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Strange Brew in L.A.: Massage Parlors, German Nazis, Arson, Chechnyan Refugees

COMMENT: A case that raises more questions than it answers continues to unfold in Los Angeles.  A German citizen of Chechnyan extraction was arrested for setting numerous fires in the L.A. area.

He allegedly performed the acts to protest his mother’s impending extradition to Germany. Following the arrest, his mother had some interesting things to say. (His mother appears to have been involved in the sex business and there may have been other criminal money-making enterprises in which both engaged.)

Dorothee Burkhart expressed fears that German Nazis may have been after her son and her conviction that Germany was secretly run by Nazis [1] operating out of public view, not an altogether reasonable view.

Among the considerations to be weighed in this puzzling story:

“Arson Suspect Took a Twisted Path to Los Angeles” by Joel Rubin and Kim Murphy; The Los Angeles Times; 1/7/2011. [2]

EXCERPT: . . . Indeed, as investigators have begun to unravel the Burkharts’ tightly intertwined lives, they have happened upon a story perhaps more incredible than the fires themselves. It’s a tale of massage parlors, small-time con games, neo-Nazi conspiracies, and investigations into mysterious fires set in three countries.

With much of the details coming from Dorothee and Harry themselves — in volumes of convoluted testimony filed in a failed attempt to gain political asylum in Canada — it is harder yet to know where truth blurs into fiction. . . .