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Senate, Obama Administration Join Deadly Alabama Political Farce Surrounding Don Siegelman

George L. Beck: Shame on Obama

Legal Schnauzer: Sic 'em Dog!

COMMENT: Appointing a quintessential fox to guard the Alabama political chicken house, the U.S. Senate, following Obama’s shameful lead, sees fit to ignore the “body count” discussed in FTR #742.

Worth remembering in the context of Alabama political mischief is the fact that the the state’s Air National Guard was under the supervision of the governor of that state, as were the records of George W. Bush’s alleged service in that body.

Those records were a focal point of controversy in what should have been a scandal stemming from the inquiry into Bush’s service record, discussed in interviews with Russ Baker about Family of Secrets.

Note in the milieu that enabled the Beck nomination were “Democrats” tied to Karl Rove and the GOP, rather like the Tony Rezko milieu in Chicago, discussed in FTR #’s 654, 655,

Once again, the incisive political/legal blog Legal Schnauzer lays it down:

“Coverup in the Siegelman Case Now Extends to the U.S. Senate”; Legal Schnauzer; 7/5/2011.

EXCERPT: While many Americans were preparing to eat barbecue and shoot fireworks for the Fourth of July, the U.S. Senate engaged in an extraordinary act of cowardice–not to mention neglect of duty.

The Senate approved by voice vote on June 30 the appointment of George Beck as U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Alabama. Beck replaces Leura Canary, the Bush appointee who helped turn the Don Siegelman case into perhaps the most notorious political prosecution in American history.

But here’s the kicker: Beck also played a prominent and highly questionable role in the Siegelman case. Beck’s nomination was an opportunity for senators to grill a key figure in the Siegelman prosecution, to help determine how the U.S. justice system went badly off track in the Bush years.

The Senate, however, elected to punt, giving Beck a free pass into his new position and throwing an extra  load of dirt onto a coverup of Bush-era criminality. For progressives who once had hope for the Barack Obama administration on justice matters, consider this: Beck is an Obama nominee, and the Senate is controlled by Democrats.

Have Democrats come to “own” Bush/Rove scandals that made a mockery of the U.S. constitution? It sure looks that way from here.

Why does the Beck “confirmation hearing” emit such a foul odor? Andrew Kreig, director of the D.C.-based Justice Integrity Project, provides answers in a splendid overview piece out today:

The U.S. Senate approved by voice vote June 30 a new U.S. attorney for Alabama, thereby extending a series of disgraces blighting the federal justice system in that state and nationally. The Senate voted to approve George Beck, 69, to run the Middle District office in Alabama’s capital city of Montgomery. The Senate failed to require that Beck, right, appear at a hearing to answer questions about a host of pending issues.

The most important question is how he could supervise personnel in that office who framed former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman after Beck himself represented the main witness who helped secure convictions. It remains as the nation’s most notorious political prosecution of the past decade. In 2008, CBS 60 Minutes reported that DOJ’s prosecutors coached and threatened Beck’s client Nick Bailey in up to 70 interrogations without required disclosure to the defense. Our Justice Integrity Project’s four-part investigative series cited below explains further why Beck’s role is especially disturbing. . . .


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