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The “camo pants” coincidence in Newtown, CT, part 3: updates and caveats

Here’s another update on the reports of a “second shooter” and the still unidentified “camo pants” man:
It appears that the mystery of Mr. Rodia has potentially been cleared up and he appears to be innocent and only coincidentally caught up in this event:
It looks like Mr. Rodia was actually pulled over in his car during the event and was not driving the possible suspect “vehicle”.

First, go here to the police scanner audio and skip to ~25:36 and you’ll hear an officer list a completely different set of plates and say “radar” (suggesting it was a pulled over speeding vehicle). We then hear that same officers voice(or a very similar voice) at ~30:43 say “run the operator as well, the name is …” and then he lists Mr. Rodia’s name and date of birth. And a completely different voice calls in the “possible suspects vehicle” as “872 YEO” plate at ~30:22. So at this point the only evidence regarding Mr. Rodia is the fact that he was apparently speeding somewhere within the range of the individual that was recording the radio scans and got pulled over. The listing of his name and date of birth was coincidentally done ~20 seconds after an officer reads the “872 YEO” plate number on the shooter’s vehicle. That’s it. This is a reminder of why we must maintain the stance of really believing these individuals that get swept up in the post-tragedy aftermath are innocent until proven guilty, especially early on when minimal info is available. Unless information comes out suggesting that he was speeding away from the school wearing “camo pants”, we should probably all take the attitude that Mr. Rodia just got really screwed by circumstance. The guy didn’t deserve this so if you meet him, buy him a beer (assuming you’re 21+).

Moving on a tangential topic, as the interwebs has been poring over the unresolved mysteries surrounding this event, I have observed this default attitude that if there was more going on than meets the eye in this story, it’s clearly because this a all part of a secret government plot to steal American’s guns. And then it’s off to the FEMA camps or something. This is a dominant attitude in mainstream news comments speculating on a “coverup” as well as the vast vast majority of posters/commenters on the various websites that delve into these types matters. The point being, those folks that are convinced that the government is staging terrorist attacks to take away everyone’s guns should recall that Timothy McVeigh bombed a Federal building in order to incite a government crack down on the militias and eventually trigger a civil war. Folks need to review the material on this site regarding the neo-Nazi literature that lays out gruesome terrorist attack templates that are intended to provoke a government backlash in order to destabilize society. Notice how the rapidly growing ‘prepper movement’ – one of the most heavily armed and already alienated subsets of society – is now in the national cross-hairs and fearing that that they will now have their guns taken away AND they also might be involuntarily committed to a mental institution if new mental health screening regimes get underway and they’re deemed crazy. That may not be part of the current proposals but it’s the implied “endgame” of the new “holistic” approaches that focus on preemptive mental health screenings to catch those that aren’t yet crazy enough to go on a shooting spree. People will project outward from whatever the new mental health screening approaches are discussed in the national discourse so when vague talk of “we need to prevent crazy people from getting guns” becomes part of the national discourse, keep in mind that a lot of “crazy” people currently have guns and might be freaked out about such proposals. From a social destabilization standpoint that kind of situation is kind of ideal for any groups looking to foment societal discord, especially when infused with a “they’re coming for your guns to take your freedom” political environment. Note the NRA’s policy proposal: “Good guys” with guns in every school. When one of the most powerful lobbies in the countries advocates turning society into a John Wayne movie in response to an event like this, you know we are in dangerous territory.

So while interweb speculation over what happened in Newtown is inevitable given the disasterous reporting filled with anomalies, the folks that are inquiring about evidence of accomplices in this latest tragedy need to keep in mind that a situation that points towards a “coverup” but never actually solves “who did it” is also an ideal outcome from a social destabilization standpoint. If we are left with a sense that “something” was off but we never get any resolution, that is exactly the kind of scenario that could contribute towards millions of very right-wing gun-owning Americans that “the government” is staging false flag horrific events in order to get take everyone’s guns away. Again, folks need to recall that the far-right has a really scary track record when it comes to domestic terrorist attacks intended to provoke a ‘response’:

FBI: McVeigh knew children would be killed in OKC blast
March 29, 2001

A bomb ripped through the building on April 19, 1995, killing 168 people in the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Fifteen children inside a day-care center were killed when the bomb ripped through the building; four others elsewhere in the building were killed.

FBI agent Danny Defenbaugh says he has no doubt McVeigh knew the day-care center was there.

“No matter what … if you look at the building, you’re going to see all the little cut-out hands, all the little apples and flowers showing that there’s a kindergarten there — that there are children in that building,” Defenbaugh told CNN Correspondent Susan Candiotti in an exclusive interview.

