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Rewritin’ History, Y’All!

COMMENT: Numerous broadcasts have highlighted various forms of revisionist history. From Holocaust Denial to blaming World War II on FDR, the advocates of evil have diligently pursued their end–the institutionalization of historical lies.

Now, the state of Virginia has adopted textbooks featuring revisionist history of the American Civil War, courtesy of The Sons of  Confederate Veterans. The League of the South, overlapping the Aryan Nations, has been very active in this effort to rewrite the history of The War Between the States.

One should remember that this comes against the background of renewed discussion of states leaving the Union.

“Historians Find Myriad Errors in VA History Textbooks” by David Taintor; TPM Muckraker; 12/30/2010.

Excerpt: . . . . The Post first reported the errors back in October. The author, Joy Masoff, defended her work, telling the Post, “As controversial as it is, I stand by what I write. I am a fairly respected writer.” But when it came to one of the Civil War’s most controversial themes — the role of African Americans in the Confederacy — she relied primarily on an Internet search, according to the report. And the results were based on the work of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a neo-confederate group based in Tennessee. . . .


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  1. Hi Dave,

    I just wanted to wish you a happy new year and to say thanks!

    Great work

    Posted by john henry | December 31, 2010, 5:53 pm
  2. Elections have consequences:

    TPM Livewire
    Colo. Ed Board Member: Give U.S. Credit For Voluntarily Ending Slavery

    By Catherine Thompson
    Published October 3, 2014, 1:06 PM EDT

    Updated 3:02 p.m.

    A member of Colorado’s state Board of Education argued that the fact that the United States voluntarily ended slavery proved “American execptionalism” and this perspective should be taught to students in a recent Facebook post about the AP U.S. History curriculum.

    Businesswoman Pam Mazanec, who was elected to represent Colorado’s 4th Congressional district on the board, jumped into a discussion about the AP History course framework Saturday on a Facebook page that describes itself as “a place where teachers and parents are encouraged to speak freely about their issues, questions, and concerns in the Douglas County School District.” The Colorado Independent flagged her comment on Thursday.

    Mazanec’s first posts in the thread raised the possibility that the AP History course framework may have been conceived by people with an “agenda,” prompting an AP English teacher to respond by explaining that experienced AP teachers compile the courses’ exams.

    She then wrote that her concern for the course “is an overly negative view of our history and many of our historical figures (if mentioned)” and cited history professors with “impressive credentials” who told her that the AP History curriculum is designed to “downplay our noble history.”

    She used slavery to illustrate the point:

    As an example, I note our slavery history. Yes, we practiced slavery. But we also ended it voluntarily, at great sacrifice, while the practice continues in many countries still today! Shouldn’t our students be provided that viewpoint? This is part of the argument that America is exceptional. Does our APUSH Framework support or denigrate that position?

    Students and teachers outraged over proposed changes to the AP History curriculum have staged protests and walk-outs over the past two weeks in Jefferson County, which lies in the state’s 7th Congressional district. The original proposal called for promoting “patriotism” and downplaying “civil disorder,” although the Jefferson County school board voted Thursday night to adopt a compromise plan..

    Oh wow, so the US “voluntarily” abandoned slavery. It would be interesting to learn the names of the history professors with “impressive credentials” inspiring Mazanec’s views. Who could it be that’s so dedicated to promoting ‘American exceptionalism’ in the nation’s textbooks. Who indeed…

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | October 3, 2014, 2:10 pm

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