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RFK Jr: JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy

Lee Harvey Oswald

COMMENT: Stating the obvious, Robert F. Kennedy’s kids RFK jr. and Rory have stated that believe that President Kennedy was not assassinated by a lone nut.

We’ve produced much programming and posting over the years on the assassinations of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King. All of these killings are connected and, together, comprise the systematic elimination of viable progressive leadership in this country.

(The Freikorps in Germany and the Patriotic Societies in Japan paved the way for the rise of fascism in those countries through a similar program of organized killing.)

We’ve not seen any statements by Kennedy family members about the assassination of Robert Kennedy. That case is heading back into court. The investigation of Robert Kennedy’s assassination yields evidentiary tributaries leading in the direction of his brother’s killing, Dr. King’s assassination and the shooting of George Wallace. (Had Wallace run as an independent candidate he might have threatened Nixon’s “Southern Strategy.”)

“RFK Children Speak about Assassination in Dallas” by Jamie Stengle; Associated Press; 1/12/2013.

EXCERPT: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is convinced that a lone gunman wasn’t solely responsible for the assassination of his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and said his father believed the Warren Commission report was a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship.”

Kennedy and his sister, Rory, spoke about their family Friday night while being interviewed in front of an audience by Charlie Rose at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas. The event comes as a year of observances begins for the 50th anniversary of the president’s death.

Their uncle was killed on Nov. 22, 1963, while riding in a motorcade through Dallas. Five years later, their father was assassinated in a Los Angeles hotel while celebrating his win in the California Democratic presidential primary.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said his father spent a year trying to come to grips with his brother’s death, reading the work of Greek philosophers, Catholic scholars, Henry David Thoreau, poets and others “trying to figure out kind of the existential implications of why a just God would allow injustice to happen of the magnitude he was seeing.”
He said his father thought the Warren Commission, which concluded Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing the president, was a “shoddy piece of craftsmanship.” He said that he, too, questioned the report.

“The evidence at this point I think is very, very convincing that it was not a lone gunman,” he said, but he didn’t say what he believed may have happened. . . .


5 comments for “RFK Jr: JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy”

  1. Finally…

    He MAY be preparing to run for his uncle’s old Senate Seat -if John Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State (and some very smooth manuvering with Senator McCain and the switching of the Benghazi Investigation to his committee to get it away from Issa and Chattavez will ensure that a done deal), New England will be without a Senator Kennedy or a Kerry for the first time since 1964.

    His kids are almost grown now, and his own childhood losses have provided ample justification for wanting -for their sake- to refuse point all courting and atttempts to persuade him to run being refused point blank.

    Howeve, “they” are seriously fearful of him and what he could achieve almost just by showing up.

    Were he to announce, he may as well run unopposed.

    For the very first time, he appeared to at least entertain the temptation of running for his father’s Senate Seat when Hilary Clinton vacated it in 2009 – with produced a knock-on effect whereby this happened:-


    Alcoholic depressed people with unlimited access to prescription pills do not generally feel the need to use a rope to end their lives.

    They usually just take a bottle of vodka to bed, followed by a handful of Reds.

    They certainly don’t string themselves up in an outbuilding just behind their children’s home.

    Gestapo style…

    This is a Sicilian message.

    And I think he knows and has known for years, he cannot put this off any longer.

    He is ready.

    And the world needs him.

    Kennedy for Massachusetts.

    Posted by Spikey_p | January 14, 2013, 9:33 am
  2. No surprise that RFK Jr. would be the one to “come out of the closet” on this. One wonders if it represents some larger overall shift in the Kennedy family policy on the topic, and what the catalysts were for the new policy. And what this bodes for any future public investigation.

    And is the timing related to the Sirhan re-trial? …

    It’s worth remembering that RFK (Senator Robert Kennedy, his father), according to David Talbot’s book “Brothers” (Talbot is founder of Salon.com & recently left as chief editor), sent an emissary to Moscow to reassure the Kremlin that he and Jackie believed it was a domestic conspiracy.

    A review of this information can be found (only place on the Internet to my knowledge; apologies to Dave for this source) here:


    “… [Talbot’s “Brothers” book] opens with J. Edgar Hoover telling RFK that his brother has been shot. In conversations with two assistants, Bobby immediately refers to the perpetrator of the crime as “they” and not “him”. He instinctively believes that the crime centers around the CIA, the Mafia and Cuba and he begins to question people with access to each group, including John McCone, Director of the CIA. (pgs. 6-9) When the body arrives back in Washington, RFK questions Secret Service agents Roy Kellerman and James Rowley and finds that both believe there was a crossfire in Dealey Plaza.