In excerpts from a book that were distributed to newspapers and broadcasters by the Associated Press, McVeigh for the first time told his story of what he did and why.

McVeigh expresses no remorse and calls the children killed in the bombing “collateral damage.” He was even angry that he didn’t destroy the whole building. “Damn, I didn’t knock the building down,” he said.

“I understand what they felt in Oklahoma City. I have no sympathy for them,” McVeigh told the authors of “American Terrorist: Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing.”

While the national media continues to fixate on how to predict which of the millions odd “loners” in society will possibly become mass-killers (because that approach isn’t going to create more people with a societal persecution complex or anything. The War on Mental Illness will be awesome), we have to recall that one of the effective predictors of a willingness to go on a mass killing spree for no clear reason is an indoctrination into far-right militant extremist ideology. That’s something all the folks on the interwebs that are assuming a “false flag terror attack=””the government wants to take our guns” should also recall.

Those same interweb conspiracy sleuths need to also recall that it’s not just the Columbine shooters that were immersed in neo-Nazi ideologies. Everyone remember how the 2005 attack on an Indian reservation in Minnesota was conducted by a young man infused with white-power hatred? Everyone remember how the 2008 NIU shooter had a history of violent impulses and delved so deeply into the Satanism and white-power hate ideologies in high school that he had to have him hospitalized to treat it? Or the attacks by overt white-supremacists? And anyone noting how a pattern of no discernible motive in these shootings being conducted by people infused in dehumanizing ideologies that promote domestic terrorism as a means of social destabilization? Of course we don’t remember that stuff because every time one of these things happen the only thing we seem to recall about past shooters is that they were “odd” and “quiet loners” without a history of violence or any real warning signs beyond their shy awkwardness. It’s an “odd” situation.

So folks on the right-wing that are generally wary of “Big Government” and scared of getting your guns taken away:
Don’t be dupes and don’t fall for the “the Government is plotting to disarm you and impose Communist tyranny” BS. The wealthy and powerful are the ones that run this country and they aren’t exactly interested in Communism. Grow up.

And folks delving into the “second shooter” angle of this recent tragedy:
Don’t be dupes and fall for the “all conspiracies are part of the global NWO Freemasonic Illuminati Rothschild Banksters overlord” BS. Yes, there’s A LOT more truth to “conspiracy theories” than most people realize, but the meta-narrative of “NWO Freemasonic Illuminati Rothschild Banksters overlords want to disarm society and impose a Communist dictatorship” that dominate the online conspiracy-theory world is a meta-scapegoat. Those individuals currently delving into details of this recent tragedy might want to try viewing things through a non-“NWO Freemasonic Illuminati Rothschild Banksters” framework and read up on the larger history of fascist power networks. History might start making a lot more sense.

And all the “mainstream” folks that are calling for more gun control and better mental health “screening”:
Recognize that calls for preemptive mental health checks on those that “fall outside the mainstream” with the implicit threat of stripping people of their guns AND labeling them “mentally ill” is quite possibly one of the most effective means that one could have ever devised of pushing millions of people into the militant far-right’s worldview of “the government is out to get me”. Don’t forget that the militant far-right brands itself as the warriors for “freedom”. Seeing as so many of past spree killers appear to have fallen under the sway of far-right ideologies, perhaps a national dialogue that explores the long history of far-right extremist influences that justify mass killings as “collateral damage” might be a more ‘targeted’ approach to addressing this problem and identifying potential future mass killers. If there is a far-right agenda to destabilize society by provoking fears amongst as many Americans as possible that “the government wants to take away my guns and call me crazy” it might make sense to focus any “early intervention” efforts on the smallest target groups that actually have a track record of going on violent killing sprees. Shy, awkward loner kids do NOT have a history of going on craze killing sprees. Shy awkward loner kids that become infused with white-power hate ideologies AND have a history of mental illness AND have a history of violent, impulsive behaviors AND are suicidal AND have the means to go on a killing spree ARE in that “high risk group”. And it’s not even all that high a risk. There are plenty of other reasons people go on shooting sprees, but it has to be noted that a large number of the “no discernible motive” events involve people with histories of militant extremist influences.

