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Snowden’s Ride, Part 7: Citizen Greenwald, The National Alliance and The Underground Reich


The Turner Diaries and Hunter, National Alliance books


Dave Emory’s entire life­time of work is avail­able on a flash drive that can be obtained here. [3] (The flash drive includes the anti-fascist books avail­able on this site.)

COMMENT: We’ve covered Eddie “The Friendly Spook” Snowden’s exploits in numerous previous posts: Part I [4]Part II [5]Part III [6]Part IV [7]Part V [8]Part VI [9]Part VII [10], Part VIII [11]Part IX [12]Part X [13], Part XI [14], Part XII [15]Part XIII [16].) Users of this website are emphatically encouraged to examine these posts in detail, as it is impossible to do justice to the arguments in those articles in the scope of this post.

Suffice it to say, for our purposes here, that Snowden’s activities are–quite obviously–an intelligence operation directed at Barack Obama’s administration at one level and the United States and U.K. at another.

We note that the individuals and institutions involved with Snowden, as well as Fast Eddie himself, track back to the far right, Nazi, white supremacists, Holocaust deniers and elements and individuals involved with the Underground Reich. [17] Again, PLEASE examine the previous posts on the subject, as there is no way to flesh out this line of inquiry in this post. 


Serpent's Walk: Forecasts a Nazi takeover of U.S. in mid-twenty-first century, after WMD terrorist attacks.

In past discussion of Eddie the Friendly Spook’s leaker of choice, Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, we noted that he has professionally networked with the Koch brothers funded Cato Institute [19]. Greenwald’s professional associations include far more odious relationships.

Greenwald launched his own legal business, representing “unpopular clients,” including neo-Nazis. 

In our last post [16], we highlighted Greenwald’s five-year long representation of Matthew Hale, head of the World Church of the Creator.

In addition to Hale, Greenwald also represented a consortium of neo-Nazi/White Supremacist groups, including the National Alliance [20]. (See text excerpts below.)

Being sued for inciting two white supremacists to attack Latino day-laborers [21], they were represented by Greenwald. It was Greenwald’s contention that he was motivated by the need to preserve the free speech rights [22] of these groups. (See text excerpts below)

A number of points to consider, in connection with Citizen Greenwald’s activities:

“The Day the Bloggers Won” by Eric Boehlert; salon.com; 5/19/2007. [33]

EXCERPT: . . . . His work was at times political in the sense that he took on unpopular clients in free speech cases that spotlighted the practical tensions between the rights of individuals and the collective urges of the community. In 2002 he defended a strident anti-immigration group, National Alliance, in a New York civil rights lawsuit after two Mexican day workers were beaten and stabbed on Long Island by two men posing as contractors in search of laborers. The victims claimed that the anti-immigration rhetoric of National Alliance, which urged racist violence against Latino immigrants and other racial minorities, was partly to blame for the beatings. Greenwald argued that the case represented a misguided attempt to impose liability and punishment on groups because of their political and religious views. A federal judge threw out the case. . . .

“Anti-Immigrant Groups Can’t Be Held Liable for Attack” [AP]; First Amendment Center; 9/16/2002. [22]

EXCERPT: A federal judge has dismissed a civil rights lawsuit that held seven anti-immigration organizations partly responsible for the brutal September 2000 attack on a pair of Mexican day laborers.

But workers Israel Perez and Magdaleno Estrada can still pursue civil rights claims against the two men convicted of beating them, U.S. District Judge Joanna Seybert ruled on Sept. 13.

In her decision, Seybert said the seven groups did not violate the two immigrants’ civil rights by making anti-immigrant statements. A lawyer for one of the groups, the Farmingville-based Sachem Quality of Life, praised the ruling. . . .

. . . Perez and Estrada were beaten and stabbed by Christopher Slavin and Ryan Wagner in September 2000. The pair had posed as contractors looking for day laborers.

Both attackers were convicted of attempted murder, and sentenced to 25 years in prison. . . .

. . . . The newspaper also reported that the lawsuit claimed that the philosophy of white supremacist organizations — including the West Virginia-based National Alliance and American Patrol in Sherman Oaks, Calif. — urged racist violence against Latino immigrants and other racial minorities. Newsday reported that Brewington said the group’s urgings prompted the attacks.

“The lawsuit was a very dangerous attempt to start imposing liability and punishment on groups because of their political and religious views,” Glenn Greenwald, a Manhattan attorney representing the National Alliance and other groups, was quoted by Newsweek as saying. “If you can be liable for the actions of other people who hear your views, then you would be afraid to ever express any views that were ever unconventional.”

