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The Amber Room and the Polish Treasure Train

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The Amber Room

COMMENT: In FTR #234, we examined the mystery surrounding the Amber Room, a remarkable room made of carved amber that was given to Peter the Great by the Prussian king. 

Many listeners have noted the discovery of what appears to be a Nazi treasure train, which had been successfully hidden in a tunnel in Poland. An article in The Daily Mail speculates that the train may contain the fabled Amber Room. IF those reports are correct, it will be interesting to see what becomes of the negotiations that will follow.

Might the Amber Room play into the complex negotiating unfolding with regard to Ukraine? Was the discovery of the train truly accidental or was this “accident” pre-determined?

Note that,as discussed in FTR #234, the Amber Room was a focal point of interest on the part of the Bormann network.

“Nazi Gold Train Could Contain Ornate 250 Pound ‘Amber Room’ Given to Tsar Peter the Great by the King of Prussia–and Missing Since It Was Looted in World War II” by Flora Drury; The Daily Mail [UK]; 8/29/2015.

The Nazi gold train could contain an ornate room crafted out of amber, gold and precious jewels which has been missing since it was looted during World War Two, it has been claimed.

Journalist Tom Bower, who wrote Nazi Gold: the Full Story of the Fifty-Year Swiss-Nazi Conspiracy to Steal, has said he believes there is a high likelihood the hidden locomotive is filled with art and precious jewels, rather than bars of gold.

But what he really hopes to find in the train discovered abandoned in a tunnel underneath a Polish mountain is the Amber Room, stolen from the Catherine Palace, near St Petersburg, in about 1941.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Bower said: ‘If it is an art train, there will be paintings, there will be perhaps diamonds, there will be rubies and precious stones and also, the one thing that’s always been missing, the Amber Room.

‘I think it is far more exciting to think perhaps that is in the train.’

The Nazis dismantled the room – thought to be worth about £250million – when they arrived at the Russian palace in October 1941.

The Russians had tried to conceal the grand room, a gift to Peter the Great by the King of Prussia in 1716, by covering it in wallpaper, but their plan was foiled.

The room was then taken by the Germans by rail to Koenigsberg Castle, in what was then East Prussia. Now, the castle is found in the city of Kaliningrad.

But it disappeared In January 1945, after air raids and a savage ground assault on the city.

While some claimed it had been destroyed in the raids, others reported seeing 40 wagons moving away from the castle under a cloak of secrecy after the city fell to the Red Army.

To Mr Bower, it is entirely possible the train may have made the almost 400-mile journey across Poland to Walbrzych, on the border with the Czech Republic.

‘As the Russians advanced and the Allies came in from the west, there was a huge movement as the Germans sought to keep it for themselves,’ he explained.

Initially taken with a grain of salt, the story has gained credibility after a culture ministry official said he saw a ground-penetrating radar image of the alleged train on which he could make out platforms and cannons.

‘I’m more than 99 percent sure such a train exists, but the nature of its contents is unverifiable at the moment,’ Deputy Culture Minister Piotr Zuchowski said Friday.


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