So in the interest of not creating the kind of social environment that induces mental illness and suicidal thoughts in millions of shy loner kids that pushes them right into the arms of ideological extremist during their formative years, how about a national discussion about the potent mix of mental illness, extremist ideologies, rampant economic dislocation, and all of the other factors in society that might push a potentially mentally ill person down the path towards extreme violence. And make it very clear that it’s a national discussion and no one plans on systematically disarming those deemed to hold what are deemed to be “extremist” ideologies. Because that would be stupid. Once again, the militant far-right wants to be placed in a situation where it will be viewed in the most sympathetic light as possible.

We don’t know yet what the case was with the latest shooter’s background. There are hints at a far-right background but no solid info. But when it comes to crafting a national policy response to avoid more tragedies like this, we have to remind ourselves that the specific characteristics of this shooter are kind of irrelevant because crafting a policy response based on a single incident would be incredibly stupid. Instead, regardless of the specific attributes of this shooter, we should be examining the broader pattern that has emerged in the history of these kinds of incidents and that broader pattern includes a LARGE number of mass killers indoctrinated into far-right militant extremist ideologies.

Or we could just focus on how most past shooters weren’t very social and generally kind of quiet. You know, how they ‘looked the part‘:

Washington Post
A frustrating search for motive in Newtown shootings
By Marc Fisher, Robert O’Harrow and Peter Finn, Published: December 22

NEWTOWN, Conn. — His hair is unchanging through the years, a little boy’s simple bowl cut. His eyebrows do not arch or smile. His lips are neither pursed nor puckered but always flat, giving nothing away. His eyes, year after year, pop out from the snapshots, open wide, connecting with no one.

This is what Adam Lanza’s pursuers are left with. In violent death as in isolated life, he gave away little. The 20-year-old who on a bright Friday morning killed 26 people at the elementary school he had attended, as well as his mother and himself, destroyed one promising key to his unspoken passions, hammering his computer’s hard drive into digital silence. He left no note, confided in no friend. His mother, the one person he was known to have spoken to in anything more than monosyllabic responses, he shot in the head, four times, while she was in bed, in her pajamas.

Like Jared Loughner in Arizona and James Holmes in Colorado, Lanza stares out at us, bug-eyed and disconnected, in the grainy snapshot that is our first window into his soul. Mass shooters, almost always loners, often look the part, meaning that the publicly available images of them portray them in no social context, looking but not seeing, seen but not known.

Folks, don’t be dupes.

Update 01/06/2013
Well, let’s hope this finally closes the case on Mr. Rodia. The Connecticut Post has a story on this particular case of tragically mistaken identity and the guy and his family have already received a number of death threats. He actually comes off as a class act in the article, especially given the circumstances (he has a great line the article). He and his family are stoically getting totally screwed by awful luck (with an assist from folks on the interwebs *sheepish look*) and he’s facing unjustified infamy with dignity so kudos to him and his family. And, once again, a very necessary caveat:

Connecticut Post
Police: No Newtown conspiracy
Anne M. Amato
Updated 12:16 am, Thursday, January 3, 2013

NORWALK — In the dark and shadowy world of Internet bloggers and conspiracy theorists, Christopher Rodia is a mystery man connected to last month’s school shooting in Newtown. But police say that’s just not true.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the postings and hasn’t stopped Rodia from receiving death threats.

“That was such a heinous crime, I don’t want to be connected to it in any way,” Rodia said.

“I’m a big boy and can take care of myself,” he said, but added his 72-year-old mother, Diane, is afraid to have her young grandchildren come to visit because of the threats.

“We shouldn’t have to be worrying about this,” his mother said.

However, “Spitfire list,” a website of blogs by anti-fascist researcher and radio personality Dave Emory, has updated its information concerning Rodia, saying he “appears to be innocent and only coincidentally caught up in this event” and not driving the “possible suspect vehicle” mentioned on the tape.

This is a reminder of why we must main­tain the stance of really believ­ing these indi­vid­u­als that get swept up in the post-tragedy aftermath are inno­cent until proven guilty, espe­cially early on when minimal info is available,” according to a posting on that site. “The guy (Rodia) didn’t deserve this so if you meet him, buy him a beer (assuming you’re 21+).

Ditto! And a preemptive ditto for anyone else that may get caught up in this kind of speculation in the future should that unfortunately occur. Since that seems sort of inevitable, just FYI, If you read this stuff on the interwebs and are crazy enough to conclude that you know enough about who did what when to justify calling in a death threat you’re not just a crazy asshole, you’re a crazy stupid asshole. You don’t know what happened. Don’t be a crazy stupid internet asshole. It’s not fun and I’m pretty sure death threats are illegal so, yeah, crazy stupid. Don’t be that.

