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The Ball Lightning Automatic Fighter

Excerpted from Intercept—But Don’t Shoot by Renato Vesco.

“ . . . Parallel with the formation of the special S.S. Air Corps, the S.S. Technical General Staff had not only espoused Marshal Goering’s pressing demands for the preparation of the ‘decisive’ fighter, but had implemented them by having all the aeronautic advances of the past two years sent to the industrial combine of the ‘G. Werke.’ Thus the principle of the symmetrical circular aircraft was combined with direct gyroscopic stabilization; synthetic fire-damp was combined with the multiple-batteried blower cannon; a gelatinous organic metallic hypercombustible was combined with the total reaction turbine; television-controlled flying was combined with vertical take-off and landing; armor that was sensitive to small-caliber projectiles and radio control that was free of enemy jamming were combined with the active blinding of enemy radar; infrared search ‘eyes’ were combined with electrostatic weapon firing. This marked the rapid development of the Feuerball, which finally became a weapon. The Kugelblitz (Ball Lightning), which apparently for greater safety combined the electrostatic firing device with an analogous short-wave device manufactured by the Patent-Verwertungs Gesellschaft of Salzburg, lumped together in a single compact mass the wings, tail, and fuselage of ordinary planes, but it had nothing in common with them in either form or performance. It was the first example of the ‘jet-lift’ aircraft.”
Vesco, 1971: pp 156-157.

“After a single lucky wartime mission, the Kugelblitz was subsequently destroyed by technical detachments of retreating S.S. troops, and thanks to the instructions that had been given to the investigators of the T Force by the exceedingly strict British military censorship, nothing else has come out since then.

Even if ufologists do not know it or refuse to admit it, the Kugelblitz, older brother of the Feuerball antiradar device, is the second authentic antecedent of the present-day flying saucers and it is with them—and with the other German devices of the same family (spinning bombs, lenticular bombs, ramming fighters, and flying spheres)—that the true history or, if you like, the prehistory of the UFO question begins. . . .
Vesco, 1971: p 157.


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