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Swedish Nazi Background of Assange Accuser’s Accuser

Comment: The web has been abuzz with a story about connections between Julian Assange’s accuser and the Anti-Castro Cuban milieu harnessed by Oliver North to effect the Iran-Contra machinations. (Assange has been charged with rape in Sweden–a country who’s rape laws are considerably different from those in the U.S.)

What has been absent from the discussion has been the fact that writer “Israel Shamir” is actually a Swedish anti-Semite with profound connections to an international Nazi/fascist milieu. (“Shamir”–real name Joran Jermas–wrote his piece about Assange accuser Anna Ardin in Alexander Cockburn’s Counterpunch.)

Shamir is also a liar, who has systematically misrepresented his professional credentials. His appearance in defense of WikiLeaks is all the more interesting because of Swedish fascist financier Carl Lundstrom’s underwriting of Pirate Bay. (Pirate Bay and associated elements have been major sources of support for Assange and WikiLeaks.)

Lundstrom is a patron of the same Nazi publishing outfit–Nordic Publishers–that has published Joran Jermas’ translator Lars Adelskog.

“Israeli Writer Is Swedish Anti-Semite” by Tor Bach, Sven Johansen and Lise Apfelbum; The Searchlight; May/2004.

Excerpt: A man who claims to be one of Israel’s leading intellectuals is also a Swedish anti -semitic writer. Israel Shamir presents himself on his website as a leading Russian-Israeli intellectual and a writer, translator and journalist. But in 2001 he changed his name to Jöran Jermas and has surrounded himself in Sweden and Norway with anti-semites and strange conspiracy theorists. . . .

. . . Jermas’s translator in Norway is Hans Olav Brendberg, a teacher, who was recently asked to leave the executive committee of a branch of the Red Electoral Alliance (RV). The left-wing RV, which took 1.2% of the vote in the general election in 2001 and has over 80 local councillors, accused Brendberg of making anti-Jewish statements on the internet and in his work as Jermas’s translator.

Brendberg, 35, stirred up controversy after writing articles for the left-wing daily Klassekampen in which he charged the Jews with killing Christ and hating all non-Jews. But it is through the KK-forum, Klassekampen’s semi-official web-based discussion forum, that Brendberg has gained most notoriety for statements such as: “Millions of nice Germans have always existed but not one of them is mentioned in Anne Frank’s Diaries. As for the broader picture: is not the world bigger than the attic of a Dutch city apartment block?”

On several occasions, Brendberg has referred to Kevin MacDonald, an extreme right-wing American, as an authority on Jewish matters. MacDonald, a professor at an obscure Californian university, is a white racist, antisemitic, anti-black, anti-left apologist for Hitler’s genocide and an inveterate fascist.

MacDonald is perhaps most infamous for his claim that the Jews have effected a breeding programme to conquer other “races”. He appeared in court as a witness on behalf of David Irving, the British quasi-historian and Hitler admirer, in his libel case against Deborah Lipstadt. . . .

. . . Shamir has found other, even more extreme friends in Sweden. One of his Swedish translators, Lars Adelskog, is not only a leading figure in the Swedish UFO movement but can also be found in the jungle of conspiracy theories where the Illuminati, the Freemasons and lizards in human form are supposedly working together to end civilisation as we know it.

Adelskog’s last book bore the profound title En tom säck kan inte stå (An empty bag cannot stand) and was published by the openly nazi publisher Nordiska Förlaget. This organisation also sells books by MacDonald, Hitler and Irving. In his latest book, Adelskog tries in typical nazi style to “prove” that the Nazi genocide of the Jews never took place.

Adelskog was previously the editor of the Swedish “alternative” magazine Nexus, where he also spread his pet conspiracy theories. The Nationalsocialistisk Front later touted unsold issues of Nexus through its website.

Jermas/Shamir himself is no stranger to conspiracy theories. When he visited Norway in 2001, he made the laughable claim in the mainstream newspaper Adresseavisa that many Jews received text messages warning them to get out of the World Trade Centre in New York before the terror attacks of 11 September.

Another outlet that eagerly promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories is the Russian magazine Zavtra and its editor Alexander Prokhanov. While in Moscow, Jermas worked as a journalist for Zavtra, which has been described as Russia’s most antisemitic rag. When the notorious racist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke went to Russia to promote his new book, Jewish Supremacism, and his National Association for the Advancement of White People, it was on Prokhanov’s invitation.

Despite the dogs with which he is willing to lie down, Jermas does not seem afraid of catching fleas. In the USA, Alex Linder of Kirksville, Missouri, who has seemingly fallen from grace in the nazi National Alliance (NA), has set up his own outfit called the Vanguard News Network. Lindner is eagerly promoting a forthcoming congress of Holocaust liars in Sacramento this year and published parts of a peculiar email correspondence with Jermas, posing under his old name of Shamir. . . .

Comment: “Shamir” has not been shy about his views, posting his rabid, Medieval anti-Semitic views on his website.

“Lord Ahmed’s Unwelcome Guest” by Stephen Pollard; The Sunday Times; 4/7/2005.

Excerpt: . . . He has worked for Zavtra, Russia’s most anti-Semitic publication, and is allied with the Vanguard News Network, set up by an American, Alex Linder — a man so extreme that he was even ostracised by the US neo-Nazi National Alliance.

Indeed, Shamir/Jermas’s own website proudly reprints his views: “Jews asked God to kill, destroy, humiliate, exterminate, defame, starve, impale Christians, to usher in Divine Vengeance and to cover God’s mantle with blood of goyim . . . ” “The Ashkenazi Jews believed that spilled Jewish blood has a magic effect of calling down Divine Vengeance on the heads of the Gentiles . . . The picture of Jews slaughtering children for cultic reasons exerted huge impact on the Christian peoples of Europe.” On and on it goes. . . .


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