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The Al-Dura Hoax: Another Judicial Ruling in the Case of Philippe Karsenty

COMMENT: A recent French  judicial ruling has been rendered in the case of Philippe Karsenty. As discussed in FTR #719, the emblematic incident involving the supposed slaying by Israeli troops of a Palestinian boy named Mohamed al-Dura is a readily verifiable hoax.

Despite irrefutable evidence that al-Dura could NOT have been killed by Israeli fire and may not have been killed at all, French television, the French judicial and political establishments and the world’s media have fervently clung to the Palestinian Big Lie of the boy as a martyr to the cause.

We should note that the al-Dura case was cited by bin Laden and the murderers of Daniel Pearl as justification for their bloodletting, in addition to setting a precedent of Arabs staging phony war crimes and atrocities allegedly committed by Israeli troops as propaganda for their cause. (The Lebanon war of 2006 and the Gaza war of early 2009 were salient examples of this. The Goldstone report–alleging the veracity of the phony Israeli atrocities has been refuted by Richard Goldstone himself.)

Do note the absence of media coverage of Karsenty’s case. This one-sided, dishonest media slant is among the contributing factors to the ongoing crisis in that part of the world.

At the end of the day, that slant buttresses the Israeli right-wing‘s point of view, which is that Israel is on its own, and should act to protect itself, regardless of the views of others.

Should the Israelis make the consummate mistake of attacking Iran, the resulting debacle will derive in part from this type of institutionalized bigotry.

“Communique from Philippe Karsenty: Reaction to the Decision of the Court of Cassation Verdict Rendered on 2/28/2012.”; myrightword.blogspot.com; 2/29/2012.

TEXT: Contrary to the recommendation of the advocate general, advising the court to reject the appeal filed by Charles Enderlin and France 2, the Court of Cassation [France’s highest court] nullified the acquittal pronounced by the Appellate Court of Paris on May 21, 2008.

The nullification, which is disciplinary and based on a legal technicality, does not prejudge the outcome: the Court of Cassation deems that the Appellate Court of Paris could not order France 2 to show the raw footage containing images that were not broadcast by France 2. However, the legal criteria of my good faith– quality of the investigation, absence of personal animosity, legitimacy of aim and purpose, prudent and measured expression – were not challenged.

Charles Enderlin, France 2, and I will find ourselves in court again at an undetermined date to plead our cases in the al Dura affair. The case will be heard again in the Appellate Court of Paris, by a different panel of judges convened to reexamine the facts.

I serenely anticipate the hearing that will allow me to present once more to the court and concerned media the demonstration that France 2 broadcast a staged scene as news on September 30, 2000.

In more than eleven years of controversy, we have brought dozens of pieces of evidence and scientific expertise showing that the scene was staged, whereas France 2, Charles Enderlin, and their cameraman have never been able to prove the veracity of their reportage. Further, it has been revealed through a succession of court cases that France 2, Charles Enderlin, his cameraman, and the father of young Mohamed have lied on several occasions to cover their media fraud.

I have presented the al Dura affair in many journalism schools and festivals, in prestigious European and American universities, before the Senate and the House of Lords; no one has ever succeeded in refuting the evidence of a staged scene.

I call upon open-minded people to pursue the search for the truth. This is a combat for the honor of the journalistic profession, for justice, for democracy and against disinformation; a combat against the murderous anti-Semitism conveyed by this reportage. I ask those who in good faith believed the narration imposed by this reportage to simply examine the facts without prejudgment.

It is the uncompromising establishment of the truth that will contribute to the sorely needed peace, tolerance, and friendship among people and nations.


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