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P-2, Take II?

Comment: A recent fissure between Italian neo-fascist (he calls himself a “post-fascist”) Gianfranco Fini and Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi turned up indications of a cabal of powerful figures, who have clandestinely coalesced into a secretive, pivotal influence group. (Berlusconi is pictured at right.)

This is reminiscent of the sinister P-2 Lodge of Licio Gelli, a crypto-fascist government that ran Italy for many years and whose members continue to wield great influence. Berlusconi was a member of the P-2.

Is this group, in effect (or actually) P-2 II?

“Berlusconi Wins Censure Motion” [AP]; San Francisco Chronicle; 8/4/2010.

Excerpt: . . . Wednesday’s censure motion targeted Justice Ministry Undersecretary Giacomo Caliendo, who has been entangled in a probe looking into a secret association of powerful figures allegedly seeking to influence politics and justice. Caliendo has denied wrongdoing, and has refused to resign. . . . [Italics are Mine–D.E.]


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  1. Hello Mr. Emory. May Yahweh the Father through His Son Jesus Christ be with you.

    The circunstances of this world and the similarities in the topics that we share between each other pushes us to maintain a conversation. As a son of God, the Theology is one of my strongholds, but/and for the same reason, other of my realms are the study of the secret societies that rule our countries and the world. That last thing means that i can give you very valuable information about the Jesuit Order and the Propaganda Due.

    May the Grace and the Peace that comes from The Father be with you,

    From Argentina, Brother Maxi.

    Posted by Brother Maxi | September 1, 2012, 7:37 pm

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