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Reflections on the Petraeus Affair

Michael J. Morell

COMMENT: As we resume blogging, after a necessary hiatus (program production to resume presently), the many sparks and pinwheels given off by the Petraeus affair continue to multiply.

Although there will be much more to come, a number of things come to mind:

  • Shortly after the last seated Democratic President won re-election, his administration was engulfed in a sex scandal. Some of the same “spinners” have emerged in this affair. Some of them have links to George H.W. Bush.
  • Petraeus was seen as an element of stability as changes loom for the administration.
  • This should be seriously considered as an operation and not some casual indiscretion.
  • CIA has never been comfortable with the military, although the agency reportedly came to be comfortable with Petraeus. Might the CIA/military discontinuity have influenced the situation?
  • There have also been clashes between FBI and CIA. Might that dynamic have entered into the equation?
  • FBI director Mueller was the U.S. attorney who proved less than vigorous in the BCCI investigation, which heavily overlaps the investigation into 9/11. Might he have played a role in this?
  • Another general (Gen. Allen) is becoming embroiled in the imbroglio. Is there a house cleaning at the military? Are officers who might be opposed to–to what?–being removed prior to something awful happening?
  • Karl Rove and Paula Broadwell, 6/11/2012

    Petraeus is going to be questioned about the Benghazi affair behind closed doors. Does this impinge on the Benghazi situation? Might this be connected to the “October Surprise II” that the GOP was crowing about last fall?

  • Petraeus was also seen by the Obama administration as an element of stability going into the second term. Might this affair be an effort at de-stabilizing Obama?
  • In the above context, note that negative headlines are dominating in the wake of Obama’s re-election.
  • Note, also, that we are hearing of very little else at this time–Germany cementing its economic colonization of Europe, the “fiscal cliff” dynamic and other, very important things. Might this, also, have been a goal?
  • The acting head of the CIA is Michael J. Morell, who gave Dubya his intelligence briefings and was actually with him on 9/11. Some observers were critical of Morell as being too much of an insider to effectively counteract abuses at the agency. Is this the agency “re-righting itself”–i.e. cleaning out an outsider? (The agency was initially reported to be leery of Petraeus, only coming to accept him when he adopted a “hands-off” approach to intelligence matters and CIA.)
  • On a highly speculative note, we’ve read of Nazi generals named Morell during our research into the Third Reich. I wondered if Morell might be an Underground Reich insert when I heard he was acting head of CIA and being considered as director. A legend would have been created to obscure his Nazi/German/Underground Reich background. This suspicion grew more profound when I saw Morell’s picture. Again, this is admittedly highly speculative. Look at Morell’s picture at right and see what you think.
  • Will Morrell work with the GOP and Underground Reich against Obama?
  • At the same time that the Petraeus affair is gathering steam, the world-renowned BBC is engulfed in a series of sex scandals. BBC is not only closely connected to the British intelligence services, but enjoys tremendous prestige world wide. As Germany and the Underground Reich pursue their agenda, undermining Britain, as well as the USA, will be of paramount importance. Is it possible that the BBC “outing” might be linked to the revelations coming out about Petraeus?
  • In the context of the point made above, consider Reinhard Gehlen’s quoting of a passage from The Art of War by Sun-Tzu. Evaluate Sun-Tzu’s prescription for destabilization against the background of what is unfolding in the U.S. and U.K.–‘There is no art higher than that of destroy­ing the enemy’s resis­tance with­out a fight on the bat­tle­field. The direct tac­tic of war is nec­es­sary only on the bat­tle­field; but only the indi­rect tac­tic can lead to a real and last­ing vic­tory. ’’Sub­vert any­thing of value in the enemy’s coun­try. Impli­cate the emis­saries of the major pow­ers in crim­i­nal under­tak­ings; under­mine their posi­tion and destroy their rep­u­ta­tion in other ways as well, and expose them to the pub­lic ridicule of their fel­low cit­i­zens.’‘Do not shun the aid of even the low­est and most despi­ca­ble peo­ple. Dis­rupt the work of their gov­ern­ment with every means you can.’‘Spread dis­unity and dis­pute among the cit­i­zens of the enemy’s coun­try. Turn the young against the old. Use every means to destroy their arms, their sup­plies, and the dis­ci­pline of the enemy’s forces. Debase old tra­di­tions and accepted gods. Be gen­er­ous with promises and rewards to pur­chase intel­li­gence and accom­plices. Send out your secret agents in all direc­tions. Do not skimp with money or with promises, for they yield a high return.’” (The Ser­vice: The Mem­oirs of Gen­eral Rein­hard Gehlen; World Pub­lish­ing Com­pany; Copy­right 1972 [HC]; p.331.)
  • Obama apparently didn’t even know about the affair until November. Others–including GOP congressmen–were aware of it earlier, which is fishy.
  • As if all of this isn’t enough, Netanyahu–heir to the fascist element in the Zionist movement–felt that this was a good time to begin bulldozing Gaza, which can only complicate things. In the context of Netanyahu, never overlook his close alliance with Mitt Romney.  Are the heirs to the Betar and their associated “Bormann Jews” deliberately heating things up for Obama? This should not be misunderstood as endorsing Hamas. Hamas is an offshoot of the fascist Muslim Brotherhood and is thoroughly loathsome. It does not threaten Israel’s existence. Nonetheless, an operation of this magnitude appears altogether unnecessary and will play right into the hands of Israel’s enemies, as well as Obama’s. This should not, by the way, be misunderstood as characterizing Israel as “Nazi,” as is the case with so much of the so-called progressive sector. The Underground Reich does have a profound influence there, however. IF, as appears to be the case, Israel initiates another operation on the scale of “Cast Lead” it will serve as marvelous propaganda for Israel’s, and America’s enemies. And, no doubt, the Pallywood propaganda machine will create plenty of phony casualties and atrocities that will be replayed by the Amy Goodmans of the world. It is to be hoped that the U.S. does not get drawn into the conflict. The United States cannot afford to be drawn into a major war at this point in time. Also, the resulting skyrocketing oil prices will smash whatever global recovery might be possible at this point.



28 comments for “Reflections on the Petraeus Affair”

  1. Surprised, Dave, that you didn’t mention that Petraeus was felled on 11/9, and that Benghazi’s 9/11 may play a role in all of this.

    Clearly Mueller did play a role in this. His FBI normally doesn’t investigate e-mail harassment between private citizens. Recall that any links to Petraeus were allegedly unknown at the onset of the investigation.

    I agree that ending Petraeus’ political career before it began was likely the goal. Many other side-goals can be accomplished through this vehicle, also.

    The entire story begs for disbelief: A shirtless FBI agent opens an investigation into 6 “semi-harassing” e-mails between private citizens. The “victim” is several million dollars in debt, prime leverage for an operation. The “harasser” has a video from a Colorado lecture posted in which she divulges a secret CIA prison was inside the Libyan embassy.

