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Pravy Sektor (“Right Sector”) Chapters Active in U.S.

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Pravy Sektor: It has chapters in the U.S.


Combat helmets of the Ukrainian government's Azov Battalion, promoted by Ukrainian/American Pravy Sektor supporters.

COMMENT: In previous programs dealing with the Ukraine crisis, we have noted the role of the Ukrainian diaspora [9] in the generation [10], perpetuation and ascension [11] of fascism in Ukraine. It comes as no surprise to see that there are apparently Pravy Sektor (“Right Sector”) cells in the U.S.

It is impossible, under the circumstances, to encapsulate our ongoing analysis of the Ukraine crisis. Please utilize the extensive archive of material presented in the programs recorded to date.

Previous programs covering the Ukraine crisis are: FTR #’s 777 [12]778 [13]779 [14]780 [15]781 [10]782 [16], 783 [17]784 [18]794 [19]800 [20]803 [21]804 [22], 808 [23]811 [24]817 [25]818 [26]824 [9]826 [11]829 [27]832 [28], 833 [29].

“Attack on NYC Art Gallery Highlights Fascist Organizing in U.S. Immigrant Communities” by Spencer Sunshine; Political Research Associates; 10/08/2014. [30]

Last week the New York City stop of the Material Evidence photo exhibition, spotlighting the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, was attacked [31]. The curator was maced, the exhibit was vandalized, and fascist propaganda was left behind. As unlikely as an attack on a well-heeled art gallery may seem, it’s only the latest in a number of similar events in the city, which are tied to expatriate fascist organizing. . . .

. . . . Although the identities of the alleged assailants are unknown, the New York Material Evidence show has been the focus of [32] some ire from some Ukrainian nationalists since its opening, who claim it is a pro-Russia propaganda vehicle. The flyers left behind, among other things, apparently promoted the Azov Battalion, an anti-separatist Ukraine volunteer military group with links [33] to the ultranationalist Right Sector party, and considered by some to be fascists. (The Battalion is also the favored place [34] for foreign Far Right volunteers.) In Chicago this past [35] Spring, a group of 40 Ukrainian nationalists attempted to disrupt an anti-fascist meeting about the Ukraine situation; they left behind Right Sector literature.

In 2014, Right Sector has had chapter meetings in New York and New Jersey. They have participated in at least two public demonstrations at the Russian consulate in New York, and have been active in fundraising for non-military supplies for the Ukrainian military.

This kind of expatriate (and particularly Ukrainian) organizing by Far Right and neo-fascists in the United States is nothing new. Russ Bellant documented it for Political Research Associates in the 1980s in his book [36] Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party: Domestic Fascist Networks and Their Effect on U.S. Cold War Politics (PRA/South End Press, 1991). Among the various Far Right and fascist groups with ties to Nazi collaborationist governments that Bellant documented include the OUN-B (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists-Bandera), which was a collaborator with the Nazi occupation of Ukraine. During the Cold War, their leadership was in exile in the United States, where they were able to exercise influence on the Reagan administration. The OUN-B is seen by some as the ideological predecessor of the Right Sector. . . .