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Ralph Nader, Rand Paul and the Koch Brothers

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David Koch

COMMENT: Some listeners/readers might wonder why we refer to the “progressive” sector as “the so-called progressive sector.”

Just examine who Darth Nader is championing in the 2016 Presidential race–Rand Paul, who idolizes the Koch brothers.

Well, we guess that is the only way that he could top off having helped put George Bush in office in 2000.

Any questions?

“Ralph Nader Wants Liberals to Back Rand Paul. Don’t Do It” by Bill Scher; The Week; 5/1/2014.

This week, Ralph Nader returned to the political stage with a new book, Unstoppable, whose triumphant subtitle is The Emerging Left-Right Allianceto Dismantle the Corporate State. To kick off his publicity tour, he has argued that liberals should “definitely” impeach President Barack Obama, abandon the “international militarist” Hillary Clinton, and instead embrace Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) as a possible leader of his dream coalition. . . .

“The 100 Most Influ­en­tial Peo­ple: Charles Koch & David Koch” by Rand Paul; Time; 4/16/2015.

Idea Men

Charles and David Koch are well known for their busi­ness suc­cess, their gen­er­ous phil­an­thropic efforts and for their focus on inno­va­tion in man­age­ment. Some also know them for their activism in the polit­i­cal realm. All of these are impor­tant con­tri­bu­tions to soci­ety. What is under­ap­pre­ci­ated is their pas­sion for free­dom and their com­mit­ment to ideas. Unlike many crony cap­i­tal­ists who troll the halls of Con­gress look­ing for favors, the Kochs have con­sis­tently lob­bied against special-interest politics.

For decades they have funded insti­tutes that pro­mote ideas, not pol­i­tics, such as Cato and the Mer­ca­tus Cen­ter. They have always stood for free­dom, equal­ity and oppor­tu­nity. Con­sis­tent with their love of lib­erty, they have become promi­nent advo­cates for criminal-justice reform. The Koch broth­ers’ invest­ment in freedom-loving think tanks will carry on for gen­er­a­tions, remind­ing all of us that ideas and con­vic­tions ulti­mately trump all else.


3 comments for “Ralph Nader, Rand Paul and the Koch Brothers”

  1. The Koch Brothers fund the Libertarian think tank the Cato Institute. Their philosophy greatly distorts the function of government oversight – one that represents the public interest in a democratic society.

    Posted by Sojurnor Truth | May 11, 2015, 7:29 pm
  2. The Koch Brothers fund anti-government anti-EPA rhetoric while making profits by polluting and not spending money to address local concerns. See these two articles.

    Chicago Has The Koch Brothers To Thank For Its Toxic Black Dust Problem
    The Huffington Post, By Joseph Erbentraut 04/03/2014


    Detroit Mayor Dave Bing orders pet coke piles to be removed by Aug. 27
    August 13, 2013


    Posted by Sojurnor Truth | May 11, 2015, 7:50 pm
  3. I attended a university lecture by Ralph Nader in the Early to mid 1980s. I asked him what he thought of the deficit spending to benefit the profitable success of Military industries to make more nuclear warheads than can destroy every city in the Soviet Union with over a 100,000 residents over 10 times. He did not really answer my question and said the US is fighting the Bear and they are always trying to outdo each other. I was mistrustful of him after that.

    He also developed his reputation by publishing the book “Unsafe at Any Speed” in 1965 in which, the first chapter was an attack on the Rear Engine design of the Corvair. This killed the car and damaged General Motor’s reputation. However it was not mentioned that the Volkswagen Beetle had the same design. The book was an attack on Detroit manufacturers but not on others. This anti-American bias is not definitive, but is worth keeping in mind as you follow his activities and he endorses Rand Paul.

    Posted by TBD | May 11, 2015, 8:36 pm

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