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Snowden’s Ride, Part 14: Paul Cobb, Glenn Greenwald and the Murder of Judge Lefkow’s Family


Matthew Hale, Glenn Greenwald's pro-bono client, convicted of soliciting Judge Lefkow's murder.

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COMMENT: In our past discussion of Eddie the Friendly Spook [Snowden]’s activities, we have noted that the individuals and institutions in the “dramatis personae” track back to far right and explicitly Nazi and fascist elements. That includes Glenn Greenwald, Snowden’s journalistic leaker of choice.

(Our series on this is long, complex and multi-layered: Part I [3]Part II [4]Part III [5]Part IV [6]Part V [7]Part VI [8]Part VII [9], Part VIII [10]Part IX [11]Part X [12], Part XI [13], Part XII [14]Part XIII [15]Part XIV [16]Part XV [17]Part XVI [18]Part XVII [19]Part XVIII [20]Part XIX [21], Part XX [22]It is impossible to do justice to this analysis within the scope of this post. Please digest the rest of the material, in order to come to terms with what we are presenting.)

Recently there has been significant media coverage of Craig Paul Cobb [23] (with the middle and first names sometimes reversed in some sources) and his attempts at buying a small, North Dakota town that he envisages as a Nazi/white supremacist community. (See text excerpts below.)

Cobb’s apparent role [24] in the circumstances surrounding the murder of the family of Judge Joan Lefkow has received less coverage. (See text excerpts below.)

Also receiving less coverage is Glenn Greenwald’s representation of World Church of the Creator [25] head Matthew Hale in this case. (See text excerpts.)

(In past posts, we have noted Glenn Greenwald’s pro-bono [15] representation of Hale and the National Alliance [16], with which Cobb was also affiliated.)

A number of things come to mind as we ponder Greenwald’s role in this:

“New Neighbor’s Agenda: White Power Takeover” by John Eligon; The New York Times; 8/29/2013. [23]

The bearded man with thinning, gray-and-bleach-blond hair flapping down his neck first appeared in this tiny agricultural town last year, quietly and inconspicuously roaming the crackly dirt roads.

Nettie Ketterling thought nothing of it when he came into her bar to charge his cellphone in an outlet beneath the mounted head of a mule deer. To Kenneth Zimmerman, the man was just another customer, bringing his blue Dodge Durango in for repairs. Bobby Harper did not blink when the man appeared in front of his house and asked him if he had any land to sell. And the mayor, Ryan Schock, was simply extending a civic courtesy when he swung by the man’s house to introduce himself.

Their new neighbor, they thought, was just another person looking to get closer to the lucrative oil fields in western North Dakota known as the Bakken.

But all that changed last week.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and The Bismarck Tribune revealed that the man, Paul Craig Cobb, 61, has been buying up property in this town of 24 people in an effort to transform it into a colony for white supremacists.

In the past two years, Mr. Cobb, a longtime proselytizer for white supremacy who is wanted in Canada on charges of promoting hatred, has bought a dozen plots of land in Leith (pronounced Leeth) and has sold or transferred ownership of some of them to a couple of like-minded white nationalists. . . .

“Craig Cobb”; [24]Wikipedia [24]

. . . . Cobb is reported to have grown up in a wealthy family and attended a private school in Boston, Massachusetts where he graduated in 1968.[6] Cobb says he grew up a Christian, but has since renounced Christianity, saying “I don’t understand Christians. They have a need to be morally superior than the next guy…They are very threatened by anything with racial cohesion.” [7] After serving in the armed forces he moved to Edmonton, Canada for five years then relocated to Hawaii where he lived for another 25 years and earned a living as a taxi driver. In 2003 he relocated to Frost, West Virginia where he opened a grocery store and subsequently registered a business called “Gray’s Store, Aryan Autographs and 14 Words, L.L.C.” During this time he was involved in unsolicited inter-state deliveries of a neo-Nazi newspaper published by Alex Linder,[8] distribution of Project Schoolyard CDs to local children,[9] and attended an invitation-only leadership conference of the National Alliance. . . .

. . . . Cobb uses the online pseudonyms “No 1965 Chain Immigrants” (on Stormfront) and “Chain” (on Podblanc), which references to the abolition of the National Origins Formula in the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. While his internet activities center upon “tireless propaganda”[30] for Podblanc he is also active in far-right discussion boards where, after the arrest of Matt Hale in 2003 for soliciting the murder of U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow, Cobb posted the judge’s home address, family photographs and a map to her house. Lefkow’s husband and mother were subsequently murdered. In reply to a reporter’s question “What were you feeling when the double murder happened?” Cobb stated “What was I feeling? Emotions are not yet illegal. I was just fine with it. I think it was well done.”[1]  [This is the very essence of the “Leaderless Resistance” strategy for which Greenwald ran legal interference–D.E.] . .

