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Reflections on the Film “Selma” and the Recent Martin Luther King Holiday


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COMMENT: The recent Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and the film “Selma” bring to mind a number of things.

King was a remarkable man–the real deal, in a way that is sorely missed.

Political comedian Mort Sahl (one of New Orleans DA Jim Garrison’s investigators during his investigation of the JFK assassination) observed in 1995: “In the ’60’s, we had Martin Luther King with ‘I have a dream.’ Now, we have Jesse Jackson with ‘I have a scheme.’


With the so-called “progressive” sector in thrall to Al Sharpton–alleged by Warren Hinckle in the San Francisco Examiner (a major urban daily newspaper at the time) to have worked for the CIA in Grenada–the contrast between the shallow, inflammatory “Reverend Al’s” cheesy rhetoric and garish styling and the eloquent, dignified, inspired and inspiring King could not be more dramatic.

It is also very, very sad to note how people will celebrate King’s life and ignore the deeply conspiratorial circumstances surrounding his death.

One of the signature incidents in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s was the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The bombing was one of the events depicted in the film “Selma.”

In AFA #8 [8], we noted the evidentiary tributaries between that bombing and the assassination of Dr. King. Others were discussed in AFA #9 [9]. Some points made about Dr. King’s slaying in our archives: