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Olav Thon and the Norwegian Progress Party

Anders Breivik

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COMMENT: We have discussed Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, a Nazi who held membership in the Progress Party. In a recent election, the Progress Party gained membership of the Norwegian government for the first time.

Olav Thon, one of Norway’s richest men, generated publicity for the party by taking out ads on its behalf in the Norwegian media.

A critical biography of Thon alleged that he built his fur empire through collaboration during and after World War II with interests sympathetic to the Germans. We wonder if his postwar success might derive, in part, from links to the Bormann capital network, the economic component of the Underground Reich?

“In Left-Leaning Norway, Its Wealthy ‘Fox’ Gleefully Swings to the Right” by Steven Erlanger; The New York Times; 2/8/2014.

EXCERPT: . . . . But he [Thon] caused a stir when he took out large advertisements in the newspapers supporting the anti-immigration Progress Party before September’s elections, which brought the party into the government for the first time, as a junior partner to the Conservative Party after eight years of coalitions led by the Labor Party. . . .

. . . . And he fiercely denied suggestions made by a sociologist and writer, Dag Ellingsen, who wrote a critical biography of Mr. Thon in 2008, that he profited from insurance coverage for fires in buildings he owned in Oslo, allowing him to rebuild more modern and profitable structures.

Mr. Ellingsen, whose book also pointed out some of Mr. Thon’s dealings with the Germans, said he has moved on to other topics. . . .

“Olav Thon: Corrupt Nazi Collaborator?”; Konrad’s Think Tank [Norway]; 9/10/2008.

EXCERPT [Translated from Norwegian by Google]: The book “Fox – Olav Thon and His Methods” is out, much to the delight of some, to the vexation of Thon itself. The official story of Olaf Thon is the story of the diligent and sober boy who traveled to Oslo to sell fox skin and ended up owning half the town. The unofficial told by Dag Ellingsen’s tale of a smartass who ran the business with the occupation forces after the war continued cooperation with the Norwegians who clearly was on the wrong side during the war. The book claims Ellingsen that Thon laid the foundation for his first fortune during World War II with the sale of revepels to German soldiers, and that the business led to a dossier of Treason Archives. But the case was dismissed and Thon was neither questioned or investigated by the Treason police after the war, in According Dagsavisen. . . . .


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  1. Sounds like Olav could be a character in a Stieg Larson Book.

    Posted by GK | February 13, 2014, 9:45 pm
  2. There is a small facual error in the comment here: You probably meant to write that the Progress Party had entered the government for the first time after the last election – they have actually been represented in parliament for over 30 years.

    Also, while the Progress Party may be far right by Norwegian standards, in a US context they would hardly be more extreme than your average Republican…

    Posted by GM | February 16, 2014, 8:12 am

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