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Snowden’s Ride, Part 7: Citizen Greenwald, The National Alliance and The Underground Reich


The Turn­er Diaries and Hunter, Nation­al Alliance books


Dave Emory’s entire life­time of work is avail­able on a flash dri­ve that can be obtained here. [3] (The flash dri­ve includes the anti-fas­cist books avail­able on this site.)

COMMENT: We’ve cov­ered Eddie “The Friend­ly Spook” Snow­den’s exploits in numer­ous pre­vi­ous posts: Part I [4]Part II [5]Part III [6]Part IV [7]Part V [8]Part VI [9]Part VII [10], Part VIII [11]Part IX [12]Part X [13], Part XI [14], Part XII [15]Part XIII [16].) Users of this web­site are emphat­i­cal­ly encour­aged to exam­ine these posts in detail, as it is impos­si­ble to do jus­tice to the argu­ments in those arti­cles in the scope of this post.

Suf­fice it to say, for our pur­pos­es here, that Snow­den’s activ­i­ties are–quite obviously–an intel­li­gence oper­a­tion direct­ed at Barack Oba­ma’s admin­is­tra­tion at one lev­el and the Unit­ed States and U.K. at anoth­er.

We note that the indi­vid­u­als and insti­tu­tions involved with Snow­den, as well as Fast Eddie him­self, track back to the far right, Nazi, white suprema­cists, Holo­caust deniers and ele­ments and indi­vid­u­als involved with the Under­ground Reich. [17] Again, PLEASE exam­ine the pre­vi­ous posts on the sub­ject, as there is no way to flesh out this line of inquiry in this post. 


Ser­pen­t’s Walk: Fore­casts a Nazi takeover of U.S. in mid-twen­ty-first cen­tu­ry, after WMD ter­ror­ist attacks.

In past dis­cus­sion of Eddie the Friend­ly Spook’s leak­er of choice, Guardian jour­nal­ist Glenn Green­wald, we not­ed that he has pro­fes­sion­al­ly net­worked with the Koch broth­ers fund­ed Cato Insti­tute [19]. Green­wald’s pro­fes­sion­al asso­ci­a­tions include far more odi­ous rela­tion­ships.

Green­wald launched his own legal busi­ness, rep­re­sent­ing “unpop­u­lar clients,” includ­ing neo-Nazis. 

In our last post [16], we high­light­ed Green­wald’s five-year long rep­re­sen­ta­tion of Matthew Hale, head of the World Church of the Cre­ator.

In addi­tion to Hale, Green­wald also rep­re­sent­ed a con­sor­tium of neo-Naz­i/White Suprema­cist groups, includ­ing the Nation­al Alliance [20]. (See text excerpts below.)

Being sued for incit­ing two white suprema­cists to attack Lati­no day-labor­ers [21], they were rep­re­sent­ed by Green­wald. It was Green­wald’s con­tention that he was moti­vat­ed by the need to pre­serve the free speech rights [22] of these groups. (See text excerpts below)

A num­ber of points to con­sid­er, in con­nec­tion with Cit­i­zen Green­wald’s activ­i­ties:

“The Day the Blog­gers Won” by Eric Boehlert; salon.com; 5/19/2007. [33]

EXCERPT: . . . . His work was at times polit­i­cal in the sense that he took on unpop­u­lar clients in free speech cas­es that spot­light­ed the prac­ti­cal ten­sions between the rights of indi­vid­u­als and the col­lec­tive urges of the com­mu­ni­ty. In 2002 he defend­ed a stri­dent anti-immi­gra­tion group, Nation­al Alliance, in a New York civ­il rights law­suit after two Mex­i­can day work­ers were beat­en and stabbed on Long Island by two men pos­ing as con­trac­tors in search of labor­ers. The vic­tims claimed that the anti-immi­gra­tion rhetoric of Nation­al Alliance, which urged racist vio­lence against Lati­no immi­grants and oth­er racial minori­ties, was part­ly to blame for the beat­ings. Green­wald argued that the case rep­re­sent­ed a mis­guid­ed attempt to impose lia­bil­i­ty and pun­ish­ment on groups because of their polit­i­cal and reli­gious views. A fed­er­al judge threw out the case. . . .

