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O.S.S. Document: U.S. Intelligence Planned on Using Stephan Bandera Against U.S.S.R. in 1946

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Stephan Bandera

COMMENT: In FTR #777, we highlighted the adoption of Stephan Bandera’s OUN/B by elements of U.S. intelligence to use as combatants against the Soviet Union. Having staffed SS and Gestapo ranks and participated in war crimes against Poles, Jews, Russians and other “racial undesirables,”  this Third Reich ally conducted guerilla warfare against the Soviets until the early 1950’s. 

Transitioning from Nazi Germany to the Office of Policy Coordination (a CIA/State Department operation administered by Frank Wisner), the OUN/B combatants essentially switched uniforms from the Third Reich to American intelligence.

A declassified document from the Office of Strategic Services–America’s World War II intelligence agency and the forerunner of the CIA–discloses that Bandera and his organization were targeted for recruitment in the immediate aftermath of World War II.

The document features discussion of Yaroslav Stetsko, the wartime leader of Ukraine whose Nazi puppet regime fulfilled the Reich’s ethnic cleansing doctrine with brutal thoroughness. In understanding the Ukraine crisis, the unbroken line of political succession from Stetsko/Bandera to the present should be borne in mind, as should the synthesis of U.S. covert operations and the GOP, specifically the Crusade For Freedom. 

An illegal domestic covert operation, the CFF brought Nazi allies such as the OUN/B, the Croatian Ustachi, the Romanian Iron Guard, the Hungarian Arrow Cross, the Bulgarian National Front and others into the United States in order to drive the political spectrum to the right.

As of 1952, the  CFF became inextricably linked with the GOP, with Arthur Bliss Lane playing a key role in the GOP’s 1952 campaign, as well as being centrally involved in the CFF. The CFF spawned the GOP’s ethnic outreach organization, which was able to deliver the swing vote in five key states in Presidential election years. It eventually became a permanent part of the GOP.

Conceived by Allen Dulles, the CFF was overseen by Richard Nixon. Its chief spokesperson was Ronald Reagan. The State Department official responsible for bringing “fascist freedom fighters” like the OUN/B into the United States was William Casey (Ronald Reagan’s campaign manager in the 1980 Presidential race and later Reagan’s CIA director.) The Nazi wing of the GOP was installed as a permanent branch of the Republican Part when George H.W. Bush was the head of the Republican National Committee.

The OUN/B was a key element of the GOP’s ethnic outreach organization. It is noteworthy that the organizations that were represented in the GOP subgroup were all affiliated with the SS during World War II. They were also inextricably linked with the Reinhard Gehlen organization.

Perhaps the most important effect of the Gehlen organization was to introduce “rollback” or “liberation theory” into American strategic thinking. Rollback was a political wafare and covert operation strategy which had its genesis in the Third Reich Ostministerium headed by Alfred Rosenberg. This strategy entailed enlisting the aid of dissident Soviet ethnic minorities to overthrow the Soviet Union. In return, these minorities and their respective republics were to be granted nominal independence while serving as satellite states of “Greater Germany.”

In its American incarnation, liberation theory called for “rolling back” communism out of Eastern Europe and the break-up of the Soviet Union into its constituent ethnic Republics. Lip-service was given to initiating democracy in the “liberated” countries. Liberation theory was projected into mainstream American political consciousness through the Crusade for Freedom.

In FTR #778, we examined the projection of CFF Nazis into Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. The OUN/B was primary among those elements. Following the so-called “Orange Revolution,”  Reagan’s Deputy Director of Public Liaison, Ykaterina Chumachenko married Viktor Yuschenko and became first lady of Ukraine. The UCCA is the key OUN/B front organization in the U.S.

The Yuschenko regime remade Ukrainian history in the ideological mold of the OUN/B. (see FTR #781.) Yaroslav Stetsko’s personal secretary in the early 1980s, Roman Svarych, was appointed minister of justice under Yuschenko and held the same post under both Timoshenko governments. (That is the Ukrainian equivalent of Attorney General.)

Svarych is an adviser to Poroshenko and, along with Stetsko’s widow Slava, founded the Ukrainian National Congress, an OUN/B-influenced party in Ukraine.

Svarych is the embodiment of the political and historical continuity between the OUN/B of the Second World War era and that organization’s heirs in contemporary Ukraine.



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