The police spokesman in the article stated there was a single shooter and we need to keep in mind that a single shooter scenario is still very possible even given the strange “camo pants” incident. So let’s hope the final report clears that topic up in a convincing fashion so we can put the multiple-shooter theory to rest. If investigators can somehow convincingly put it to rest before the final report that will be even better because the speculation on the identity and motive of the “camo pants” man is only going to grow and this could be a disaster on many levels.

The police spokesman also states in the article that “we aren’t looking for anybody else — for any other person”. Since the investigation is clearly keeping its cards very close to its chest we shouldn’t read too much into that statement at this point. The destruction of the shooter’s hard drive, is potentially going to take a while before any of that information is available and the shooter’s readily-existing online tracks may not yield much, if anything. So it’s entirely possible that the investigation of outside/online ‘help’ is still be actively considered but the data required to pursue those leads simply isn’t available yet. They were reportedly open to the possibility of outside influences at the beginning of the investigation and thought the computer hard drive might yield such clues so it’s also difficult to see how that avenue could be closed before the hard drive data is retrieved. Also note that it could be a nightmarishly difficult investigation because – if any coordinating was done online – it could be done from anywhere across the globe.

In other words, it’s very reasonable that we should have to wait for an extended period before we hear any sort of definitive information from investigators regarding the possibility that the shooter was coordinating with others. As such, the folks on the interwebs following this story could be stuck in ‘speculative’ mode for long long time. Now would be a great time for those folks to employ cautious patience *sheepish looks*. Given the ongoing “camo pants” issue, the gruesome nature of the case, the lack of any discernible motive, and the massive amounts of speculative misinformation that have plagued the reports on this tragedy from the very beginning there is a real danger that an extended period of speculation is going to lead to more of these kinds of awful situations. So people speculating online, get very patient and remember this and while you’re doing your speculating.


4 comments for “The “camo pants” coincidence in Newtown, CT, part 3: updates and caveats”

  1. Here is a website by a family of one of the victims- who try to show how the Columbine investigations was faulty- also its connection to the Franklin Coverup-


    Posted by Oddball | December 24, 2012, 2:57 am
  2. Thanks, Pterra, for another thought provoking post.

    What do you make of today’s shooting of firefighters in Webster, NY? http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20121224/NEWS01/312240026/Webster-shooter-jailed-killing-his-grandmother The shooter is a convicted murderer who served his time and his parole. Today he set fire to the house in which the 1980 murder was committed, laid in wait for the fire dept. to respond, then opened fire on them, killing 2 firefighters and wounding 3 others before turning the gun on himself.

    I suspect it will be used for more destabilization, but the angle hasn’t emerged yet. Perhaps he was himself destabilized by recent talk of mental evaluations you mentioned.

    Posted by Mike J. | December 24, 2012, 1:26 pm
  3. @Mike J:
    I have to admit that it crossed my mind when I first saw the story headline. Now we learn that the 62 yr old suspect spent 17 years in prison for murdering his grandmother in 1980 so, at a minimum the, guy probably had at least some exposure to White Supremacist ideologies. But we don’t know much about the guy yet. Based on the reports so far, he killed his 92 yr old grandmother), did 17 years of prison time. He was release from prison 14 years ago, and apparently had his last contact with the parole system in 2006. There was no motive listed in the typewritten note he left behind other than a declaration of murderous intent according to the article below. He lived in a house with his mom he was close to and a sister he apparently loathed. He was “on meds” as of last year according to a neighbor so presumably there’s some sort of mental health record available. The mom died in October and relative speculates that dispute over the inheritance ensued between he and his sister. Two months later this happens:

    NY Times
    Gunman Who Killed 2 Firefighters Left Chilling Note

    Published: December 25, 2012

    WEBSTER, N.Y. — On Monday morning when darkness was still raw, William Spengler Jr. armed himself with a rifle, a revolver and a shotgun. He had killed before. Harboring a deep-seated hatred of his sister, who lived with him, and a desire to harm his neighbors on a beachfront strip off Lake Ontario, Mr. Spengler composed a rough, typewritten plan that foretold of the destruction to come.

    “I still have to get ready to see how much of the neighborhood I can burn down and do what I like doing best — killing people,” Mr. Spengler, 62, wrote, in a note the police recovered.

    It had been 32 years since he beat his grandmother to death with a hammer in the Lake Road house next to his.

    As Christmas Eve dawned in this suburb of Rochester, local authorities say, Mr. Spengler set fire to a car, as a trap. When an engine company came roaring down the street, he started shooting at the first responders, most likely from his Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle. It was the same type of semiautomatic weapon used in the school shooting 10 days earlier in Newtown, Conn.