    And the victim was not only a “last-of-the-GOP-moderates” who might have been president. Might Petraeus have been an unwanted firewall between democracy and a final overt military coup? Of course, we know that can’t happen here.

    And the strange timing of it. And the curious note that Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was apparently aware of it WEEKS before the Executive Branch.

    Let’s not overlook the numerous generals who have also been taken down this year. One week before Petraeus, Brig. Gen Jeffrey Sinclair resigned due to an extramarital affair. Then General John Allen, on the verge of being named head of NATO in Europe, is removed.

    When the U.S. sees this happen in Russia or other “lesser” nations, we call this a “purge”.

    Finally, a photograph as food for thought:


    Posted by R. Wilson | November 15, 2012, 9:39 pm
  2. R. Wilson–

    Gave kudos to your observations vis a vis 9/11/11/9 in a comment on your comment on FTR #744.

    This is definitely an op. And in my post, I wondered about purging moderate officers–some who might be opposed to the imposition of martial law/fascism.



    Remember “Serpent’s Walk.”

    Posted by Dave Emory | November 15, 2012, 11:36 pm
  3. Turns out, Jill Kelley has some big debts. (Not sure about Mrs. Broadwell).

    Simple folly and potential leverage. Both useful.


    Posted by GrumpusRex | November 16, 2012, 1:32 am
  4. FWIW, If anything, Paula Broadwell’s birthday is November 9.
    Michael Morrell’s father was a retired blue collar worker for Chrysler and his mother might have had an Austrian name, so, not much there.

    Posted by LarryFW | November 16, 2012, 3:42 am
  5. Hi Dave.

    Pleased to see some new posts.

    Indeed, the above mention of Michael Morrell is interesting. Especially given the fact that he became Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on November 9, 2012. I’m not normally one for date-based conspiracies, but that is of course the date for the ‘German Day Of Destiny’.

    Whilst the pic you have listed for Morrell looks very Germanic indeed, it looks like a different person to the Morrell on the CIA website, who is 70% bald and bearded, and about 20 years older.

    Agree about attacks on the BBC. However, the BBC is full of enemies of Britain that need purging, so attention on BBC’s behaviour is good. However, paedo allegations are directed at Thatcher’s aides, in an attempt to stain the pro-Brit, anti-EU centre right.

    Which is ironic, being that foreign intelligence have been using paedo networks to control some of the power centres that have done the most damage to Britain (not mentioning any names, Mr Ted Heath who visited Haut De La Garenne).

    I heartily disagree regarding Netanyahu. Attempts to stain him as a nazi are deplorable. He was very important in outing the nazi UN DG Waldheim, and Waldheim’s op to remove warcrimes files that pointed to him, from the UN archives. The underground Reich HATE Netanyahu.

    Posted by GW | November 16, 2012, 7:04 am
  6. Scratch that about Morrell pic, it has vanished!

    Another google confirms your pic ;)

    Posted by GW | November 16, 2012, 7:13 am
  7. Some background info on Grayson P. Wolfe, the ex-husband of Jill Kelley’s twin sister Natalie. Small world indeed:

    TPM Editor’s Blog
    Wow, Small World
    Josh Marshall November 13, 2012, 10:37 PM

    One of the odd subplots in the Petraeus story is the decision of Gens. Petraeus and Gen. Allen to intervene in the intense custody dispute between Jill Kelley’s sister Natalie and her estranged husband Grayson P. Wolfe. Wolfe turns out to be a former Bush administration official who worked in Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad (Bremer’s outfit) opening Iraq up to private sector investment.

    From Wolfe’s bio at his new company Akkadian Private Ventures …

    Between January and August 2004, Wolfe served as Manager of the Private Sector Development Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq. In this capacity he was directly responsible for implementing a wide range of initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and provide financing to Iraqi companies. During this time, Wolfe worked extensively on the ground with senior Iraqi and Kurdish officials, and with the Ministries of Finance, Trade and Oil.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | November 16, 2012, 7:50 am
  8. Morrell’s Father;

    “Joseph S. Morell, 89, passed away Sunday, April 1, 2012.
    He was born in Akron and was a Cuyahoga Falls area resident since 1923. He retired from Chrysler Motor Company and was an avid photographer and woodworker. Grateful thanks to Traditions at Bath Rd. for their care even though he was only there for a short time.
    He was preceded in death by his parents, Joseph and Elizabeth (Beck) Morell; wife, Irene (Harangozo) Morell in 2005; and sisters, EVA FUCHS and ELIZABETH DIERKER.”

    Posted by GW | November 16, 2012, 7:52 am
  9. @LarryFW–A couple of points: IF, and I mean IF, my gut sense about Morrell is true, the official record about his father is not particularly relevant.

    First, intelligence agencies routinely create “legends” for clandestine operatives, sleepers in particular. The same would have been done for Morrell. The Third Reich took great pains to create legends for the operatives to be implanted for future use.

    Secondly, the large German-American population in this country harbored a huge Fifth Column movement, centered largely around the German-American Bund and the Steuben Society. This Fifth Column worked closely with
    Third Reich intelligence.

    I recommend you read some of the books on my website, Under Cover and The Nazis Go Underground, in particular.

    Thanks for following this website.



    Posted by Dave Emory | November 16, 2012, 12:06 pm
  10. @GW–I also noticed the difference in the “official” photos of Morrell and the photo on this site.

    Don’t know what the explanation is, past a point, but it is interesting.

    With regard to Netanyahu and the Israeli right–the Likud sent a representative, Udi Cohen, to the national convention of the Allianza Nationale–the successor to Mussolini’s fascists.

    His father was the personal secretary to Vladimir Jabotinsky, the head of the Betar.

    The late Paul Manning, protege and colleague of Edward R. Murrow, came to the conclusion that the Bormann group had effective control in Israel.

    I’m reluctantly coming to the same conclusion. Netanyahu may have worked against Waldheim but he actively supported Mitt Romney.

    Trust me, GW, Mitt Romney is a flat-out Nazi. I know far more about this than I can discuss in this forum. The GOP has been effectively taken over by the Underground Reich.

    I recommend the Manning text for further reference on the Israeli situation.

    My associate John Loftus, as well as elements of Israeli intelligence, have uncovered “Jews” who were actually Nazis, their legends having been provided by engravers imprisoned at the Alt Aussee concentration camp. Some of them may be influencing Netanyahu as well. I do not negate Israel’s necessity to defend itself, but another “Operation Cast Lead” at this point plays right into the hands of Israel’s enemies, particularly the Underground Reich’s proxy warriors in the Muslim Brotherhood.

    I also suggest that you and your associates examine America’s political assassinations. At the core of these conspiracies one finds Nazis–domestic old guard from the WWII period, remnants of the Fifth Column, neo-Nazis, and Gehnlen/ABN/Bormann imports.

    When I return to the airwaves, I’d like to do some interviews with the Germany Watch folks–yourself, and Sarah Moore, in particular.