“Anti-Immi­grant Groups Can’t Be Held Liable for Attack” [AP]; First Amend­ment Cen­ter; 9/16/2002. [22]

EXCERPT: A fed­er­al judge has dis­missed a civ­il rights law­suit that held sev­en anti-immi­gra­tion orga­ni­za­tions part­ly respon­si­ble for the bru­tal Sep­tem­ber 2000 attack on a pair of Mex­i­can day labor­ers.

But work­ers Israel Perez and Mag­daleno Estra­da can still pur­sue civ­il rights claims against the two men con­vict­ed of beat­ing them, U.S. Dis­trict Judge Joan­na Sey­bert ruled on Sept. 13.

In her deci­sion, Sey­bert said the sev­en groups did not vio­late the two immi­grants’ civ­il rights by mak­ing anti-immi­grant state­ments. A lawyer for one of the groups, the Farm­ingville-based Sachem Qual­i­ty of Life, praised the rul­ing. . . .

. . . Perez and Estra­da were beat­en and stabbed by Christo­pher Slavin and Ryan Wag­n­er in Sep­tem­ber 2000. The pair had posed as con­trac­tors look­ing for day labor­ers.

Both attack­ers were con­vict­ed of attempt­ed mur­der, and sen­tenced to 25 years in prison. . . .

. . . . The news­pa­per also report­ed that the law­suit claimed that the phi­los­o­phy of white suprema­cist orga­ni­za­tions — includ­ing the West Vir­ginia-based Nation­al Alliance and Amer­i­can Patrol in Sher­man Oaks, Calif. — urged racist vio­lence against Lati­no immi­grants and oth­er racial minori­ties. News­day report­ed that Brew­ing­ton said the group’s urg­ings prompt­ed the attacks.

“The law­suit was a very dan­ger­ous attempt to start impos­ing lia­bil­i­ty and pun­ish­ment on groups because of their polit­i­cal and reli­gious views,” Glenn Green­wald, a Man­hat­tan attor­ney rep­re­sent­ing the Nation­al Alliance and oth­er groups, was quot­ed by Newsweek as say­ing. “If you can be liable for the actions of oth­er peo­ple who hear your views, then you would be afraid to ever express any views that were ever uncon­ven­tion­al.”

 “Jew­ish Defense Orga­ni­za­tion Dossier on Glenn Green­wald”; scribd.com. [21]

EXCERPT: This is what tran­spired: In Sep­tem­ber 2000, two local racist skin­heads posed as home­build­ing con­trac­tors to lure two Mex­i­can day labor­ers to a ware­house where the white suprema­cists stabbed and near­ly beat the immi­grants to death. One of the assailants was tat­tooed with swastikas.The oth­er had a tat­too on his stom­ach of a skin­head men­ac­ing a kneel­ing Jew. Perez and Escamil­la were Mexican/Chicano day labor­ers resid­ing in Farm­ingville, New York. Escamil­la was blud­geoned by Slavin until he lost con­scious­ness; Perez too was clubbed by Slavin and was stabbed sev­er­al times by Wag­n­er. Escamil­la even­tu­al­ly regained con­scious­ness, and both plain­tiffs man­aged to escape. They were aid­ed by a pass­ing motorist who sum­moned the police.

