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So It Begins, Part 2: Bertelsmann Occupies Town in Yorkshire (Sit Down Before You Read This)

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Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda chief, once said: ‘In 50 years’ time nobody will think of nation states.’

COMMENT: In a previous post, we have covered a huge issue, being eclipsed by Egyptian turmoil and the continuing “disclosures” (note the quotes) following “Snowden’s Ride.”

That issue is a proposed free trade agreement between the U.S. and the EU. We could do no better than to quote from our previous discussion:

“Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are lining up behind an enormous EU/US trade deal, which would bring the U.S. and the EU into a single market–the largest in the world.

As a general consideration, we don’t approve of these kinds of agreements. NAFTA and its litter-mates generally benefit corporate interests at the expense of the citizens whose prosperity they are supposed to elevate.

We are very, very leery of this whopper. 

No doubt we will be deluged by rhetoric assuring us that the agreement will bring jobs, jobs, jobs and lots of good vibes all around.

Indeed it may do just that–for Germany, in all likelihood. . . . “

If our fears concerning this issue seem overblown, ponder the development discussed in the text excerpt below.

Under the provisions of the EU, the Bertelsmann corporation has assumed the civic government of a town in Yorkshire of the United Kingdom! The remarkable nature of this could not be exaggerated–a private company has taken charge of the governmental administration of a municipal district belonging to a foreign country!

Note, in this context, that the United Kingdom is NOT part of the EMU. It IS,however, part of the EU and its inclusion in that organization has led to a gradual but tangible loss of national sovereignty. That grimly gradual process is chronicled at this website.

Bertelsmann is the former supplier of books for the SS. Bertelsmann will dominate the new Random House/Penguin merged unit, which will control 25% of the world’s publishing business. It is now the largest publisher in the world and dominates English language publishing.

Formerly headed by “former” SS man Heinrich Mohn, Bertelsmann shows every indication of maintaining its Nazi character and obscuring them at the same time. Its official house historian published books blaming World War II on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. imperialism anJewish control of the U.S. news media. (Bertelsmann is continuing its efforts in the music business, as well.)

Should the U.S. go forward with this deal and become legally and institutionally entangled with the German-dominated EU, the “East Riding precedent” could be realized in this country.

“Economic control automatically yields political control.”

Think about it!

“Britons Under German Administration: Notorious Publisher of Nazi Propaganda Takes over Administration of 350,000 Britons in Yorkshire” [german-foreign-policy.com], translated by Edward Spalton [Introduction by Rodney Atkinson]; freenations.freeuk.com; 4/14/2005.

EXCERPT: Europe’s largest media company, the German firm Bertelsmann AG, is taking over official tasks normally performed by public authority in Great Britain. From July 2005 a Bertelsmann subsidiary will undertake the majority of public administration in a British local authority. The plan is regarded by the German firm as a “pilot project of strategic importance” for its expansion into a multi billion market. Across Europe, Bertelsmann aims to expand within the framework of the so-called “Public/Private Partnership” into areas which are presently under the control of nation states and to carry out activities which are normally reserved to publicly responsible local authorities. Great Britain is also a target of Bertelsmann’s expansion in print media. By a joint venture enterprise with two other German media firms in the construction of new large-scale printing facilities abroad, Bertelsmann is aiming to gain market leadership in European newspaper printing.

From July the German firm Arvato AG, a totally owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann AG, will take over the majority of the administration of the British local authority, the East Riding of Yorkshire, which has around 350,000 inhabitants. About five hundred local authority employees will switch to Bertelsmann. So a German firm will be entrusted with carrying out duties which were previously under the authority of the British state. These include public and statutory duties (such as are carried out by a state, local authority or public corporation) to fulfill requirements under public law. The exercise of these powers of government is normally the preserve of responsible local government officials who have a special duty to the local authority and bear allegiance to the state. In a few months Arvato will become responsible for paying wages and social benefits as well as collecting council tax, fees and charges. It will provide a citizens’ bureau and the Council’s total information technology requirement . (*1)


The German conglomerate sees the takeover of administration in the East Riding as “a pilot project of strategic importance” for expansion into a multi-billion pound market. . . .


