who are REALLY curious, you can check out the website over at iamthewitness.com. But be careful, there is a LOT of B.S. on there. If you are easily offended, please just move on and avoid this URL. Thanks.

    (P.S., one last note: This guy seems to be regularly featured on a South Africa based network called ‘Channel Islam International’. Does anyone know anything about this company? It smells a little off to me but I don’t honestly know much myself.)

    Posted by Steven L. | March 18, 2012, 6:19 pm
  2. Also, one last thing: Daniel Hopsicker is a real fracking hero! =) Forget Daryl Smith and Dylan Avery, Mr. Hopsicker is the real deal, and so is Dave!

    Posted by Steven L. | March 18, 2012, 6:24 pm
  3. @Steven L.–

    Several points: First, that post does express a very real element of bitterness, distaste and frustration.

    I did so, however, through my acerbic, dark sense of humor. Nitzsche observed that “A joke is the epigram on the death of a feeling.”

    The Truthers have nothing going for them. I committed four comments by them to the trash. None of them showed any evidence of having examined any of the information in the post or FTR #599.

    I have no problem with intelligent disagreement, but I absolutely insist that it be predicated on careful examination of the information I present. Predictably that was not the case.

    I was thinking of approving them and then tearing them each a new one, but figured it was cruel, gratuitous and, above all, a waste of space and time.

    One of them just repeated the same old nonsense–scary stories told by liars and fools.

    Slick Willie Rodriguez describing the “explosions” he heard and similar tales of woe by other ignoramuses.

    I encourage you, Steven, and any lingering Truthers to carefully examine Items #3, 13 in the website I linked.

    You will notice that, before a building is imploded, IT HAS TO BE COMPLETELY GUTTED FIRST!

    Implosion (controlled demolition) is a form of exacting de-construction. Just as the supporting elements of an edifice preserve the structure upright and intact, so, too, those elements must be carefully and systematically removed so that the remarkable implosion phenomenon can be realized after the detonation of the cutter charges.

    In addition, the cutter charges are not only impossible NOT to hear (and feel) but they bring down the shell of the building in a matter of a number of seconds from the detonation of the first charge.

    What the Truthers would have us believe is that no one in either of the Twin Towers or WTC 7 noticed that the buildings in which they worked had been completely gutted–a process that would have required months of work, an army of contractors, and a fleet of trucks to haul away the debris!!

    What is so funny about the horse s* disseminated by the likes of Slick Willie Rodriguez and the others who claim they heard explosions, concerns the obvious fact that if they had heard the detonation of cutter charges they would have been DEAD within seconds!!

    Again check out the buildings in Item #3 in the linked website. They go down pretty damn quickly!

    They may well have heard explosions–computer terminals, for example, explode when enveloped by flames. Do you think, Steven, that there just MIGHT have been some computer terminals in the World Trade Center?

    It should also be noted that one does not detonate batteries of high explosives in a crowded downtown area of one of the world’s largest cities on the sly!

    That would, to say the least, draw attention!

    I suggest that people on the West Coast take the time to go down to San Clemente, about an hour south of L.A.

    Best known as the home of Nixon’s Western White House, it’s a nice little town with two main attractions–The Trestles, one of the world’s premier surfing beaches and Camp Pendleton, a major Marine Corps base.

    You can spend a delightful day by the beach watching the surfers and you will certainly hear (and FEEL) the artillery practice MANY MILES AWAY at Pendleton.

    I will close by noting that the Truthers generally fall back on “Box Boy” Gage’s hustle–“Architects and Engineers for Truth.”

    To make a long story short, it isn’t an organization, not in the sense that people have come to believe.

    It’s ONE guy–Gage. He is an architect (and lifelong Republican), but has never designed a building taller than 3 stories.

    He has a few shills who function as, in effect, stage props, but the big group of engineers and architects represented to the gullible are people who have signed petitions after hearing one of his presentations.

    They are signatories.

    There are all kinds of engineers in the world–software engineers, water purification engineers etc.

    We should note, in this context, that the relevant professional category here are structural engineers, of whom there are about 130,000 working in the United States.