    “… Talbot then builds an argument that this early conclusion is what caused Robert Kennedy to take control of the president’s autopsy exhibits, specifically the brain and tissue slides. Further, Talbot adduces evidence that RFK actually thought of taking the limousine also. After Oswald is killed by Ruby, Bobby begins to focus on the Mob and has labor lawyer Julius Draznin submit a report on Ruby’s labor racketeering activities. RFK then told his friend Pat Moynihan to investigate the Secret Service while Bobby interviewed agent Clint Hill himself.

    “… This chapter closes with a review of (RFK aide & emissary) William Walton’s mission to Moscow in the wake of President Kennedy’s assassination. This extraordinary tale first surfaced in 1997 in one of the two best books on the Cuban Missile Crisis, One Hell of a Gamble. (The other volume being The Kennedy Tapes, published the same year.) Talbot goes into the background of Walton and why he was sent by RFK and Jackie Kennedy to send a secret message via Georgi Bolshakov who the Kennedys had used previously during the Missile Crisis as a back channel.

    “… RFK told Walton to see Bolshakov before he even reported to the American ambassador Foy Kohler. Bobby thought Kohler was anti-Kennedy, and a hardliner who could not get anything real done with the Russians. (p. 31) This new message had been presaged by another talk RFK had with the Russian in 1962. At that time Bobby told Bolshakov that Khrushchev did not seem to realize that every step his brother took to meet the premier “halfway costs my brother a lot of effort … .In a gust of blind hate, his enemies may go to any length, including killing him.” (p. 32)

    “… The new message fulfilled the earlier prophecy. Walton told Bolshakov that the president’s brother and widow believed that JFK had been killed by a large political conspiracy. And although Lee Harvey Oswald was a former defector and alleged Castro sympathizer, they believed the conspiracy was domestic.

    “… Talbot sums up the multi-layered significance of this momentous mission this way: “There is no other conclusion to reach. In the days following his brother’s bloody ouster, Robert Kennedy placed more trust in the Soviet government than the one he served.” (p. 34)…”

    I think it’s an under-examined topic: The relative silence of RFK from 1963-1968, after the death of his brother, on the topic of the assassination. He likely kept his mouth shut for pragmatic reasons: He couldn’t do anything substantial about it until he became president. His formation of a private intelligence “outfit” (including Walter Sheridan, whom he dispatched to investigate Garrison’s claims, and in the end whom he also seemed to lose trust in) speaks volumes about RFK’s awareness of the traps he must have felt surrounded him within the intelligence agencies — that RFK was well-aware of both public and private limitations in advancing any investigation into JFK’s death.

    RFK Jr. is a very intelligent son. Let’s hope this isn’t just a foray — and let’s hope he has enough circumspection, fortitude, and lack of illusion about this dangerous path he’s putting himself on.

    Posted by R. Wilson | January 14, 2013, 11:43 am
  3. If American liberals would wake up and stop denying that the word “conspiracy” has a legitimate use, the Kennedy’s wouldn’t be in this position in the first place. The problem comes from the conditioning of American liberals by right wingers and the media that “conspiracy” is a four letter word that must never be uttered. How convenient for the Reich Wing that they have trained progressives not to see their conspiracies.

    Posted by Nerfherder | January 14, 2013, 3:38 pm
  4. To Spikey P:

    Things look dim for Bobby Jr., now but he will be forgiven. His ex-wife’s family sure did a number on him. However, the domestic staff at Kennedy estate knows her family did not do a damn thing to help Mary, even when they were begged to come! I wonder what motivated them to be so cruel to Mary’s kids?? Even if they disliked Bobby, this is not what normal in-laws do after a death, especially ones who were not close to their sister.

    May g*d bless U 4 your insightful comments. I have been praying for RFK, Jr. to run for President a long time. It is my greatest wish, to be alive and to see him take the torch he deserves. To say our world needs him now, is an understatement. By the time Obama gets done in 2016, if it’s here, we will need him big time. Today, just before reading your remarks, I heard Laurie London sing an old childhood fav of mine, “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands”. What a beautiful song for a future President’s campaign, especially one so earth friendly.

    Posted by frosty7530 | January 18, 2013, 8:09 pm
  5. Robert F Kenndy could be head each week on his radio progam Ring of Fire.

    Posted by David | January 21, 2013, 12:29 pm

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