“In Sep­tem­ber 2001, Perez and Escamil­la com­menced the present action under 42 U.S.C. §§ 1981, 1985, 1986, and 1988, and state law, with the fil­ing of a com­plaint signed by Brew­ing­ton, alleg­ing the above acts of vio­lence by Slavin and Wag­n­er. The­com­plaint also named as defen­dants sev­en advo­ca­cy orga­ni­za­tions (col­lec­tive­ly the“organization defen­dants”), describ­ing them as asso­ci­a­tions that advo­cat­ed hatred against var­i­ous groups on the basis of, inter alia, race, nation­al­i­ty, or reli­gion andal­leg­ing that Sachem, a Farm­ingville-based asso­ci­a­tion, “advocate[d] hatred and­in­tol­er­ance against immi­grants, and in par­tic­u­lar, day labor­ers” The com­plaint alleged that defen­dants had con­spired to deprive plain­tiffs and sim­i­lar­ly sit­u­at­ed immi­grant­la­bor­ers of, inter alia, their Fifth, Thir­teenth, and Four­teenth Amend­ment rights to trav­el, to enjoy equal pro­tec­tion of the laws, to “be free from badges and inci­dents of slavery,“and to “be free from assault and bat­tery moti­vat­ed by racial prej­u­dice”. It alleged that Slavin and Wag­n­er had “act­ed with the sup­port of “the orga­ni­za­tion defen­dants and that the assaults by Slavin and Wag­n­er con­sti­tut­ed overt acts in fur­ther­ance of the con­spir­a­cy.”

“Neo-Nazis and 9/11” by Jack McCarthy; Coun­ter­punch; 10/29/2001. [34]

EXCERPT: . . . . Upon perus­ing his speech­es from 1998–99, I dis­cov­ered that Pierce, who heads the so-called ‘Nation­al Alliance,’ did indeed utter some most inter­est­ing (pre‑9/11—if not prophetic—remarks about Osama bin Laden and bio-ter­ror­ism. The run­ning theme in Pierce’s com­men­taries is—to para­phrase his hero Hitler—that Osama Bin Laden’s warn­ing to Amer­i­ca is ‘I Am Com­ing.’ And so is bio-ter­ror­ism.

In one chill­ing com­men­tary Pierce, (after not­ing that Bin Laden and the rest of the lost gen­er­a­tion of angry Moslem youth had it with their par­ents’ com­pro­mis­es and were hell bent on revenge against infi­del Amer­i­ca) issued this stark, prophet­ic warn­ing in a 1998 radio address titled, ‘Stay Out of Tall Build­ings.’ ‘New York­ers who work in tall office build­ings any­thing close to the size of the World Trade Cen­ter might con­sid­er wear­ing hard hats . . .’ Pierce warned. . . . [Ital­ics are Mr. Emory’s]. . . .

The Turn­er Diaries; “Andrew Mac­don­ald;” Bar­ri­cade Books, Inc. [SC] 1996; Copy­right 1978, 1980 William Pierce; ISBN 1–56980–086–3; p. 201. [27]

EXCERPT. . . . I con­ferred pri­vately with Major Williams of the Wash­ing­ton Field Com­mand for more than an hour on the prob­lem of attack­ing the Pen­ta­gon. The military’s oth­er major com­mand cen­ters were either knocked out on Sep­tem­ber 8 or sub­se­quently con­sol­i­dated with the Pen­ta­gon, which the top brass appar­ently regards as impreg­nable. And it damned near is. We went over every pos­si­bil­ity we could think of, and we came up with no real­ly con­vinc­ing plan—except, per­haps one. That is to make an air deliv­ery of a bomb.

In the mas­sive ring of defens­es around the Pen­ta­gon there is a great deal of anti-air­craft fire­power, but we decid­ed that a small plane, fly­ing just above the ground, might be able to get through the three-mile gaunt­let with one of our 60-kilo­ton war­heads. One fac­tor in favor of such an attempt is that we have nev­er before used air­craft in such a way, and we might hope to catch the anti-air­craft crews off their guard.

Although the mil­i­tary is guard­ing all civ­il air­fields, it just hap­pens that we have an old crop duster stashed in a barn only a few miles from here. My imme­di­ate assign­ment is to pre­pare a detailed plan for an aer­ial attack on the Pen­ta­gon by next Mon­day. We must make a final deci­sion at the time and then act with­out fur­ther delay.

