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No Surprise Here: Fascist Violence on the Rise in Greece

COMMENT: In a disturbing echo of the 1930’s, the severe economic distress in Greece is feeding far-right violence and sentiment. People pushed over the brink by the Great Depression turned in their desperation to fascism. We should expect similar phenomena with the world again plunging into economic ruin.

As discussed in FTR #746, the Greek crisis has benefited Germany enormously. The German core corporations are controlled by the Bormann capital network, the economic component of a Third Reich gone underground.

Was economic collapse and social dislocation a deliberate goal, in order to precipitate the sort of violence we have seen in Norway and now Greece?

The Underground Reich has masterfully manipulated the world’s political landscape, with its Islamofascist ally the Muslim Brotherhood garnering publicity as victims, even as their presence promotes and provokes overt fascist violence. A textbook example of this was the “9/11 Mosque” controversy, in which the apparent Muslim Brotherhood operative Faisal Abdul Rauf was able to reap wonderful publicity, as the opponents of the mosque made the mistake of associating themselves with fascist elements like the English Defense League and the Sweden Democrats.

Unfortunately, it seems that most of the opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood are too Goddamned stupid and/or venal to figure this out!

“Fears of Far-Right Rise in Crisis-Hit Greece” [AP]; ctv.ca; 8/2/2011.

EXCERPT: They descended by the hundreds — black-shirted, bat-wielding youths chasing down dark-skinned immigrants through the streets of Athens and beating them senseless in an unprecedented show of force by Greece’s far-right extremists.

In Greece, alarm is rising that the twin crises of financial meltdown and soaring illegal immigration are creating the conditions for a right-wing rise — and the Norway massacre on Monday drove authorities to beef up security.

The move comes amid spiraling social unrest that has unleashed waves of rioting and vigilante thuggery on the streets of Athens. The U.N.’s refugee agency warns that some Athens neighborhoods have become zones where “fascist groups have established an odd lawless regime.”

Greek police on Monday said they have increased security checks at Muslim prayer houses and other immigrant sites in response to the Norway shooting rampage that claimed 77 lives.

“There has been an increase in monitoring at these sites since the events occurred in Norway,” said police spokesman Thanassis Kokkalakis.

Greece’s fears are shared across Europe. Last week, EU counterterror officials held an emergency meeting in Brussels on ways to combat right-wing violence and rising Islamophobia, warning of a “major risk” of Norway copycats.

The massacre by Anders Behring Breivik prompted continent-wide soul-searching about whether authorities have neglected the threat of right-wing extremists as they focus on jihadist terror.

Greece, however, may be particularly worrisome because of the intersection of extreme economic distress and rampant illegal immigration, which can create fertile ground for the rise of rightist movements. Immigrant scapegoating has been rife here as unemployment balloons amid economic catastrophe. . . .


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  1. In echoes of Weimar, Wisconsin Democratic Party headquarters (for recall elections of radical Republicans) is destroyed by fire. Suspicious timing, as recall elections are just weeks away:


    University of Tennessee study: If you want a right-wing populace, simply impoverish it:


    Posted by R. Wilson | August 5, 2011, 6:56 pm
  2. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204226204576599331889606992.html

    SEPTEMBER 29, 2011
    Anti-Roma Protests Escalate in Bulgaria

    SOFIA, Bulgaria—More than 160 people were arrested in Bulgaria during a second successive night of protests against the Balkan country’s large Roma minority, and police prepared for more trouble on Wednesday evening.

    The unrest, provoked by the death of a young man that some have linked to a Roma clan leader, has drawn attention to the tensions in the European Union’s poorest country as it struggles to emerge from deep recession.

    Hundreds of youths, frustrated by a lack of jobs and what many describe as a climate of impunity for organized criminals, have taken to the streets in 14 towns.

    “Gypsy terror: How long will it take, how long we will be quiet!” read a banner at one of the demonstrations in the capital Sofia and other cities. Police said about 2,200 people took part in the Sofia protest.

    “We have more obligations—we pay our taxes, we behave normally—while they [Roma] have more rights,” Maria Borisova, who attended the protests in Sofia, told bTV channel.

    The unrest is Bulgaria’s worst since 1997, when an economic crisis and hyperinflation brought Bulgarians onto the streets, though there has been some violence against the Muslim minority this year. Bulgaria, which holds a presidential election next month, has failed to reap some of the rewards of EU membership, having been barred from the passport-free Schengen zone because of high levels of corruption.

    “There is a risk of escalation (of tension)—we are in a pre-election period,” Deputy Interior Minister Veselin Vuchkov was quoted as saying by state news agency BTA, adding that police had stepped up security.

    About 400 people have been arrested since the weekend, when residents of Katunitsa, 100 miles east of Sofia, blamed Roma leader Kiril Rashkov for the death of a 19-year-old man and set alight several of his houses and cars.

    Police said on Wednesday that Mr. Rashkov, 69 years old, known as Tsar Kiro, had been arrested and charged with making a murder threat. A van believed to be linked to Mr. Rashkov ran over the 19-year-old.

    Many of them have been released and some were fined for public order offences.

    The chief prosecutor has called for the rapid arrest of people who incite racial and ethnic tension. Roma make up 5% of the 7.4 million population, and Muslims, many of them ethnic Turks and some also Roma, account for 10%.

    Police are prepared for more unrest, a spokeswoman said but declined to give details

    Posted by R. Wilson | October 9, 2011, 10:21 am

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