“Profile: Matthew Hale”; [25]History Commons.org [25]

. . . . Avowed white supremacist Craig Cobb (see October 31, 2005) moves to Estonia and founds Podblanc, an Internet-based videosharing Web site. It is similar to YouTube, but Cobb and his supporters refuse to use that facility, calling it “Jew Tube” because its operators censor racist and anti-Semitic content. Podblanc offers over 1,000 channels of video content, including combat handgun training, bomb-making tutorials, a description of security measures at three northern California synagogues, and an audio recording of The Turner Diaries, the infamous race-war fantasy novel (see 1978). The most popular video on the site shows Russian neo-Nazis beheading and shooting Asiatic immigrants; other popular videos show skinheads attacking random Jewish and minority victims. Cobb was a member of the violent World Church of the Creator (WCOTC) until its collapse after its leader, Matthew Hale, was arrested for soliciting the murder of a judge (see January 9, 2003 and 2004-2005). Cobb posted the name and home address of the judge on the internet, which may have led to the murder of her husband and mother (see February 28, 2005). Cobb has also attended events sponsored by the neo-Nazi National Alliance (see 1970-1974 . . . .

. . . . Matthew Hale, the leader of the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC—see May 1996 and After), shows up for a contempt of court hearing in a Chicago courtroom based on his refusal to give up his group’s name after losing a trademark infringement lawsuit (see November 2002). When Hale appears, he is arrested for soliciting the murder of the judge who presided over the lawsuit, Federal District Court Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow. Hale recently claimed Lefkow was prejudiced against him because she is married to a Jew and has children who are biracial. Law enforcement officials with Chicago’s Joint Terrorism Task Force say Hale asked another person to “forcibly assault and murder” Lefkow. FBI spokesman Thomas Kneir says: “Certainly freedom of speech and freedom of religion are important in our society here in America. But the threat of physical violence will not be tolerated.” US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald adds, “Freedom of speech does not include the freedom to solicit murder.” Hale is accompanied in the courtroom by about a dozen followers, many of whom raise their fists in what they call a Roman salute but that is more widely known as a Nazi salute. . . . .

. . . . . Matthew Hale, the leader of the World Church of the Creator (WCOTC—see May 1996 and After), is convicted of one count of solicitation of murder and three counts of obstruction of justice in regards to his attempt to solicit the murder of a judge (see January 9, 2003). Hale never testified on his own behalf. Defense counsel Thomas Anthony Durkin called no witnesses, saying the prosecution’s evidence was the weakest he had seen in a major case, arguing that Hale was set up by an FBI informant. Durkin says he will appeal, and will prove that prosecutors have been “out to get Hale” because of his suspected involvement in a shooting spree by WCOTC member Benjamin Smith five years ago (see July 2-4, 1999; the jury heard audiotapes of Hale laughing about Smith’s murders and mocking the victims). [The civil suit against Hale by Smith’s victims was the first case in which Greenwald represented Hale pro bono.–D.E.] US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the lead prosecutor in the case, says the trial’s outcome proves “that we will not wait for the trigger to be pulled” before taking action. . . .

. . . . The press will later learn that Hale solicited the murder from FBI informant Anthony Evola, a Chicago area pizza delivery man who was asked by Hale to distribute racist and anti-Semitic pamphlets to schoolchildren. Evola instead called the Chicago Public Schools to warn them about the racist material, and was later asked to become an FBI informant. In the months that followed, Evola became chief of Hale’s “White Beret” security squad and frequently traveled with Hale. Evola provided FBI officials with an email from Hale soliciting Lefkow’s home address, and a tape recording of a discussion between the two about Lefkow’s murder. On the tape, Evola said, “We going to exterminate the rat?” Hale replied, “Well, whatever you want to do basically.” Evola said, “The Jew rat.” Hale then said: “You know, my position has always been that I, you know, I’m going to fight within the law… but that information has been provided.… If you wish to do anything yourself, you can.” Evola replied, “Consider it done,” and Hale responded, “Good.” . . . .

. . . . . Attorney Glenn Greenwald, representing Hale, says he believes the charge against Hale stems from what he calls a misinterpretation of Hale’s statement that “we are in a state of war with Judge Lefkow.”Greenwald says: “They are probably trying to take things he said along the lines of political advocacy and turn it into a crime. The FBI may have interpreted this protected speech as a threat against a federal judge, but it’s probably nothing more than some heated rhetoric.” During Hale’s incarceration, special administrative measures will be imposed to reduce his ability to communicate with his followers. . . .

. . . . . . Hale’s attorney Glenn Greenwald reveals that six to eight weeks before the murders, Hale’s mother asked him to pass what was clearly a coded message from Hale to a WCOTC follower. [Greenwald claims he did not forward the message–D.E.] . . . .