    At last count Gage had managed to hoodwink a grand total of four into signing his petitions,and they probably never checked out the dubious veracity of his original claims.

    When challenged by a retired NYFD officer who had written a book about WTC 7’s collapse to appear opposite him on an internet TV show, neither Gage nor any of the rest of the crew would appear, including David Ray Griffin. This suggests VERY strongly that The Usual Suspects know that they are lying, and are not simply “deceived” or “misinformed.” That would make them accessories after the fact to 3,00 counts of first degree murder.

    A Well-Placed Source, very credible, alleges that there were some charges used to collapse WTC 7 so that the flames would not reach the thousands of gallons of heating oil in the building, nor the power substation underneath. When transformers go, they explode like bombs and start intense fires.

    In effect, the source alleges that the flames were suffocated, not unlike the way that Red Adair, the famous, Texas-based oil well fire-fighter, detonates charges to suffocate oil well fires by denying them oxygen.

    This was done to WTC 7, according to this source. I’ve seen no corroboration and have my doubts. This person is, however, neither a liar nor a fascist–unlike the Truthers, who are both–Alex Jones, in particular.

    Again, I have my doubts–the person was describing a broadcast interview on the day of the attacks. The interviewee may well have been discussing a contingency plan. I’ve seen no credible evidence that cutter charges were used on 9/11.

    The fires on numerous floors were triggered when a 48 story section of one of the Twin Towers (which did NOT collapse in their footprint) laid out across WTC Plaza, trashing WTC #’s 3, 4, 5, and 6 in the process, and ripping the corner off of WTC 7 to the height of 18-20 stories.

    You’ll notice that neither Gage, nor any of these front-running morons EVER talks about what happened to WTC 3, 4, 5, or 6! again, all of those buildings (in addition to WTC 1, 2, and 7) were trashed on that day.

    To be valid, an hypothesis must be able to explain all observed phenomena and to accurately predict future occurrences.

    Because the so-called “Truthers” don’t even deal with 3, 4, 5, and 6. They not only aren’t in the game, they haven’t even paid the fee to get into the parking lot.

    This, too, suggests VERY strongly that they KNOW that they are lying in their teeth and are not just “misinformed.” Again, that makes them accessories after the fact to 3,000 counts of first degree murder.

    NYFD had lost too many firefighters and equipment in the collapse of the Twin Towers to contain the massive conflagration in building 7 and didn’t want to risk any more loss of life.

    BTW–this same source not only scoffs at the notion of a “controlled demolition” or implosion of WTC 7 or any of the rest of the buildings, but claims in no uncertain terms that the “controlled demolition, cruise missile hit the Pentagon” disinformation was created and financed by the very malefactors, in the U.S. and the Middle East, who planned and launched the attacks in the first place!

    Specifically, the source alleges that the initial infusion of funds to generate the “Truther” movement came from the short-selling of equities in the run-up to the attacks.

    Again, this is Someone Who Would Know.

    BTW–I have years of experience in the building trades.

    The Truthers are part of the cover-up, accessories after the fact to 3,000 counts of first degree murder and treason.

    And the dupes who fill the internet forums with their nonsense couldn’t tell a dirt road from a chicken with lips.

    Best to you Steven,


    Posted by Dave Emory | March 18, 2012, 8:09 pm
  4. @ Steven: I agree with you that “Truthers” are not all bad people, and the same can be said of a variety of folks who are involved in groups that are questionable. To give a concrete example, and you know I like to talk about that, every week I meet people who are frankly anti-zionist and anti-Israel, but I can see in their eyes that they are sincere about it and convinced to do the right thing. We may find people like that in every kind of enterprise.

    That is why it is so hard to fight the crowd belonging to any fifth column in any country in the world. You have the few screwers at the top who control the propaganda and then you have the rest of the sheeple, a mixture of either misinformed, sincere, seekers, mentally ill, desperate, naive, unintelligent, etc.

    I think I have a good capacity to separate the good from the crap, so as soon as I got to know For The Record show, I put aside the trash of the “Truthers”. Their material doesn’t stand critical examination, and mostly, it doesn’t stand just good common sense either.