    Keep up the great work,


    Posted by Dave Emory | November 16, 2012, 12:25 pm
  11. As Josh Marshall puts it, “It’s like a Salahi level operation, but with the added twist of deep access to top generals at the United States most critical military command (Centcom) and opportunistic hobnobing with pols.”


    Let’s hope some the parallels between this story and the Salahi soap opera remain intact because a Kelley/Khawan gubernatorial run in Florida could be priceless.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | November 16, 2012, 3:10 pm
  12. Interesting fun fact about the FBI agent Frederick Humphries: He’s the guy that caught al-Qaeda operative Ahmed Ressam in 1999, preventing a plan to bomb LAX on New Years Eve:

    Details emerge about ‘shirtless FBI agent’ in Petraeus scandal
    FBI Agent Frederick Humphries and his representatives defend his actions in the case that led to the CIA director’s resignation.

    By Shashank Bengali, Los Angeles Times

    November 15, 2012, 6:14 p.m.

    DOVER, Fla. — He’s been dubbed the “shirtless FBI agent” — a rogue investigator so smitten with a pretty socialite that he sent her a bare-chested photo of himself and pursued her complaint about harassing emails all the way to Congress.

    The facts emerging about Frederick Humphries — until now perhaps the least-known figure in the David H. Petraeus adultery scandal — offer a different portrait.

    The chain reaction initiated by Humphries continued Thursday, as Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta ordered a review of ethics training for Pentagon brass and the CIA began an “exploratory” investigation into the conduct of Petraeus, the agency’s former director.

    Humphries, a veteran counter-terrorism investigator who helped foil the 1999 plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport, triggered the investigation that led to Petraeus’ resignation by reporting threatening emails received by Tampa, Fla., socialite Jill Kelley to colleagues in the FBI’s cyber-crime unit.

    In his first interview since his identity became public, Humphries acknowledged to the Seattle Times that he sought out Rep. Dave Reichert, a Republican from Washington state, through his former boss, retired Seattle FBI Special Agent in Charge Charlie Mandigo. His motives weren’t political, Humphries said, declining to elaborate.

    As for that photo, Humphries did send a shirtless image to Kelley, with whom he and his wife occasionally socialized in Tampa. But it wasn’t a flirtatious gesture by a man in love, his representatives say. It was a joke photo sent to Kelley and others, including a reporter, in 2010 — two years before the investigation began — showing Humphries bare-chested and bald alongside two target dummies that had a striking resemblance to him.

    “Which One’s Fred?” read the caption, the Seattle Times reported Thursday.

    A former Army captain from Washington state, Humphries had perhaps the signature moment of his career in 1999, just two years after he joined the FBI, when he was based in Seattle. He detected an Algerian accent in a man who had claimed to be from Montreal as the man was questioned for driving in from Canada with chemicals and timing devices in his trunk. That man turned out to be Al Qaeda operative Ahmed Ressam, who was planning to bomb LAX at the turn of the millennium.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | November 16, 2012, 3:44 pm
  13. @R. Wilson and Rob Coogan–

    I doubt there will be a wider war, UNLESS Israel can’t go it alone militarily, or if it is attacked by other countries there.

    This may happen, but I’ll have to see it.

    The U.S. simply cannot manage another war in the Middle East or anywhere else at this time.

    The troops are exhausted and our economy badly strained. Another major war would do incalculable damage to this country. That would please the Underground Reich enormously. For that reason alone, it might happen, but I guarantee you there are powerful forces in this country that oppose such action.

    Per today’s “New York Times,” (11/17/2012) the Obama administration believes a ground invasion will benefit Hamas.

    I GUARANTEE that it will. I believe that is the point. It will also benefit the Islamists and their allied anti-Semites around the world, not to mention the Underground Reich.

    Israel is damaging itself enormously, at the moment. The Israelis have no PR sense and will pay a very heavy price in political capital for this.

    On the subject of Wesley Clark. In a word–he’s not credible. I used to like him, but he has deep, deep connections with Balkan Islamists, the monsters of the Kosovo Liberation Army in particular.

    On the subject of PNAC–it is an important group, but its importance has been greatly exaggerated.

    It is simply one body formulating policy, and there is nothing that they advocate, including the development of ethno-specific, genetically-engineered biological weapons have been articulated better and elsewhere–see FTR #606.

    One critical thing that has escaped comment from the listeners is a point I hammered home in FTR #’s 560 and 561.

    When war either threatens or takes place in the Middle East, PAY ATTENTION TO THE PRICE OF OIL. It soars, benefiting the oil producing states and the petroleum companies.

    The global economy, however, suffers, as does the earth’s population.

    For an examination of my prognostications on the future of Israel, the Jews etc., check out one of my videoed lectures on “The First Refuge of a Scoundrel.” In my discussion of the fascist element in the Zionist movement, I laid out what I think will happen.

    It is on the flash drive containing all of my life’s work.

    You can order that by following the link at the top of the Home page of this website..



    Posted by Dave Emory | November 17, 2012, 5:30 pm
  14. I speculate that Israel is coming to terms with the fact that they cannot project a war against Iran, so they are doing what they can before Iran can leverage the power it will get when and if they do build nuclear weapons.

    Seeing how they do here, they will probably do whatever they can before either they strike or decide that they cannot strike Iran and destroy their nuclear program.

    I’d vote that “the Petreus Affair” is a deep CIA action to remove Petreus from poking his nose in too deep to that which he is not vetted by our “shadow government” to know. Particularly in light of this Broadwell, what a name, seems to get around a hell of a lot, and is chummy with Rove.

    Posted by Brux | November 17, 2012, 7:21 pm
  15. Also it is absolutely bizarre how on all the left-wing blog sites the rats come out of the woodwork to bash Israel against all evidence and reason, defending the Palestinians.

    I think this is part of a larger attempt to dupe lefties to following the herd into an association, bad jacketing – if I’m using that term correctly – the left and Liberals with the tinge of terrorism, making it easier to respond violently and exaggeratedly to any left leaning movements which will be branded like by McCarthy, but labeled as terrorists instead of Communists.

    All people’s movements are either communistic or terroristic and need to be made war on since it’s impossible to refute their logic and democracy.

    What a very sad time for this country.

    Posted by Brux | November 17, 2012, 7:29 pm
  16. Dave,

    Regarding this coming eschaton (a word I favor over apocalypse, since the latter literally just means ‘revelation’) how does Barack Obama’s victory against Romney factor into the shadow government’s (or underground reich) plans? Does it delay, alter or spoil them? Since Romney is a Nazi, then it seems obvious to me that the PTB would have wanted him to be the guy to get into office but Romney failed to do that, even with the use of electronic electoral rigging (as I believe it was used). Or, does a second term for Obama mean they have something worse than Romney in store for us in the future? For example, a Tea Party reactionary President who wins in 2016 after Obama’s 2nd term fails to resurrect our ailing economy? I’m trying to figure out from what you know how and if Barack Obama winning has effected their plans? I voted for Barack Obama but I was totally shocked that he won, I was certain Romney would win because, as you’ve noted before, the media ceaselessly attacked Obama, radio is almost entirely anti-Obama, etc.