Novem­ber 9, 1993. It’s still three hours until first light, and all sys­tems are ‘go.’ I’ll use the time to write a few pages—my last diary entry. Then it’s a one-way trip to the Pen­ta­gon for me. The war­head is strapped into the front seat of the old Stear­man and rigged to det­o­nate either on impact or when I flip a switch in the back seat. Hope­fully, I’ll be able to mange a low-lev­el air burst direct­ly over the cen­ter of the Pen­ta­gon. Fail­ing that, I’ll at least try to fly as close as I can before I’m shot down.

Thus end Earl Turner’s diaries, as unpre­ten­tiously as they began. His final mis­sion was suc­cess­ful, of course, as we all are remind­ed each year on Novem­ber 9—our tra­di­tional Day of the Mar­tyrs. . . .

“Cal­i­for­nia Doc­tor’s Sui­cide Leaves Many Trou­bling Mys­ter­ies Unsolved” by Jo Thomas; The New York Times; 11/03/2002. [35]

EXCERPT: . . . . After his death, Detec­tive Ray said, the author­i­ties learned that Dr. Ford had been a con­sul­tant to Project Coast, which has been accused of cre­at­ing weapons for use against ene­mies of apartheid. They also dis­cov­ered that he had held extreme racist views and had once told a girl­friend that to under­stand him, she should read ”The Turn­er Diaries,” the anti-Semit­ic and white suprema­cist nov­el, pop­u­lar among far-right groups, that was pros­e­cu­tors say inspired the Okla­homa City bomb­ing.

Over the years, Dr. Ford made a num­ber of trips to South Africa. His lab­o­ra­to­ry assis­tant and con­stant com­pan­ion, Valerie Kesler, says she trav­eled there with him at least six times.

Speak­ing through her lawyer, Ms. Kesler said that Dr. Ford had once car­ried a vial in his vest pock­et and hand­ed it to a South African offi­cial at the air­port. Dr. Ford, she remem­bered, was extreme­ly ner­vous through­out the flight. Years lat­er, she said, she real­ized that the vial held lethal bac­te­ria, endan­ger­ing every­one on the plane. . . .

1988: Neo-Nazi Group Founds Pub­lish­ing House, Pub­lish­es Book to Inspire White Assas­sins; [29]His­to­ry Com­mons [29]

EXCERPT: . . . .William Pierce, the founder of the neo-Nazi Nation­al Alliance (see 1970–1974) and the author of the inflam­ma­to­ry and high­ly influ­en­tial white suprema­cist nov­el The Turn­er Diaries (see 1978), over­sees the cre­ation of a pub­lish­ing firm for the Alliance, Nation­al Van­guard Books. It will pub­lish a num­ber of works, most promi­nent­ly a reprint of The Turn­er Diaries and Pierce’s sec­ond nov­el, Hunter, which tells the sto­ry of a white assas­sin who kills minori­ties, par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­ra­cial cou­ples. He ded­i­cates Hunter to Joseph Paul Franklin, con­vict­ed of the sniper mur­ders of two African-Amer­i­can men (see 1980). Pierce will lat­er tell his biog­ra­ph­er that he wrote Hunter as a delib­er­ate moti­va­tion­al tool for assas­sins, say­ing, “From the begin­ning with Hunter, I had this idea of how fic­tion can work as a teach­ing tool in mind.” In 2002, the Cen­ter for New Com­mu­ni­ty will write, “Like The Turn­er Diaries, the book has inspired sev­er­al real-life acts of racist ter­ror” (see Jan­u­ary 4, 2002 and After). In 1991, Nation­al Van­guard will expand into releas­ing audio­tapes, which by Decem­ber 1992 will spawn a radio show, Amer­i­can Dis­si­dent Voic­es. In 1993, it will begin pub­lish­ing com­ic books tar­get­ed at chil­dren and teenagers. . . .