2 comments for “So It Begins, Part 2: Bertelsmann Occupies Town in Yorkshire (Sit Down Before You Read This)”

  1. It’s a fascinating story. And totally off my radar. Arvato’s municipal full-service office/data mass out-sourcing division is just a small part of its global business too. And in Yorkshire it’s a public-private “partnership” of corporate cuddling and munching that’s been going on for years:

    Yorkshire Post
    Tories accused over jobs promise

    18 April, 2007

    A ROW has broken out after claims that hundreds of jobs promised in the East Riding 18 months ago have so far failed to materialise.

    The Liberal Democrats have accused the Conservative leadership on East Riding Council of failing to come up with the goods, following the 2005 deal with media services giant arvato AG.

    But the Conservatives have hit back, saying the Lib Dems are desperately trying to hang onto their seats in the May elections and they are confident the jobs will come within the four-year deadline set at the time.

    The 14m-a-year deal between East Riding Council and the German media and business provider saw 500 council staff transfer across to arvato.

    As part of the eight-year deal, arvato, the service arm of giant media group Bertelsmann AG, is contracted to create 600 jobs at the end of four years.

    The deal has also involved a joint venture company being set up – with the East Riding Council owning 20 per cent of the shares – to sell services to other local authorities and private companies, with the aim of employing hundreds more staff.

    At the time, the decision to hand over the services was controversial.

    But unions representing the 500 staff, including revenue, ICT, customer service centres and occupational health, backed the move, which protected salaries, terms and conditions.

    However the Lib Dems are questioning why no new jobs have been created so far.

    Lib Dem Leader Coun David Nolan, who represents Willerby and Kirk Ella, said: “The Conservatives promised 600 new jobs as a result of this contract.

    “Over 6,000 unemployed East Riding residents are seeking work and these jobs could make a difference to their lives and their families.

    “All they have had is glitz and spin but no jobs.

    “Eighteen months after the promises were made, our question to the Conservative council leader is very simple: ‘Where are the jobs you promised?’.”

    Arvato managing director Rainer Majcen said he was “a bit perplexed” by the Lib Dems’ criticism so early in the project.

    They were in a bidding process with international companies and were looking at office/administration type jobs, which could include a call centre element, he said.

    “We are absolutely confident we will create these 600 jobs,” he said.

    No doubt the job situation worked out for everyone! Those 600 or so new jobs will show up somewhere.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | July 10, 2013, 11:40 pm
  2. Not Bertelsmann, but…



    German Magazine Said to Glorify Nazis Will End
    Published: September 13, 2013

    FRANKFURT — The German publisher of InTouch and numerous other magazines said Friday that it would stop publishing a pulp magazine criticized by an American Jewish group for heroic portrayals of German war criminals in World War II.

    Bauer Media Group, based in Hamburg, said it would stop publishing Der Landser, which said it was simply offering tales of ordinary soldiers in World War II but was the subject of complaints by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, which said the magazine promoted flattering stories about officers and units associated with the Holocaust.

    The decision by Bauer was a major victory for the Wiesenthal Center. The magazine had survived numerous challenges since being founded in the 1950s by a veteran of the Luftwaffe, the German air force before and during World War II. Der Landser had long been at the fulcrum of a debate about how to balance free speech with efforts to eradicate the neo-Nazi movement and persistent anti-Semitism.

    Nazi propaganda is illegal in Germany, as is denial of the Holocaust. The Wiesenthal Center said Der Landser glorified the actions of units that were associated with war crimes, while ignoring atrocities.

    One recent issue was devoted to the exploits in Greece of an S.S. unit that was part of Hitler’s personal bodyguard corps. As Der Landser portrayed it, Greek villagers were grateful to have been conquered.

    Bauer “had no alternative given the overwhelming evidence,” Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Wiesenthal Center, said Friday by telephone from Los Angeles. In a study, the center had documented how officers and units portrayed by the magazine were involved in mass murder of Jews or partisans and other atrocities.

    Rabbi Hier said he thought Bauer Media had taken the complaint seriously. “They did the right thing,” he said. “They got out in front of the matter.”

    In a statement, Bauer Media said a review by an outside lawyer that it hired found that the magazine did not violate German law. But the company decided to close the publication anyway in line with its “portfolio strategy.”

    Der Landser originally drew its readership from unrepentant German war veterans, but as that readership died off the magazine became popular with right-wing extremists, law enforcement authorities said.

    Posted by Vanfield | September 15, 2013, 2:18 pm

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