    Posted by Jay | November 17, 2012, 7:49 pm
  17. @Rob..I agree. Several years ago I read an essay from an AEI contributor which was innocuous on its face, but chilling in its implications. The author was gnashing his teeth over the fact that in many countries there still existed parcels of land that were considered common property and had had no formal title or deed for centuries, so could not be bought or sold. In the author’s mind this situation severely retarded development potentials for such countries, since the land was excluded from being used as surety for international loans. In effect, these countries were somewhat cushioned from maximum indebtedness and that irritated the author.

    There is no starting point for talking to people who think like this.

    Posted by Dwight | November 18, 2012, 1:41 am
  18. @Jay–I answered your questions in the FTR series about “Badjacketting Obama”, done between O’s election in 2008 and his inauguration in 2009, and then amplified it in the long FTR series about “the Muslim Brotherhood.”

    You, and many other listeners, need to start doing the requisite homework.

    Might want to use the link at the top of the front page of the website to get the flash drive containing all of my life’s work.



    Posted by Dave Emory | November 18, 2012, 11:02 am
  19. @Jay: There’s no question, indeed, that Romney was their favorite guy. But this year’s election just couldn’t be stolen, the turnout was just too large in too many crucial swing states.

    Dave, does, however, have a good point; there has indeed been some badjacketing going on, and you may wish to search “Obama badjacketing” on this site at some point.

    @Brux: Sad thing is, I’ve noticed that too. There are indeed a number of well-meaning people who are getting suckered by certain malevolent forces out there.

    Posted by Steve L. | November 18, 2012, 12:06 pm
  20. Some things to consider regarding the timing of this scandal:
    First, the trigger for this whole thing appears to be the emails sent by Paula Broadwell to Jill Kelley (and at least one email sent by Broadwell to General John Allen, see below), so it’s noteworthy that Broadwell – a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina – was talked out of being the GOP’s Senate candidate by Petraeus. That couldn’t have made made people happy, including Broadwell apparently. If you’re getting courted for a GOP senate bid you’re clearly hanging out with the wrong crowd:

    National Security

    By Barton Gellman
    Nov. 15, 2012

    Paula Broadwell stepped off the stage at the Aspen Security Forum on July 28, fresh from criticizing the news media for heedless disclosure of secrets. The afternoon program of seminars was packed with admirals, generals and Cabinet chiefs, but Broadwell had pressing business elsewhere. She ducked out of the conference, slipped into running shorts and jogged off in search of a once-in-a-­lifetime birthday present.

    Broadwell and CIA Director David Petraeus had fallen into an extramarital affair after years of close contact as biographer and subject. Born two days and 20 years apart, they had big benchmarks approaching—his 60th, her 40th—and Broadwell was looking for a suitably momentous gift. As she had tweeted proudly a few days before, Broadwell had a date for a “1v1 run with Lance Armstrong.” What she did not mention was her plan to recruit Armstrong for a surprise birthday bike ride with the fitness-mad Petraeus. If all went as she planned, the retired four-star general would ride into his seventh decade alongside cycling’s greatest star.

    That particular ride was not to be. By then, though they did not know it yet, disgrace was bearing down on all three of them. Tampa socialite Jill Kelley, alarmed by a series of disturbing e-mails from someone self-identifying as “kelley­patrol,” had filed an FBI complaint in May. Electronic metadata pinpointing the times and places and IP addresses associated with Kelley’s hidden correspondent identified Broadwell as the author. Investigators scooped up gigabytes of content from her other accounts—some under Broadwell’s name, others under aliases. As FBI agents sifted through the harassing e-mails, they found discussion of the movements and activities of high-level military officials—and of Petraeus. “So that sparked the interest of the investigative agencies,” says a law-enforcement official. Some of the exchanges were sexually charged. By that point the implications extended far past a domestic dispute into the highest reaches of national security.

    “The Election Played No Role”
    By the time Petraeus got to the CIA, Broadwell had been working closely with him for years. Her sugary ­biography of him, titled All In, came out in January 2012. She allowed herself more freedom than most to use nicknames for Petraeus that others might not have chosen to write down: Dangerous Dave, even Peaches. But she was careful to position herself as a serious biographer, not a fan. In a February appearance with celebrity interviewer Arthur Kade, she volunteered, unprompted, “You know, it’s not a hagiography. I’m not in love with David Petraeus, but I think he does present a terrific role model for young people, for executives, for men and women.” Former Petraeus aide and Army Brigadier General Peter DeLuca thinks he understands what happened. “The guy is supergifted, superdetermined, supercommitted. He’s the closest thing most of us have ever met to a superman, but he’s still a man.”

    Nor was Broadwell without a larger plan. After running with Lance Armstrong in July, she volunteered her secret purpose to at least six new acquaintances at the Aspen conference. That evening, over drinks, she told a small group that she had been arguing with her mentor about the direction of her career. Republican moneymen, she said, had approached her about a Senate run in North Carolina. She was tempted. Petraeus, she said in an irritated tone, rejected the idea out of hand. What was her position, he asked, on abortion? Climate change? Gun control? Gay marriage? Tax cuts? Social Security vouchers? Her answers, he told her, would not fit either party, and she should not sell herself out.

    Issuing “don’t sell out” advice to a potential GOP Senate candidate may not have improved Petraeus’s image amongst the ‘deciders’. That sort of nixes a potential 2016 GOP presidential run. The FBI was first alerted by Kelley about the e-mails in May (although it may have been in June of early July according to this article), so given Broadwell’s GOP Senate ambitions I’m not too surprised they didn’t spring this before the election. A potential GOP Senate candidate triggering this kind of electoral stunt could have easily backfired. Going public with this story days after the election, on the other hand, ensured that we wouldn’t even have a week of post-electoral news coverage without a new Benghazi-related scandal hitting the news cycle. From a dirty-tricks standpoint that’s not bad.

    Another interesting fun-fact: both Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley have doctor husbands named Scott. Scott Kelley ran a small cancer charity with questionable expenditure and unclear funding sources(a payoff or money-laundering vehicle?). Scott Broadwell is an alleged “Adventure junkie” that was also in the military (Scott and Paula met while they were stationed in Germany). According to the article below, Paula Broadwell is also described as having worked in military-intelligence and an expert in counter-terrorism. Recall that the shirtless FBI agent, Frederick Humphries, was a Tampa-based counter-terrorism expert. Humphries was also a long-term friend of the Kelley’s. The Petraeus family also appear to have frequently socialized with Kelleys so you have to wonder if Broadwell and Humphries were ever crossing paths before this given that Broadwell has apparently been shadowing Petraeus for years. Broadwell included a case-study of Petraeus in her PhD thesis(He’s on her thesis committee). She’s also studied Arabic in Jordan (Jill Kelley reportedly name dropped the King of Jordan). It’s one spooky love Pentagon:

    Charlotte Observer
    Charlotte author chronicles Gen. Petraeus’ war career
    Charlotte’s Paula Broadwell, a counterterrorism expert, turns her dissertation into biography

    By Pam Kelley
    Posted: Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012

    As her new biography of one of America’s best-known living generals goes on sale today, Charlotte’s Paula Broadwell adds another accomplishment to her resume – big-time writer.