“The Turn­er Diaries, Oth­er Racist Nov­els, Inspire Extrem­ist Vio­lence” by Camille Jack­son; South­ern Pover­ty Law Cen­ter Intel­li­gence Report; Fall 2004, #115. [24]

EXCERPT: Few works of fic­tion have moved read­ers to action quite like The Turn­er Diaries. Writ­ten under a pseu­do­nym by William Pierce, late founder of the neo-Nazi Nation­al Alliance, the bloody race-war nov­el has been dubbed the “bible of the racist right” by the FBI.

Pub­lished in 1978, The Turn­er Diaries has fueled some of the last two decades’ most infa­mous out­breaks of extrem­ist vio­lence, includ­ing Tim­o­thy McVeigh’s bomb­ing of the Mur­rah Fed­er­al Build­ing in Okla­homa City. Although The Turn­er Diaries may be the most famous such nov­el, it is nei­ther the first nor the last nov­el­ized ver­sion of dire con­spir­a­cies and dras­tic solu­tions.

Pierce told his sem­i­nal sto­ry through two years of diary entries by his white-suprema­cist hero, Earl Turn­er. Turn­er car­ries out orders for the Orga­ni­za­tion, an under­ground group strug­gling against the Sys­tem — an anti-white, anti-gun U.S. gov­ern­ment that con­tin­u­al­ly puts more restric­tions on its cit­i­zens.

Using “det­o­na­tors, timers, ignit­ers and oth­er gad­gets” built by Turn­er, the Orga­ni­za­tion spawns vicious war­fare between blacks, Jews and whites as it takes over the coun­try, city by city.

Despite Pierce’s stilt­ed prose — a holdover, maybe, from his career as a physics pro­fes­sor — the vio­lence is unfor­get­tably vivid. Turn­er describes slic­ing the throat of a Jew­ish shop own­er “from ear to ear,” mur­der­ing a Wash­ing­ton Post edi­tor with two shot­gun blasts, and watch­ing starv­ing blacks bar­be­cue and eat white chil­dren.

By the nov­el­’s end, Turn­er is work­ing for an elite sur­vival­ist group called the Order and plot­ting a sui­cide mis­sion — fly­ing a crop-duster plane strapped with a war­head into the Pen­ta­gon, the Sys­tem’s last remain­ing mil­i­tary strong­hold. “Two-thirds of the troops around the Pen­ta­gon are nig­gers,” Turn­er writes in his jour­nal, “which should great­ly enhance my chances of get­ting through.”

Pub­lished by Pierce’s own Nation­al Van­guard Press, The Turn­er Diaries did­n’t exact­ly rock­et up the best-sell­er lists when it first appeared. But Pierce cer­tain­ly got through to Bob Math­ews.

A neo-Nazi fol­low­er, Math­ews orga­nized a real-life group called The Order, based on Pierce’s fic­tion­al Order, which com­mit­ted a series of armored car heists and plot­ted seri­ous racist vio­lence before ambush­ing and mur­der­ing Jew­ish radio talk show host Alan Berg in 1984. . . .

Broth­er­hood and Mur­der by Thomas Mar­tinez; Google Books; p. 234. [30]

EXCERPT: . . . .The per­former also said ” . . . Some very old Ger­man fam­i­lies [in South Amer­i­ca] were giv­ing Bob [Matthews, leader of The Order] some mon­ey.” . . .

. . . For exam­ple, as long ago as 1978, Man­fred Roed­er [31], who head­ed the rem­nants of the Ger­man Nazi Par­ty, trav­eled to Brazil, where he met with Josef Men­gele and oth­er Nazi lead­ers. Imme­di­ate­ly after­ward, Roed­er trav­eled to the Unit­ed States, where–according to the ADL–he met with Dr. William Pierce, among oth­ers. . . .”