 “Jewish Defense Organization Dossier on Glenn Greenwald”; scribd.com. [21]

EXCERPT: This is what transpired: In September 2000, two local racist skinheads posed as homebuilding contractors to lure two Mexican day laborers to a warehouse where the white supremacists stabbed and nearly beat the immigrants to death. One of the assailants was tattooed with swastikas.The other had a tattoo on his stomach of a skinhead menacing a kneeling Jew. Perez and Escamilla were Mexican/Chicano day laborers residing in Farmingville, New York. Escamilla was bludgeoned by Slavin until he lost consciousness; Perez too was clubbed by Slavin and was stabbed several times by Wagner. Escamilla eventually regained consciousness, and both plaintiffs managed to escape. They were aided by a passing motorist who summoned the police.

“In September 2001, Perez and Escamilla commenced the present action under 42 U.S.C. §§ 1981, 1985, 1986, and 1988, and state law, with the filing of a complaint signed by Brewington, alleging the above acts of violence by Slavin and Wagner. Thecomplaint also named as defendants seven advocacy organizations (collectively the”organization defendants”), describing them as associations that advocated hatred against various groups on the basis of, inter alia, race, nationality, or religion andalleging that Sachem, a Farmingville-based association, “advocate[d] hatred andintolerance against immigrants, and in particular, day laborers” The complaint alleged that defendants had conspired to deprive plaintiffs and similarly situated immigrantlaborers of, inter alia, their Fifth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights to travel, to enjoy equal protection of the laws, to “be free from badges and incidents of slavery,”and to “be free from assault and battery motivated by racial prejudice”. It alleged that Slavin and Wagner had “acted with the support of “the organization defendants and that the assaults by Slavin and Wagner constituted overt acts in furtherance of the conspiracy.”

“Neo-Nazis and 9/11” by Jack McCarthy; Counterpunch; 10/29/2001. [34]

EXCERPT: . . . . Upon perusing his speeches from 1998-99, I discovered that Pierce, who heads the so-called ‘National Alliance,’ did indeed utter some most interesting (pre-9/11—if not prophetic—remarks about Osama bin Laden and bio-terrorism. The running theme in Pierce’s commentaries is—to paraphrase his hero Hitler—that Osama Bin Laden’s warning to America is ‘I Am Coming.’ And so is bio-terrorism.

In one chilling commentary Pierce, (after noting that Bin Laden and the rest of the lost generation of angry Moslem youth had it with their parents’ compromises and were hell bent on revenge against infidel America) issued this stark, prophetic warning in a 1998 radio address titled, ‘Stay Out of Tall Buildings.’ ‘New Yorkers who work in tall office buildings anything close to the size of the World Trade Center might consider wearing hard hats . . .’ Pierce warned. . . . [Italics are Mr. Emory’s]. . . .

The Turner Diaries; “Andrew Mac­don­ald;” Bar­ri­cade Books, Inc. [SC] 1996; Copy­right 1978, 1980 William Pierce; ISBN 1–56980-086–3; p. 201. [27]

EXCERPT. . . . I con­ferred pri­vately with Major Williams of the Wash­ing­ton Field Com­mand for more than an hour on the prob­lem of attack­ing the Pen­ta­gon. The military’s other major com­mand cen­ters were either knocked out on Sep­tem­ber 8 or sub­se­quently con­sol­i­dated with the Pen­ta­gon, which the top brass appar­ently regards as impreg­nable. And it damned near is. We went over every pos­si­bil­ity we could think of, and we came up with no really con­vinc­ing plan—except, per­haps one. That is to make an air deliv­ery of a bomb.

In the mas­sive ring of defenses around the Pen­ta­gon there is a great deal of anti-aircraft fire­power, but we decided that a small plane, fly­ing just above the ground, might be able to get through the three-mile gaunt­let with one of our 60-kiloton war­heads. One fac­tor in favor of such an attempt is that we have never before used air­craft in such a way, and we might hope to catch the anti-aircraft crews off their guard.

Although the mil­i­tary is guard­ing all civil air­fields, it just hap­pens that we have an old crop duster stashed in a barn only a few miles from here. My imme­di­ate assign­ment is to pre­pare a detailed plan for an aer­ial attack on the Pen­ta­gon by next Mon­day. We must make a final deci­sion at the time and then act with­out fur­ther delay.

Novem­ber 9, 1993. It’s still three hours until first light, and all sys­tems are ‘go.’ I’ll use the time to write a few pages—my last diary entry. Then it’s a one-way trip to the Pen­ta­gon for me. The war­head is strapped into the front seat of the old Stear­man and rigged to det­o­nate either on impact or when I flip a switch in the back seat. Hope­fully, I’ll be able to mange a low-level air burst directly over the cen­ter of the Pen­ta­gon. Fail­ing that, I’ll at least try to fly as close as I can before I’m shot down.

Thus end Earl Turner’s diaries, as unpre­ten­tiously as they began. His final mis­sion was suc­cess­ful, of course, as we all are reminded each year on Novem­ber 9—our tra­di­tional Day of the Mar­tyrs. . . .