    Broadwell, a counterterrorism expert, is author of “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.”

    She lives in Dilworth with her husband, radiologist Scott Broadwell, and their sons. For the next few weeks, however, you’re more likely to find her in the national media. She was scheduled today for an early-morning interview on “Fox and Friends.” In coming days, look for her on CNN, National Public Radio and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

    To report the story, Broadwell, 39, visited Afghanistan six times, spending a total of three months there. She embedded with combat troops and interviewed Petraeus for hours, often during runs they took together. She went on patrols, saw enemy fire, got sick during helicopter rides. And she loved it.

    Dissertation to book

    So how did a Dilworth mom score this assignment?

    The answer begins at West Point. Broadwell, who grew up in North Dakota, graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, also Petraeus’s alma mater. She has worked in military intelligence, lived in multiple countries and specialized in counterinsurgency, counterterrorism and geopolitical analysis.

    She met Petraeus in 2006 when he spoke at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where she was a graduate student. When she told him about her research interests, he handed her his card and offered his help. “He really cares about mentoring,” she says.

    Later, with his cooperation, she began a doctoral dissertation that included a case study of his leadership.

    At the time, he had commanded the troop surge in Iraq that had pulled the country from the brink of civil war. In June 2010, when President Barack Obama tapped him to take charge in Afghanistan for what would become Petraeus’ final command, Broadwell knew the time was right to parlay her dissertation into a biography.

    Soon, she had an agent and a contract from Penguin Press. To help organize and write the book, she teamed with The Washington Post’s Vernon Loeb. Broadwell proved to be an “absolutely intrepid” reporter, Loeb says, dictating from airports, filling up his email inbox and delivering “this fire hose of information.”

    Loeb suspects the media’s interest in their book stems at least a bit from Broadwell herself. It’s audacious, he says, “that she even attempted this. Here she has two young kids, a husband who’s a doctor, and yet … she’s writing a book of this magnitude and hardly breaking a sweat.”

    An insider’s view

    A major in the Army Reserve, Broadwell says she was comfortable in Afghanistan.

    “I was back with my buddies, troopers I’d served with, my military family,” she says. “I had studied Arabic in the Middle East. I studied in Jordan. It didn’t feel that much different.”

    Broadwell talked about her book recently during an interview in her living room while her sons, ages 4 and 6, played nearby. She credits her husband, mother and other family members, along with friends and neighbors, for providing the child care that allowed her time away to do research.

    Broadwell, meanwhile, will be on a book tour for several months. She’ll donate 20 percent of hard-copy sales to nonprofit groups that help serve wounded veterans and their families.

    She has sent Petraeus a copy of her book. Often, she says, he doesn’t read about himself. But she’ll hear more from the general. After her book tour, she’ll finish her doctorate. Petraeus is one of her dissertation advisers.


    Also note, according to the below article excerpt, that Broadwell spoke of the difficulties of starting a family while when she and her husband were both on active duty and stationed in Denver. The above article says she met Petraeus in 2006 when he gave a speech at the Harvard’s Kennedy School of government where she was a grad student. That means she relocated from Cambridge to Denver some time during/after 2006 because her eldsts on is 6. She also left Harvard in 2008 and resumed her PhD work at King’s College London(that is one confusing timeline: studying at Harvard while in Denver and then switching to King’s College London after moving to Charlotte in 2009). It would be interesting to know if the references to Broadwell’s work in military intelligence in the above article were references to active duty intelligence work or if the “military intelligence” is a reference to her PhD work(Petraeus’s development of a counter-insurrgency doctrine). At least one of the anonymous emails sent by Broadwell was sent to General Allen that he forwarded to Kelley(who had sent a small number of ‘flirtatious’ emails to Jill Kelley). You know you have a strange story on your hands involving people that lived highly unusual lives when all of the additional info that leaks out only adds to the confusion:

    Paula Broadwell puts on show of solidarity with her husband: Petraeus mistress and her partner arm in arm on night out for first time since scandal brokel
    Paula Broadwell and her husband Scott were seen arm in arm on Saturday night after returning from an evening out of her brother’s $2.3 million home in Washington D.C.
    This is the first time the pair have been seen together in public since the news of her affair with former CIA Director David Petraeus broke

    By James Nye

    PUBLISHED: 01:12 EST, 18 November 2012 | UPDATED: 01:49 EST, 18 November 2012

    Linked arm-in-arm, Paula Broadwell and her husband Scott were seen together yesterday evening for the first time since the news broke of her affair with shamed former CIA Director David Petraeus.

    Arriving at her brother’s home in the Mount Pleasant suburb of Washington D.C. in a black SUV, the two put on what was a clear show of solidarity as they marched from the garage to the back door of the $2.3 million property.

    Since the scandalous revelations surrounding his wife first surfaced just over a week ago, Scott Broadwell has been conspicuous for his absence and his appearance last night indicates that he is standing by the West Point Graduate.

    Friends and family of the pair told reporters in the wake of the affair revelations that the Broadwell’s had built a happy home in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they live with their two sons, Lucien 6, and Landon, 4.

    The radiologist works at a hospital in the southern city and the 43-year-old and his wife ‘love to do Crossfit, run, ski and surf together.’ according to a biography of Paula Broadwell published by the University of Denver,

    In January, while promoting her now fated biography of David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell told the Charlotte Observer that she met Scott in Germany and described them both as ‘adventure junkies.’

    At an alumni event for the University of Denver in October, Broadwell said it was ‘very difficult to start a family’ when the two of them were on active duty.

    ‘We had decided before we got married that every other move would be the other person’s choice, since we are both very career-oriented,’ said Paula Broadwell at the event. according to the Daily Beast

    ‘And he chose Colorado, he chose Denver.’

    They moved into their $800,000 two-story brick home in Charlotte’s Dilworth suburb in 2009 and Scott became an employee of Charlotte Radiology at the same time.

    In the January interview with the Charlotte Observer Broadwell said that when she was abroad with Petraeus in Afghanistan, Scott and her mother took care of their two sons.

    Scott Broadwell and his wife have also been involved in a number of groups that work to benefit veterans of the armed forces.

    It also emerged today that Broadwell sent an email anonymously to General John Allen, who has been accused of swapping thousands of ‘inappropriate’ emails with Kelley. It was traced back to Petraeus’ mistress and he discussed it with Kelley, it is claimed.


