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Ratzinger Leaves the Ship

COMMENT: The startling resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (nee Joseph Ratzinger) brings to mind a number of considerations.

For openers, this pope is from the very heart of the Nazi collaborationist machinery of the Vatican. His curriculum vitae is set forth in FTR #508.

An account of the Vatican’s long-standing relationship with the Third Reich and the Axis powers of World War II can be found in AFA #’s 17-21.

The view here is that Ratzinger (we call him “Ratliner” after the Vatican Ratline escape routes) was something of a caretaker–a Gerald Ford-like figure if you will. He took office with the Holy See engulfed in scandal and inquiry, including the burgeoning priest molestation investigations, renewed inquiries into money laundering by the Vatican Bank and inquiries concerning the Vatican’s behavior during and after World War II.

Himself a veteran of the Third Reich, “Ratliner” was , in essence, a gatekeeper in our opinion, charged with sustaining the Opus-Dei style reaction gripping the Vatican and keeping the lid on potentially damaging inquiries.

Pius XII

One of Ratzinger’s predecessors, Pope Pius XII, has been beatified–something of a problem in light of his long-standing record of collaboration with the Third Reich. Allegedly a secret benefactor of Jewish refugees from Nazi terror, the Pope had worked with the Nazis from 1919 (when, as Archbishop Eugenio Pacelli he channeled Vatican funds to Hitler) through the postwar period, when he permitted Ustachi head Ante Pavelic to shelter in Castelgandolfo–the Pope’s summer residence.

Interestingly, just prior to Ratzinger’s resignation, the press carried accounts of a new book exonerating Pius XII of his collaborationist charges. One wonders to what extent Ratzinger oversaw the fabrication of documents and continued cosmetic masking of Pius’ and the Vatican’s Nazi collaboration.

As something of an aside, one wonders what miracle Pius XII performed to qualify him for beatification? Perhaps his miracle was making millions of Jews disappear.

“A Turbulent Tenure for a Quiet Scholar” by Laurie Goodstein; The New York Times; 2/11/2013.

EXCERPT: When Benedict XVI became pope eight years ago at the age of 78, many Roman Catholic scholars predicted that he would be a caretaker. He would keep the ship sailing in the same direction as his beloved predecessor, John Paul II. And as the rare theologian who knew how to write for a broad audience, Benedict would keep the crew inspired and the sails billowing.

If written words alone could keep the church on course, Benedict would likely be viewed as a solid success. His encyclicals on love and charity and his three books on the life of Jesus were widely praised for their clarity and contribution to Catholic teaching.

But when it came to the major challenges facing the church in the real world, Benedict often appeared to carom from one crisis to the next.

He inadvertently insulted Muslims on an early trip to Germany, which resulted in riots across the Islamic world and the murder of an Italian nun in Somalia. He welcomed back a breakaway bishop who had just recorded an interview denying the facts of the Holocaust. He told reporters on the papal plane winging toward Africa that condoms had helped spread AIDS.

When the clerical sexual abuse scandal spread across Europe and exploded at Benedict’s door in 2010, Benedict met with abuse survivors and oversaw the development of new church policies to prevent abuse. But he was denounced by survivors and their advocates for never moving to discipline bishops who were caught in the cover-up. . . .

Unholy Trinity by John Loftus and  Mark Aarons;  pp. 294-295.

EXCERPT:  . . . Sul­li­van & Cromwell’s clients were not the only for­eign investors in Ger­many, nor were they the only ones to hedge their bets by mak­ing small dona­tions to the infant Nazi party. Fol­low­ing the $26 mil­lion cash set­tle­ment with Mus­solini over dis­puted lands in 1929, the Vat­i­can invested nearly all the pro­ceeds in Ger­man indus­try, but at least one small invest­ment was made in the Nazis as well.

The fol­low­ing inci­dent was reported by an eye­wit­ness, Sis­ter Pas­calina, a nun who was the per­sonal aide (and devoted admirer) of the Papal Nun­cio in Munich and the man who would become Pope Pius XII on the eve of World War II: ‘Hitler came one night to the holy res­i­dence of Arch­bishop Euge­nio Pacelli (later Pius XII). All oth­ers in the house­hold were asleep by then, except [Sis­ter] Pas­calina . . . . Hitler told Pacelli that he was out to check the spread of athe­is­tic com­mu­nism. . . . It did not come as a sur­prise to her, there­fore, in light of Pacelli’s hatred of the Reds, to see the prelate present Hitler with a large cache of Church money to aid the ris­ing rev­o­lu­tion­ary and his small strug­gling band of anti-communists.’ . . .

Unholy Trinity by John Loftus and  Mark Aarons;  p. 78.