    I agree with Dave. The Truthers, the leaders at least, are the media staff of those who pulled off, or facilitated, 9/11, and their job is to cover the tracks of the perpetrators. Our job, is to convince as many people as we can to always use their intelligence before anything and to always COUNTERCHECK everything by yourself. Don’t trust anyone, is the best advice I can give to the people I meet. Do the research yourself.

    Keep up searching for the truth. You and Pterrafractyl have shown so far a lot of good qualities and it is a good sign for the future.

    Posted by Claude | March 18, 2012, 10:21 pm
  5. I’m still looking at these issues but one big ‘what if’ occurred to me years ago. Let’s suppose a scenario in which the buildings didn’t collapse but only sustained heavy damage from plane impacts. Hundreds of people would have died and the planners would have been well pleased with a successful terror attack. The ‘official’ war on terror and the abrogation of the Constitution would have proceeded apace. Whatever the evidence or lack thereof for planted charges, the secondary attack seems redundant and makes the insider exposure risk much greater. I’ve never heard any truthers address why they would use such a (to me) nonsensical twofold strategy when the primary attack by planes would have served them well enough. In the putative script the buildings couldn’t have been imploded without plane impacts as the initiator, but since the plane impacts of and by themselves were surely enough to accomplish any goal, why add the mad flourish?

    Posted by Dwight | March 18, 2012, 10:38 pm
  6. @Dave: Okay. I did understand the humor, btw, but I was a little concerned that some may not. (P.S. good points on the event itself as well. I will also look at the links. Thanks for the info. =) )

    @Claude: Well, I have to agree. Sadly, a good number of the Truthers are indeed fraudulent, Eric Hufschmid and Mike Delaney(known as ‘ProThink’), being two really good examples……the latter, btw, was behind the “9/11 Missing Links” so-called ‘documentary'(read: agitprop disinfo piece).

    Posted by Steven L. | March 19, 2012, 9:18 am
  7. Daryl Brad­ford Smith is a highly unstable and deranged individual.

    His site consists of not-so-thinly-veiled anti-semitic filth.

    It also conflates anti-Zionism (ie, the objection to a state based upon religious affiliation) with anti-Semitism which is thoroughly erroneous and deceptive.

    In the past I had listened to several of his audio presentations as an exercise in “know thine enemy” and as a study in Fascist/neo-Nazi propaganda. Whether he was “turned” or not is irrelevant.

    As for “Jews inventing jazz…” Fact is that Louis Armstrong did reside with a Jewish family for a time after being released from the Colored Waif’s Home in New Orleans, so there you go. Proof!

    Posted by stu | March 19, 2012, 11:55 am
  8. @Stu:

    Just so you understand, Stu, I no longer listen to DBS.
    Truth be told, I had been interested by some of his earliest programs, but when I took a good hard look at some of the stuff he was promoting, much of which, ironically, was introduced to him by disinfo monger Eric Hufschmid(whom he now claims to hate btw), I soon realized that things weren’t what I thought they were. TBH, at first, I tried to see some good in the guy(perhaps out of some naivete, I admit, as well as my good nature.) mainly by tuning out the really crazy stuff his guests were feeding him, but I eventually came to the understanding that such was futile, and so, stopped listening altogether, sometime in the era of late 2008/early 2009.

    In all honesty, though, you do have a good point. Doesn’t really matter now whether he’s been turned or a plant, like his former pal Hufschmid or AntiThink Delaney. What matters is that spewing bullshit all over the airwaves.

    However, I do believe we can perhaps use some of his programs to educate people, in a course of ‘know thine enemy’, as you so eloquently put it, Stu, as examples of just how disinfo agents and useful idiots of all stripes operate and how we can counter their B.S.