    Another point to consider, regarding the timing of all this, is that this hit just days after a Pentagon report provided by Central Command (which is based in Tampa) and Joint Chief was released that increased the estimates to 75,000 for the number of US troops needed for a Syrian ground invasion with the expressed mission of securing chemical weapons. That’s up from an August estimate of “as many as 50,000 or 60,000”. And this doesn’t include things like “peace-keeping” or “nation building”. If the military’s leadership is actively positioning itself to oppose a ground invasion that could be putting a large factions of the current top brass right in the cross-hairs of the oligarchs and their minions. And with reports of Hezbollah bases nearby the chemical weapons sites and the takeover of the Syrian resistance by Muslim Brotherhood/al-Qaeda affiliates, it will also be interesting to see if we have a “oh no, the weapons were stolen by [Group X] and taken to [Country Y], so now we have to invade there too” moment. Obama has publically stated that he would consider an invasion to secure those sites in the event that any “movement” of the compounds is detected so a scenario involving “loose chems” could be a means of forcing another ground invasion. It’s a scenario that can start off as a relatively small invasion and grow from there so there could be a lot of appeal to that approach for ensnaring the US in war one last time and destroying the military’s remaining human capital. Don’t forget that US military hasn’t just acquire casualties over the past decade. It also has the most combat experience of any military force in the world as a consequence of these wars and that’s going to last for a while, whether or not the US economically implodes. If there’s a strong desire on the part of the global far-right/Underground Reich to limit the ability of the US to “force project” with ground invasions overseas in the next 10-20 years, literally killing off that combat experience could be one of the medium/long-term objectives of another Middle East war.

    An additional thing to consider in any scenario involving the US intervening in a war between Israel and any of its neighbors: If the war doesn’t involve the US and Israel ends up losing it, the Christian Zionist/Dominionist contingent in the US military might go berserk. That wouldn’t be good.

    Finally, Way to go BiBi: You’ve manage to make Mohammed Morsi look like Mr. Reasonable. *facepalm*

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | November 18, 2012, 5:07 pm
  21. And now we learn that Ahmed Jaabari had allegedly just been given a draft of a permanent peace plan and the Israeli government knew of this and went ahead with the assassination anyways. This is once again a reminder that far-right sucks everywhere because it wants war and conflict everywhere:

    Israeli Peace Activist: Ahmed Jabari, Assassinated Hamas Leader, Received Draft Of Gaza Truce Agreement Shortly Before Death

    Posted: 11/16/2012 2:30 am EST Updated: 11/19/2012 5:41 pm EST

    An Israeli peace activist has come forward with a blockbuster claim about the assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari that, if true, would represent a major twist in the recent escalation of conflicts between Israeli and Palestinian forces.

    Gershon Baskin, who has reportedly mediated between Israel and Hamas in the past, told Haaretz on Thursday that Jabari, at the time of his death, had just received a draft of a “permanent truce agreement with Israel.”

    Per Haaretz:

    Hours before Hamas strongman Ahmed Jabari was assassinated, he received the draft of a permanent truce agreement with Israel, which included mechanisms for maintaining the cease-fire in the case of a flare-up between Israel and the factions in the Gaza Strip. This, according to Israeli peace activist Gershon Baskin, who helped mediate between Israel and Hamas in the deal to release Gilad Shalit and has since then maintained a relationship with Hamas leaders.

    Baskin told Haaretz on Thursday that senior officials in Israel knew about his contacts with Hamas and Egyptian intelligence aimed at formulating the permanent truce, but nevertheless approved the assassination.

    “I think that they have made a strategic mistake,” Baskin said, an error “which will cost the lives of quite a number of innocent people on both sides.”

    Jabari was killed in a surgical airstrike on Wednesday as part of a larger Israeli offensive in Gaza. “This is an operation against terror targets of different organisations in Gaza,” an Israeli spokeswoman said at the time.

    Called Operation “Pillar of Defence,” the offensive dashed hopes of progress toward a truce between Israel and Hamas that might have ended months of roiling tensions and violence in the region.

    Granted, the peace plan could have been a BS ploy with no serious intent behind it, but we’ll never know now since Netanyahu decided to preemptively blow up the putative peace negotiator.

    Also, note that it isn’t just the Likudniks serving up this peace poison-pill.

    When your opponents are folks like this, occupying the moral high ground is generally one of the more effective approaches to conflict management…unless, of course, you preemptively blow it up. *facepalm*

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | November 20, 2012, 9:12 am
  22. Wow, I had to sit and take a few very deep breaths. Then sit back and wonder why so many people still believe the BULL SH-T lie that the USA is a FREE country… NOTHING could be further from the truth. EDUCATION is the answer, but guess what?? Knowledge is the FIRST thing “they” want to cut, WHY? Because if you don`t have the knowledge,you are ignorant of the facts. Here is something to ask yourself: Why do so many people die from cancer?? ANSWER: Because it is PLANNED to be that way……. If YOU do the research you will find out the truth!!

    Posted by Alan Goguen | November 20, 2012, 1:00 pm
  23. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/11/jill-kelley-paula-broadwell-made-repeat-visits-to-obama-white-house/

    Jill Kelley & Paula Broadwell made repeat visits to the Obama White House…

    For what it’s worth, for the record, whether one views this as more badjacketing — or as another strange visit along the lines of Jeb & Poppy’s many visits to Obama’s White House.

    Posted by R. Wilson | November 20, 2012, 8:29 pm
  24. A couple more tidbits about Broadwell’s background and ambitions:
    First, back in January, Broadwell was doing a number of TV interviews to promote her biography of Petraeus. It now reported that she was also trying to promote her career more directly by trying to get a permanent tv spot (so this would have preceded her GOP Senate-run offer in July). As one anonymous source described it: “Something seemed off. She was creepy”. There’s also a video of Broadwell giving a speech where “My longterm goal had always been to become national security advisor”. So the picture that’s emerging about Broadwell is that she was willing to take very big risks and desired positions of power, influence, and possibly celebrity status. Curiouser and curiouser…

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | November 29, 2012, 2:09 pm
  25. Hell hath no fury like a fascist media empire scorned:

    Roger Ailes reportedly urged David Petraeus to run for president in 2011

    Bob Woodward reports on recorded conversation in which a Fox News analyst relayed offer from Ailes and Rupert Murdoch
    Ed Pilkington in Washington

    guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 4 December 2012 13.39 EST

    It has long been evident to observers of the right-wing Fox News channel that its creator and current chairman, Roger Ailes, likes to play kingmaker within the Republican party. Why else would he have employed no fewer than five potential presidential candidates as his on-air contributors?

    But until this moment it was not fully appreciated just how literally he takes the role. Courtesy of an old-fashioned scoop from that doyen of scoop-meisters, Bob “Watergate” Woodward of the Washington Post, we now know the extraordinary lengths the TV executive is prepared to go to influence the electoral process.

    Woodward reveals that in 2011 Ailes dispatched a Fox News analyst to Afghanistan in a secret mission to try to convince the then-commander of US forces there, General David Petraeus, to enter the race for Republican presidential nomination. Had Petraeus not rebuffed the invitation, and agreed to run, Ailes himself was ready to stand down from his 16-year reign at America’s dominant cable news network in order to manage Petraeus’s presidential campaign.

