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RIP Manning Marable

COMMENT: Although his health was somewhat weak, the passing of Columbia University scholar Manning Marable on the eve of the publication of a controversial new biography of Malcolm X  raises questions.

Marable’s passing precluded his calling attention to his recent work, which suggests complicity on the part of the FBI and the NYPD in Malcolm X’s assassination.

Was his death natural or [perhaps] assisted?

He will not be available to promote his findings.

Note that Louis Farrakhan (“Louis X”),  was involved with the Newark Mosque that appears to have figured in the assassination. He called for Malcolm X’s death.

“On Eve of Redefining Malcolm X, Biographer Dies” by Larry Rohter; The New York Times; 4/1/2011.

EXCERPT: . . . The book’s account of the assassination of Malcolm X, then 39, on Feb. 21, 1965, is likely to be its most incendiary claim. Mr. Marable contends that although Malcolm X embraced mainstream Islam at least two years before his death, law-enforcement authorities continued to see him as a dangerous rabble-rouser.

“They had the mentality of wanting an assassination,” Gerry Fulcher, a former New York City police detective who participated in the surveillance of Malcolm X, told Mr. Marable for the book.

That is why “law-enforcement agencies acted with reticence when it came to intervening with Malcolm’s fate,” the book asserts. “Rather than investigate the threats on his life, they stood back.”. . .

. . . Based on his new material, Mr. Marable concluded that only one of the three men convicted of killing Malcolm X was involved in the assassination, and that the other two were at home that day. The real assassination squad, he writes, had four other members, with connections to the rival Nation of Islam’s Newark mosque — two of whom are still alive and have never been charged. . . .


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