    Posted by Steven L. | March 19, 2012, 3:12 pm
  9. […] No, No Nano-Thermite […]

    Posted by Debunking the fifth column, part 1: Controlled-demolishing the Truthers | Lys-d'Or | March 20, 2012, 12:21 pm
  10. One more corollary to my previous post.. As a further thought experiment, it’s not true but assume that the planes only scenario and the planes plus something else scenario carry exactly the same evidentiary weight. It would be a tossup, except that in the real world the rabid promotion of the latter has brought us not one centimeter closer to exposure and arrest of the criminals and, in fact, has had the opposite effect. An enormous amount of of mental and emotional energy has been wasted and that was probably the point of it all.
    For broader humanity the issues of priority in these crimes are 99% the why of them and 1% the how of them. That ratio has been successfully reversed by the truth community. They won this round. I’m moving on to other things.

    Posted by Dwight | March 21, 2012, 7:19 am
  11. @Dwight: We MAY be able to reverse this, though.

    Posted by Steven L. | March 21, 2012, 10:03 am
  12. “un-critical mass”, indeed. Good term, Dave. On Limbaugh’s long defunct TV show his audience would animal-grunt in unison, unabashed that they were replicating scenes out of Planet of the Apes. I’m continually bemused at these advocates for the ‘individual’ and ‘freedom from government’ who have to run in packs. Real individuality with its often solitary nature terrifies them. On a psychological plane far below ideology, one of fascism’s attractions is that it offers a chance to lose one’s self in mob sadism. Mussolini should have added “Fascism is atavism.”

    Posted by Dwight | March 26, 2012, 8:01 am
  13. @Joseph: I gotta admit, Dave does have a pretty decent sense of humor. And at least we got the punchline. (P.S.: I remember you now, too, btw! I really liked your Blogspot page a while back and thanks to Dave, I’ve just rediscovered it. Time to start browsing again. =) )

    Posted by Steven L. | March 26, 2012, 8:12 pm
  14. http://www.algemeiner.com/2013/05/29/former-conspiracy-theorist-when-they-say-%E2%80%98illuminati%E2%80%99-or-%E2%80%98reptiles%E2%80%99-they-mean-jews/

    Former Conspiracy Theorist: When They Say ‘Illuminati’ or ‘Reptiles’ They Mean Jews
    May 29, 2013 7:26 pm 2 comments
    Author: Zach Pontz

    A reformed conspiracy theorist is giving an insiders look into the world he once sat at the center of, and it’s not a pretty one.

    Charlie Veitch says that the modern conspiracy narrative involves the deeply embedded belief that the few control the many, and that the “few” are the Jews. Speaking to The Telegraph, Vietch says that anti-Semitism was par for the course, and he was often the target.

    “Loads. Loads. I was once accused of being a Jew because of my olive skin and my nose. They said, ‘We can’t trust him’.” When they say the ‘Illuminati’ or ‘Reptiles,’ do they actually mean Jews? the Telegraph reporter asks him. “It’s slightly complicated but, mostly, yes,” he says.

    Veitch gained a following as a vocal proponent of the belief that the 9/11 terror attack was an inside job, a controlled demolition carried out by the U.S. government. His online videos sparked the interest of high profile conspiracy theorists such as American radio host Alex Jones.

    But the turning point came when Veitch took part in a BBC documentary, Conspiracy Road Trip, made to mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

    During the filming Veitch met experts including the chief air traffic controller on duty during the 9/11 attacks, demolition specialists and architects. At the start, Veitch was defiant, but as production continued he began to change his mind.

    “This is hard, you know, because I’ve hung on to these ideas for years now,” he told the film’s presenter, Andrew Maxwell. “I’ve always hung out with people who say, ‘Yeah, conspiracy! 9/11 demolition!’ But now I’ve spoken to a guy who’s explained it. And it makes sense.”

    Veitch now has few kind words for the world he once inhabited. He describes it as a world full of “evil-worshipping paranoia. As someone who’s been deep in it, and seen the hatred and the insanity, I think big terrorist attacks will come from conspiracy theorists.”

    “Conspiracy theorists,” he says, are often “bullied people. People who maybe didn’t get the girls at school… So they see a lot of rugger bugger types and they’re against anything to do with them. They will side with the devil, as long as the devil is against the West.”

    Posted by Vanfield | May 30, 2013, 8:16 am

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