    Woodward further reveals that Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation which owns the Fox News network, would have been willing to fund the general’s White House bid had he decided to stand.

    The discussion behind Woodward’s story takes place in the then-general’s office in Kabul some time in early 2011, before Petraeus has accepted the job as CIA director from which he resigned last month in the wake of the scandal over his affair with his biographer. On one side of the table is Petraeus, on the other Kathleen McFarland, a Fox News national security analyst who is acting as Ailes’s envoy.

    McFarland begins by promising Petraeus absolute discretion, saying that Ailes’s “deal with me was that I was only supposed to talk to you – and he is a little paranoid, so believe me.” However, the 90-minute conversation was recorded, and a digital copy of it somehow made its way into Woodward’s hands.

    “I’ve got something to say to you directly from Roger Ailes,” McFarland is captured saying on the recording that has been posted in edited form on the Washington Post website. “I’m not running,” Petraeus snaps back.

    McFarland, a Pentagon adviser to the Reagan administration, does not take no for an answer. The next time Petraeus is in New York, she says, he should come and “chat to Roger and Rupert Murdoch”, to which Petraeus, for whom this conversation is clearly not the first of its kind, replies: “Rupert’s after me as well.”

    “Tell him if I ever ran … ” Petraeus laughingly says as the meeting is wrapping up. “I’d take him up on his offer. He said he would quit Fox.”

    McFarland says that “the big boss” would “bankroll” the campaign – a clear reference to Murdoch. “The big boss is bankrolling it. Roger’s going to run it. And the rest of us are going to be your in-house.”

    The Fox News chief tried to make light of the recording in a telephone interview with Woodward on Monday. “It was more of a joke, a wiseass way I have,” he said, before going on in time-honoured fashion to blame the messenger – in this case McFarland.

    “She was way out of line. It’s someone’s fantasy to make me a kingmaker. It’s not my job.”

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | December 4, 2012, 8:26 pm
  26. The Petraeus plot thickens:

    EXCLUSIVE – Petraeus: the Plot Thickens
    By Douglas Lucas and Russ Baker on Feb 5, 2013

    Was the ambitious General David Petraeus targeted for take-down by competing interests in the US military/intelligence hierarchy—years before his abrupt downfall last year in an adultery scandal?

    Previously unreported documents analyzed by WhoWhatWhy suggest as much. They provide new insight into the scandalous extramarital romance that led to Petraeus’s resignation as CIA director in November after several years of rapid rise—going from a little-known general to a prospective presidential candidate in a stunningly brief time frame.

    Among other revelations the documents show that:

    -Petraeus was suspected of having an extramarital affair nearly two years earlier than previously known.

    -Petraeus’s affair was known to foreign interests with a stake in a raging policy and turf battle in which Petraeus was an active party.

    -Those providing the “official” narrative of the affair—and an analysis of why it led to the unprecedented removal of America’s top spymaster— have been less than candid with the American people.

    That tracks with public discussions of regional policy. But what is the interest of Stratfor in Yemen, besides generating content for its subscription newsletters? According to its internal emails, in 2010 the private intelligence firm was providing custom analysis on Yemen for its clients National Oilwell Varco (a Houston-based multinational which builds oil rigs), and Hunt Oil (for more on Ray Hunt—a member of President George W. Bush’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board—and his Middle Eastern operations, including in Iraqi Kurdistan, see this.) Email ID 5300460, sent May 23, 2011, shows Stratfor’s work for Hunt Oil included creating a database of incidents of violence, with precise information such as GPS coordinates. This is yet another reminder that where political struggles play out, the pursuit of profit cannot be far afield.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | February 7, 2013, 10:39 pm
  27. This should be interesting: The source of the last year’s leak to the New York Times about the larger program that created the Stuxnet virus was a retired four star general that developed and oversaw the now-escaped Stuxnet program. He was appointed vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff in 2007 and was favored to become chairman of the Joint Chiefs in 2011 but at the last minute it appears that questions were raised about ‘how he oversaw his staff’ following an investigation into improprieties involving a female aide (which he was later cleared of). Republicans also reported referred to him as “Obama’s general” and he was passed up for Jack Dempsey in 2011. It was going to take one heck of a back story to out-crazy the Snowden-leak saga. This one just might do it:

    James Cartwright, Retired General, Targeted In Leak Probe: Reports

    By PETE YOST 06/27/13 10:34 PM ET EDT, AP

    WASHINGTON — A former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is under investigation for allegedly leaking classified information about a covert cyberattack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, according to media reports.

    Retired Marine Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright has been told he is a target of the probe, NBC News and The Washington Post reported Thursday. A “target” is someone a prosecutor or grand jury has substantial evidence linking to a crime and who is likely to be charged.

    In June 2012, the New York Times reported that Cartwright was a crucial player in the cyber operation called Olympic Games, started under President George W. Bush.

    Bush reportedly advised President Barack Obama to preserve Olympic Games.

    According to the Times, Obama ordered the cyberattacks sped up, and in 2010 an attack using a computer virus called Stuxnet temporarily disabled 1,000 centrifuges that the Iranians were using to enrich uranium.

    Congressional leaders demanded a criminal probe into who leaked the information, and Obama said he had zero tolerance for such leaks. Republicans said senior administration officials had leaked the details to bolster the president’s national security credentials during the 2012 campaign.

    The Times said Cartwright was one of the crucial players who had to break the news to Obama and Vice President Joe Biden that Stuxnet at one point had escaped onto the Internet.

    An element of the program accidentally became public in the summer of 2010 because of a programming error that allowed it to escape Iran’s Natanz plant and sent it out on the Internet, the Times reported. After the worm escaped onto the Internet, top administration officials met to consider whether the program had been fatally compromised.

    Obama asked if the program should continue, and after hearing the advice of top advisers, decided to proceed.

    Cartwright, a four-star general, was cleared in February 2011 of misconduct involving a young aide. An anonymous accuser had claimed Cartwright acted inappropriately during a 2009 overseas trip on which the aide traveled as a military assistant. Several sources confirmed that the former aide was a young woman.

    The Pentagon inspector general quickly cleared Cartwright of the most serious allegations, which involved claims that he may have had an improper physical relationship with the woman. The report did find that Cartwright mishandled an incident in which the aide, drunk and visibly upset, visited his Tbilisi, Georgia, hotel room alone and either passed out or fell asleep on a bench at the foot of his bed. Cartwright denied any impropriety and was later cleared of all wrongdoing.

    Cartwright, once considered the leading candidate to become Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, resigned from the military in August 2011.

    NBC said Cartwright did not respond to request for comment and that his attorney, former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig, said he had no comment.