EXCERPT: . . . From a very con­fi­den­tial source, Amer­i­can intel­li­gence had dis­cov­ered in May 1946 that the Poglavnik [Pavelic] was liv­ing ‘close to Rome in a build­ing which is under the juris­dic­tion of the Vat­i­can.’ This was soon after Pavelic had first arrived in Rome from Aus­tria, and it is now known that the Poglavnik, like Fer­enc Vajta, actu­ally took refuge at Castel­gan­dolfo, where the Pope’s sum­mer res­i­dence is located. It seems that many Nazis grav­i­tated to Castel­gan­dolfo, for Pavelic was housed with a for­mer Min­is­ter in the Nazi Roman­ian gov­ern­ment. . . .



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  1. A devastating takedown of Ratzinger by Richard Dawkins, From “The Guardian”, September 2010:

    “Ratzinger is an enemy of humanity”


    Posted by Swamp | February 15, 2013, 10:28 am
  2. Here’s one more advantage to having a retirement condo at the Vatican: legal immunity:

    Pope will have security, immunity by remaining in the Vatican

    By Philip Pullella

    VATICAN CITY | Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:59pm EST

    (Reuters) – Pope Benedict’s decision to live in the Vatican after he resigns will provide him with security and privacy. It will also offer legal protection from any attempt to prosecute him in connection with sexual abuse cases around the world, Church sources and legal experts say.

    “His continued presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless. He wouldn’t have his immunity, his prerogatives, his security, if he is anywhere else,” said one Vatican official, speaking on condition of anonymity.


    This could be complicated for the Church, particularly in the unlikely event that the next pope makes decisions that may displease conservatives, who could then go to Benedict’s place of residence to pay tribute to him.

    “That would be very problematic,” another Vatican official said.

    The final key consideration is the pope’s potential exposure to legal claims over the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandals.

    In 2010, for example, Benedict was named as a defendant in a law suit alleging that he failed to take action as a cardinal in 1995 when he was allegedly told about a priest who had abused boys at a U.S. school for the deaf decades earlier. The lawyers withdrew the case last year and the Vatican said it was a major victory that proved the pope could not be held liable for the actions of abusive priests.

    Benedict is currently not named specifically in any other case. The Vatican does not expect any more but is not ruling out the possibility.

    (If he lived anywhere else) then we might have those crazies who are filing lawsuits, or some magistrate might arrest him like other (former) heads of state have been for alleged acts while he was head of state,” one source said.

    Another official said: “While this was not the main consideration, it certainly is a corollary, a natural result.”

    After he resigns, Benedict will no longer be the sovereign monarch of the State of Vatican City, which is surrounded by Rome, but will retain Vatican citizenship and residency.


    That would continue to provide him immunity under the provisions of the Lateran Pacts while he is in the Vatican and even if he makes jaunts into Italy as a Vatican citizen.

    The 1929 Lateran Pacts between Italy and the Holy See, which established Vatican City as a sovereign state, said Vatican City would be “invariably and in every event considered as neutral and inviolable territory”.


    The Vatican has consistently said that a pope cannot be held accountable for cases of abuse committed by others because priests are employees of individual dioceses around the world and not direct employees of the Vatican. It says the head of the church cannot be compared to the CEO of a company.

    Victims groups have said Benedict, particularly in his previous job at the head of the Vatican’s doctrinal department, turned a blind eye to the overall policies of local Churches, which moved abusers from parish to parish instead of defrocking them and handing them over to authorities.

    The Vatican has denied this. The pope has apologized for abuse in the Church, has met with abuse victims on many of his trips, and ordered a major investigation into abuse in Ireland.

    But groups representing some of the victims say the Pope will leave office with a stain on his legacy because he was in positions of power in the Vatican for more than three decades, first as a cardinal and then as pope, and should have done more.

    The scandals began years before the then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope in 2005 but the issue has overshadowed his papacy from the beginning, as more and more cases came to light in dioceses across the world.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | February 18, 2013, 1:29 pm
  3. From the always clever Catherine Austin Fitts:


    ..The Perfect Pope
    Catherine, Daily Musings on February 15, 2013

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

    The other day, I imagined members of the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei (the money guys) gathering in a quiet sanctuary to discuss the current financial meltdown in the Catholic Church and the perfect Pope to help evolve their business model and lead them into a new and wealth building period.

    Who would be the ideal candidate? What would the profile be?

    After 2000 years of financial and investment operations combining the magic of compound interest and the largest land and real estate holdings in the world with tax exemption and diplomatic immunity, and the accumulated capital thereon, the money men behind the church need the right man for the job.

    •He sells in the emerging markets. He is younger, more multicultural. He can bring in donors in the economies that are growing;
    •He attracts priests and nuns (read low cost labor) so he will agree to let them have sex;
    •He will provide a clean break with the pedophilia scandals so litigation costs and settlements will stop bleeding resources and bankrupting local entities;
    •He will attract back the members and tithes that have left because of the pedophilia scandals;