“California Doctor’s Suicide Leaves Many Troubling Mysteries Unsolved” by Jo Thomas; The New York Times; 11/03/2002. [35]

EXCERPT: . . . . After his death, Detective Ray said, the authorities learned that Dr. Ford had been a consultant to Project Coast, which has been accused of creating weapons for use against enemies of apartheid. They also discovered that he had held extreme racist views and had once told a girlfriend that to understand him, she should read ”The Turner Diaries,” the anti-Semitic and white supremacist novel, popular among far-right groups, that was prosecutors say inspired the Oklahoma City bombing.

Over the years, Dr. Ford made a number of trips to South Africa. His laboratory assistant and constant companion, Valerie Kesler, says she traveled there with him at least six times.

Speaking through her lawyer, Ms. Kesler said that Dr. Ford had once carried a vial in his vest pocket and handed it to a South African official at the airport. Dr. Ford, she remembered, was extremely nervous throughout the flight. Years later, she said, she realized that the vial held lethal bacteria, endangering everyone on the plane. . . .

1988: Neo-Nazi Group Founds Publishing House, Publishes Book to Inspire White Assassins; [29]History Commons [29]

EXCERPT: . . . .William Pierce, the founder of the neo-Nazi National Alliance (see 1970-1974) and the author of the inflammatory and highly influential white supremacist novel The Turner Diaries (see 1978), oversees the creation of a publishing firm for the Alliance, National Vanguard Books. It will publish a number of works, most prominently a reprint of The Turner Diaries and Pierce’s second novel, Hunter, which tells the story of a white assassin who kills minorities, particularly interracial couples. He dedicates Hunter to Joseph Paul Franklin, convicted of the sniper murders of two African-American men (see 1980). Pierce will later tell his biographer that he wrote Hunter as a deliberate motivational tool for assassins, saying, “From the beginning with Hunter, I had this idea of how fiction can work as a teaching tool in mind.” In 2002, the Center for New Community will write, “Like The Turner Diaries, the book has inspired several real-life acts of racist terror” (see January 4, 2002 and After). In 1991, National Vanguard will expand into releasing audiotapes, which by December 1992 will spawn a radio show, American Dissident Voices. In 1993, it will begin publishing comic books targeted at children and teenagers. . . .

“The Turner Diaries, Other Racist Novels, Inspire Extremist Violence” by Camille Jackson; Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report; Fall 2004, #115. [24]

EXCERPT: Few works of fiction have moved readers to action quite like The Turner Diaries. Written under a pseudonym by William Pierce, late founder of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, the bloody race-war novel has been dubbed the “bible of the racist right” by the FBI.

Published in 1978, The Turner Diaries has fueled some of the last two decades’ most infamous outbreaks of extremist violence, including Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Although The Turner Diaries may be the most famous such novel, it is neither the first nor the last novelized version of dire conspiracies and drastic solutions.

Pierce told his seminal story through two years of diary entries by his white-supremacist hero, Earl Turner. Turner carries out orders for the Organization, an underground group struggling against the System — an anti-white, anti-gun U.S. government that continually puts more restrictions on its citizens.

Using “detonators, timers, igniters and other gadgets” built by Turner, the Organization spawns vicious warfare between blacks, Jews and whites as it takes over the country, city by city.

Despite Pierce’s stilted prose — a holdover, maybe, from his career as a physics professor — the violence is unforgettably vivid. Turner describes slicing the throat of a Jewish shop owner “from ear to ear,” murdering a Washington Post editor with two shotgun blasts, and watching starving blacks barbecue and eat white children.

By the novel’s end, Turner is working for an elite survivalist group called the Order and plotting a suicide mission — flying a crop-duster plane strapped with a warhead into the Pentagon, the System’s last remaining military stronghold. “Two-thirds of the troops around the Pentagon are niggers,” Turner writes in his journal, “which should greatly enhance my chances of getting through.”

Published by Pierce’s own National Vanguard Press, The Turner Diaries didn’t exactly rocket up the best-seller lists when it first appeared. But Pierce certainly got through to Bob Mathews.

A neo-Nazi follower, Mathews organized a real-life group called The Order, based on Pierce’s fictional Order, which committed a series of armored car heists and plotted serious racist violence before ambushing and murdering Jewish radio talk show host Alan Berg in 1984. . . .

Brotherhood and Murder by Thomas Martinez; Google Books; p. 234. [30]

EXCERPT: . . . .The performer also said ” . . . Some very old German families [in South America] were giving Bob [Matthews, leader of The Order] some money.” . . .

. . . For example, as long ago as 1978, Manfred Roeder [31], who headed the remnants of the German Nazi Party, traveled to Brazil, where he met with Josef Mengele and other Nazi leaders. Immediately afterward, Roeder traveled to the United States, where–according to the ADL–he met with Dr. William Pierce, among others. . . .”