    Also note that Cartwright has become one of the more outspoken and credible opponents of the drone program, warning against transferring more drone operations from the CIA to the military:

    The New York Times
    As New Drone Policy Is Weighed, Few Practical Effects Are Seen
    Published: March 21, 2013

    CHICAGO — Under growing pressure to bring greater transparency and accountability to its use of targeted killing, the Obama administration is struggling to transform a program that was conceived under pressure, has operated in a secretive and often haphazard manner and has left the United States increasingly isolated even from its allies.

    For months, President Obama and his aides have promised they will move to break down the wall of secrecy and work with Congress to create a more lasting legal framework for the drone strikes. But the only proposal to surface so far — an administration plan, not yet approved, to gradually move some drone operations that are now run by the C.I.A. to the military — may have little practical effect, at least in the short term.

    That only underscores the problem the Obama administration faces in trying to institutionalize a program that national security officials believe will be at the center of American warfare for years to come, while placating a growing chorus of critics challenging the targeted killing program on legal, moral and practical grounds.

    In recent months, the criticism from human rights activists, United Nations officials and some friendly foreign governments has been joined by a number of former senior American military and intelligence officials who argue that the costs of the drone program might exceed its benefits. In the latest example, Gen. James E. Cartwright, the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and a favored adviser during Mr. Obama’s first term, expressed concern in a speech here on Thursday that America’s aggressive campaign of drone strikes could be undermining long-term efforts to battle extremism.

    “We’re seeing that blowback,” General Cartwright, who is retired from the military, said at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. “If you’re trying to kill your way to a solution, no matter how precise you are, you’re going to upset people even if they’re not targeted.”

    General Cartwright also expressed skepticism about the draft proposal to transfer some drone operations to the military, saying that he worried about a “blurring of the line” between soldiers and spies if the Pentagon was put in charge of drone operations in sovereign countries “outside a declared area of hostility.” He said that if there are problems with the drone program, moving it “from one part of the government to another” would not necessarily solve them.

    Currently, the Pentagon has responsibility for drones in Afghanistan, Somalia and in Yemen, where the C.I.A. also runs a separate program. Because the proposal being examined by the National Security Council would most likely leave drone operations in Pakistan under the C.I.A., the practical impact of such a move in the short term would appear to be quite limited. To date, the vast majority of American drone strikes and other kinds of targeted counterterrorism strikes outside conventional wars have been carried out in Pakistan, where the C.I.A. operates on its own — 365 strikes, by the count of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London, compared with about 45 in Yemen and a handful in Somalia.

    It’s also worth noting that Cartwright was apparently an not especially liked by senior officers, including General Petraeus, who believed Cartwright went behind their backs to cozy up to the White House and reject the consensus advise of the military and Defense Secretary Robert Gates:

    The New York Times
    General Is Cleared of Sex Accusations
    Published: February 23, 2011

    WASHINGTON — The Marine Corps officer who has been called President Obama’s favorite general — and one considered a leading candidate for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — was investigated and cleared of accusations that he had a sexual relationship with a subordinate, according to documents released Wednesday.

    The Pentagon inspector general ruled out any improper liaison between the general, James E. Cartwright, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a young female officer who served as his military aide.

    But investigators questioned General Cartwright’s judgment and command style in dealing with the aide and recommended administrative action for two lesser infractions: failure to discipline a subordinate and fostering an unduly familiar relationship.

    The inquiry examined events in early 2009. Two years later, General Cartwright is emerging as a likely front-runner to replace Adm. Mike Mullen when he retires as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Oct. 1.

    General Cartwright, a Marine Corps fighter pilot who is among the Pentagon’s experts on computer-network warfare and missile defense, was described by the journalist Bob Woodward in his book, “Obama’s Wars,” as the president’s favorite general.

    But during the contentious review process that led to a new White House strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, senior officers — including Admiral Mullen and Gen. David H. Petraeus — were reported to have felt that General Cartwright went behind their backs to align himself too closely with Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and others in the White House against the consensus advice of the military and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates.

    It doesn’t look like there’s going to be a shortage of possible motives for the original leak or its eventual prosecution.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | June 27, 2013, 10:10 pm
  28. Was David Petraeus the source of classified documents found on Paula Broadwell’s computer? That’s what the FBI and Justice Department are asserting:

    The New York Times
    F.B.I. and Justice Dept. Said to Seek Charges for Petraeus


    WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against David H. Petraeus, contending that he provided classified information to a lover while he was director of the C.I.A., officials said, leaving Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to decide whether to seek an indictment that could send the pre-eminent military officer of his generation to prison.

    The Justice Department investigation stems from an affair Mr. Petraeus had with Paula Broadwell, an Army Reserve officer who was writing his biography, and focuses on whether he gave her access to his C.I.A. email account and other highly classified information.

    F.B.I. agents discovered classified documents on her computer after Mr. Petraeus resigned from the C.I.A. in 2012 when the affair became public.

    Mr. Petraeus, a retired four-star general who served as commander of American forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, has said he never provided classified information to Ms. Broadwell, and has indicated to the Justice Department that he has no interest in a plea deal that would spare him an embarrassing trial. A lawyer for Mr. Petraeus, Robert B. Barnett, said Friday he had no comment.

    The officials who said that charges had been recommended were briefed on the investigation but asked for anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it.

    Mr. Holder was expected to decide by the end of last year whether to bring charges against Mr. Petraeus, but he has not indicated how he plans to proceed. The delay has frustrated some Justice Department and F.B.I. officials and investigators who have questioned whether Mr. Petraeus has received special treatment at a time Mr. Holder has led a crackdown on government officials who reveal secrets to journalists.

    The protracted process has also frustrated Mr. Petraeus’s friends and political allies, who say it is unfair to keep the matter hanging over his head. Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, wrote to Mr. Holder last month that the investigation had deprived the nation of wisdom from one of its most experienced leaders.

    “At this critical moment in our nation’s security,” he wrote, “Congress and the American people cannot afford to have his voice silenced or curtailed by the shadow of a long-running, unresolved investigation marked by leaks from anonymous sources.”

    Since his resignation from the C.I.A. on Nov. 10, 2012, Mr. Petraeus has divided his time between teaching, making lucrative speeches and working as a partner in one of the world’s largest private-equity firms, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts.

    Mr. Holder has said little publicly about the investigation. The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, asked by reporters in December why it was taking so long, said: “I can’t say. I mean, I guess I could say, but I won’t say.”

    Marc Raimondi, a Justice Department spokesman, declined to comment on the investigation.

    At a news conference shortly after Mr. Petraeus resigned, President Obama said he had no evidence that Mr. Petraeus had disclosed classified information “that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security.”

    “We are safer because of the work that Dave Petraeus has done,” Mr. Obama said, referring to his career in government. “And my main hope right now is — is that he and his family are able to move on and that this ends up being a single side note on what has otherwise been an extraordinary career.”

    But investigators concluded that, whether or not the disclosure harmed national security, it amounted to a significant security breach in the office of one of the nation’s most trusted intelligence leaders. They recommended that Mr. Petraeus face charges, saying lower-ranking officials had been prosecuted for far less.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | January 9, 2015, 6:53 pm

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