    •He knows how to work the media, so the likes of Time Warner/HBO can not break the bank with documentaries that explain how the pedophilia operations and settlements are managed directly by the Vatican;
    •He will preserve the brand so that sovereign governments don’t threaten the Church (and investment syndicates) diplomatic immunity and tax free status;
    •He will understand that in the day of modern technology, the confessional and pedophilia networks are no longer the most cost effective ways of building a powerful control file system globally – indeed he is technologically sophisticated enough to know how to protect Church networks from the invasive technology of competing networks looking to build alternative control file networks and related money laundering. (Major loss of intellectual capital value to the competition going on here thanks to new technology combined with falling cash flows of the local parishes and churches);
    •He can find ways to outcompete Islam without requiring that the US military and intelligence community bankrupt the US government;
    •He will look more open and inclusive to women, minorities, gay people, all races and creeds, even be tolerant to birth control, euthanasia, (on a wink) abortion, stem cells;
    •He will look open, but the Vatican library (and all it tells about who and what really runs this world, suppressed technology and the true nature of the Vatican real estate and investment holdings) will be as secret as it ever was- and more. (That is, Jesus need not apply)
    •He will be photogenic and give a good speech;
    •He will appreciate the economic challenges of competing with networks that can print currency. He will be on board to use the Vaticans significant real estate interests in Europe and America to reinflate the real estate markets as next technology is integrated;
    • As new robotics and energy technology is rolled out globally and millions of people are unemployed, he will attract lots of new members from the disenfranchised;
    •He will continue to support centralized control of water, seed and food supply and the resulting urbanization of the global population and convert these new urban dwellers to the faith;
    •He will understand who is boss (not him).
    A younger, multicultural US President (Obama) engineered $27 trillion of gifts to the banks and the breakaway civilization, right? He gives a young, pretty face to to the conquest and depopulation of Africa, right? He has got the Patriot Act, assassinating Americans, and torture on a sustainable path? Why can’t we get someone just like him?

    The money men need a Pope who tweets.


    Time for “The Black Forest Adonis” to step in?
    -Or not


    “It is not surprising, then, that the Pope’s private secretary is already beginning to inspire dread in liberal Catholic circles. In Germany, the Catholic church is divided more or less between two figures – the liberal-conservative Cardinal Lehmann, the head of the German archbishop’s conference, and the ultra-conservative Cardinal Joachim Meisner, the Archbishop of Cologne. Both men were with the Pope last week. But it is no secret as to which Bishop the Vatican favours. “Gänswein is an opponent of Lehmann,” one source in the German Catholic church said. “One of Ratzinger’s great weaknesses is that his judgment of people isn’t always sufficient. He has a small out-reach.”

    Posted by Swamp | February 20, 2013, 10:16 am
  4. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/damianthompson/100218780/neo-nazi-holocaust-deniers-plan-takeover-of-sspx-claim-anti-fascist-campaigners/

    Neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers ‘plan takeover’ of SSPX, claim anti-Fascist campaigners

    By Damian Thompson Religion Last updated: May 25th, 2013

    Far-Right supporters of the disgraced rebel Catholic bishop Richard Williamson are planning a takeover of the ultra-traditionalist Society of St Pius X (SSPX), according to the anti-fascist magazine Searchlight.

    Williamson, a convicted Holocaust denier, had his excommunication lifted by Pope Benedict XVI along with that of the SSPX’s three other bishops as a prelude to possible reconciliation with Rome. But the unity plans fell apart after Williamson was exposed as a Holocaust denier – and after Bishop Bernard Fellay, the “moderate” leader of the SSPX, failed to grasp Pope Benedict’s olive branch.

    Williamson was eventually expelled from the SPPX – but now, according to Searchlight, his supporters are trying to wrest control of the body, alienated from Rome since the 1970s, from Fellay. The following is from a Searchlight document which provides detailed claims of links between allies of the English-born Williamson and former supporters of the British National Front and the BNP:

    A coup within Catholicism is imminent. The target is The Society of Pius X (SSPX), an ultra-traditionalist group founded in 1970 out of opposition to the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). The plotters intend to make a major step towards their takeover at a conference on the weekend of 1 and 2 June, which we can reveal will be held at Earlsfield Library Hall, 276 Magdalen Road, Earlsfield London SW18 from 9am to 5pm. The key players in this plot are a bunch of neo-Nazis, fascists and others with disreputable backgrounds. Their objective is to replace SSPX’s current Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, with the convicted Holocaust-denier Bishop Richard Williamson. This plot is a very worrying turn of events.

    SSPX is no stranger to controversy. Its members have supported the French Front National and given sanctuary to a Nazi collaborator and war criminal. A previous District Superior… removed Nazi sympathisers from the Society, but our sources inform us that they have re-infiltrated it … This has left many decent members shocked and fearful for its future. They do not want to see it fall into the hands of neo-Nazis.

    The SSPX is, in my opinion, more trouble than it’s worth: mainstream Catholic bishops use its extreme stance as an excuse to persecute traditionalists within the official Church and deny them their canonical right to celebrate the traditional Latin liturgy. That said, far-Right views have hitherto been confined to a (fairly significant) anti-Semitic fringe within the SSPX. But now that hardliners in the Society have set their face against reunion with Rome, the dynamics of sectarianism are taking over and the fringe risks becoming the SSPX mainstream.

    Posted by Vanfield | May 29, 2013, 3:02 pm

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