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‘Roid Rage: The Bosches, the Bushes and Sports Doping

George H.W. Bush & Sons: This little piggy went to market . . .

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COMMENT: In FTR #716, we discussed with author Russ Baker the large number of baseball players accused of using performance enhancing drugs–steroids in particular–while playing for George W. Bush’s Texas Rangers.

Since our interviews with Mr. Baker were recorded (2010), a new “juicing” scandal involving big name baseball players and others has emerged. The Biogenesis firm–billed as an “anti-aging” clinic–has allegedly been helping numerous Major League ballplayers enhance their performance.

It now emerges that the firm was headed by Anthony “Tony” Bosch, a blood relative of Orlando Bosch, the head of the murderous CORU organization.

CORU was a key element of what Danish Journalist Henrik Kruger called “The International Fascista.” Along with Otto Skorzeny’s Paladin mercenary group (financed by the Libya’s Khadafy and managed by Gerhard Hartmut von Schubert, formerly of Goebbels’ propaganda ministry), CORU worked hand-in-glove with CIA and other Western intelligence services.

As discussed in FTR #284 (among other programs), the Bush family were very close to the Bosch family, with George H.W. Bush having pardoned Orlando Bosch at the urging of Jeb. The Bushes are very close to the anti-Castro Cuban community which in turn is inextricably linked with the CIA and organized crime.

Jeb Bush has a history of involvement with shady, organized crime-linked medical enterprises run by Cuban Americans.

A number of things come to mind in this context, including:

  • Organized crime makes a great deal of money fixing sporting events. Might the “juicing” figure into the fixing of sports events?
  • Might elements of CIA also be using sports fixing to generate off-the-books revenue, as they have with drug trafficking?
  • As discussed by Alan Chase, Cuba was the epicenter of the Falange in the Americas. We wonder if Orlando Bosch might be a blood relative of the famous German Bosch family, deeply involved with I.G. Farben and other key German industrial concerns.
  • We also wonder about the possibility of business concerns such as Biogenesis being linked–perhaps unwittingly–with experimentation on the human animal.  

 “Anthony Bosch’s Tangle of Ties, Titles” by Mike Fish and T.J. Quinn; ESPN.com; 2/6/2013.

The self-described biochemist targeted by Major League Baseball as a supplier of performance-enhancing drugs has strong links to clinics and individuals who make a living in the South Florida wellness or anti-aging industries.

Even as he treated athletes, Anthony Bosch had designs on setting up a national distribution network for performance enhancers such as growth hormone and testosterone, “Outside the Lines” has learned. . . .

. . . . The Bosch family name, with its Cuban roots, is well-known within the Miami medical community. Bosch’s father, Pedro, has practiced medicine in Florida since 1976. Bosch’s mother, Stella, 76, practiced until voluntarily relinquishing her license last year. His sister is a licensed physician, and so is a cousin.

According to Pedro Bosch’s receptionist, his late cousin, Orlando Bosch, was also a doctor — a pediatrician — having practiced in his native land before becoming an armed anti-Castro guerrilla. At the time of his passing in 2011 at the age of 84, Orlando was a hero in some quarters of Miami’s Cuban exile community and an unrepentant criminal in others.

Connected with several militant anti-Castro groups, Orlando Bosch was convicted in 1968 for using a makeshift bazooka to shell a Communist Polish freighter docked in Miami. Later, in 1976, he was charged in Venezuela, and subsequently acquitted after much of the prosecution evidence was ruled inadmissible, in connection with the bombing of a Cuban airliner in which 73 people were killed.

“Very, very famous name in the Miami community,” said Dennis Kainen, a prominent Miami criminal defense attorney. “He was one of those big anti-Castro freedom fighters from the ’60s and ’70s. … It is one of those South Florida things — people remember things for 30-40 years.” . . .


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  1. Maybe no connection, but it is interesting to note that another chemist named Bosch, Carl Bosch (1874-1940), was one of the founders of I.G. Farbin. Carl won the Nobel in chemistry in 1931 for his roll in developing the Haber Bosch process for creating artificial fertilizer.



    I couldn’t find anything on his descendants.

    Also interesting to note that “Bosch” means “Bush”.



    Some food for thoughts, grounds for further research.

    Posted by Vanfield | May 3, 2013, 10:08 am

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