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Strange Bedfellows

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COMMENT: One of the stranger stories we have seen recently concerns the opening of a “halal sex shop” in Saudi Arabia. What really piqued our interest was the founder of the firm, “former Nazi pilot Beate Use-Rotermund.” We wonder if, like the other big German firms, this company– the largest sex company in the world–is tied at a fundamental level to the Bormann capital network?

If this outfit were to establish an online dating service, might it be termed “Halal Meet”?

“For the Pilgrim Who Has Nearly Everything: First ‘Halal’ Sex Shop to Open in Mecca” by Oliver Lane; Breitbart.com; 4/22/2015.

Dutch-German ‘Sharia compliant’ sex aid company is to establish a shop in Mecca, the Saudi Arabian city considered holy in Islam as it is believed to be the birth place of Mohammed.

Despite the outwardly controversial nature of the planned establishment, negotiations have taken place with local clerics and sheikhs to ensure it is fully compliant with Sharia law while owner Abdelaziz Aouragh says they are nearly ready to open. The Moroccan Muslim, who founded el Asira in 2012 said despite the commonly held belief that Muslim women are sexually repressed, this was not the case.

Aouragh said: “The image of women in the kitchen with burqa is not a true picture… There is a lot of love and respect Islam has for adult women. Our store puts women at the center, offers information, and provides answers to frequently asked questions on sex”, reports the International Business Times.

The company, which retails products such as ‘glide and care sensual silicone’ sexual lube from the ‘Sensual Arabica Collection’ and retails the ‘touch her gently creme’, has recently merged with German sex shop giant and porn baron Beate Uhse AG, the largest sex company in the world. The company was founded by former Nazi German pilot Beate Uhse-Rotermund in 1946. . . . .


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