    “He was equipped to go to war to kill innocent people,” the Webster police chief, Gerald L. Pickering, said of Mr. Spengler.

    The authorities say Mr. Spengler fired shots that killed two volunteer firefighters from long range and seriously wounded two others, and set a “raging inferno.” The police found him dead on a berm about five hours after the siege started, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

    On Tuesday, the authorities added another likely victim: Cheryl Spengler, 67, the gunman’s sister. Chief Pickering said “human remains” were found at the shooter’s house, 191 Lake Road, that they believed were of Ms. Spengler. The Monroe County medical examiner’s office did not return requests for comment on the identification of the remains or the cause of death.

    Mr. Spengler’s note, Chief Pickering said, contained no motive, just ramblings, and spoke only to a murderous intent. He said he was not at liberty to disclose it in full because of the investigation.

    As investigators tried on Tuesday to determine reasons for the brutal acts that shattered the holiday peace of a close-knit town, details emerged about Mr. Spengler and his bitter relationship with his sister. A relative said it was possible the two were in a dispute over who would inherit the family home after their mother’s death in October.

    The siblings had such antipathy for each other that they lived on separate sides of the house, a former neighbor, Roger D. Vercruysse, said Monday.

    “He hated his sister, but he loved his mama,” Mr. Vercruysse said.

    John Kohut, 68, whose house burned down in Mr. Spengler’s attack, described him as quiet, socially awkward and “kind of rough” from his years spent in prison.

    Last summer, Mr. Kohut had asked him if he wanted a beer because it was a hot day. “He said, ‘No, because I’m on meds,’ ” Mr. Kohut recalled Tuesday, while waiting to be let back onto Lake Road.

    Considering that the guy had a history of served 17 years in prison and also illegally owned a Bushman .223, the same weapon used in Newtown, CT, it’s possible that the events of last week somehow played a role in causing him to snap like this but who knows. Like with almost all of these cases where no motive is ever known, it will probably just be assumed that the guy is nuts and that alone was why he did it. The fact that he left such a chilling note is, unfortunately, only going to continue spreading the notion that “mental illness = a desire to kill”.

    Still, it’s worth speculating about the possibility that the current gun control/mental health debate could play a role in actually causing people to “snap” and go nuts (thus requiring stricter measures to monitor and demonize the mentally ill…see what fun we have ahead of us?). For all the discussion of “we need to improve our mental health care in this country”, there seems to be little acknowledgment in the press and amongst our political leaders about the important role that environmental factors other than video games and movies can play in the onset and progression of a mental illness. Things like an ‘environment’ that increasingly includes a national media and political leaders that appear intent on associating mental illness with random acts of mass violence. As we’ve learned all too often in recent years, cyber-bullying can lead to suicide and that shouldn’t be entirely unexpected in the new age of interactive media where someone can be so easily an completely humiliated with the click of a mouse button. Maybe we should be applying that lesson as we turn shy nerdy kids and the ‘mentally ill’ into the new Willie Hortons of America:

    NBC’s Meet the Press transcript,
    Dec 23, 2012


    I don’t think it will. I keep saying it, and you just won’t accept it. It’s not going to work. It hasn’t worked. Dianne Feinstein had her ban, and Columbine occurred. It’s not going to work. I’ll tell you what would work. We have a mental health system in this country that has completely and totally collapsed. We have no national database of these lunatics.

    23 states, my (UNINTEL) however long ago was Virginia Tech? 23 states are still putting only a small number of records into the system. And a lot of states are putting none. So, when they go through the national instant check system, and they go to try to screen out one of those lunatics, the records are not even in the system.

    I talked to a police officer the other day. He said, “Wayne,” he said, “let me tell you this. Every police officer walking the street knows s lunatic that’s out there, some mentally disturbed person that ought to be in an institution, is out walking the street because they dealt with the institutional side. They didn’t want mentally ill in institutions. So they put them all back on the streets. And then nobody thought what happens when you put all these mentally ill people back on the streets, and what happens when they start taking their medicine.

    We have a completely cracked mentally ill system that’s got these monsters walking the streets. And we’ve got to deal with the underlying causes and connections if we’re ever going to get to the truth in this country and stop this–



    Again, a lot of people would agree with that…


    Well, the first conversation we should have is how heartbroken we are as Americans. I don’t think there’s anybody in the country doesn’t feel sick to their stomach. I can’t imagine a worse situation than getting a call as a parent saying, “Something happened as school with shooting,” or anything else, and you go there and your child is killed. So let’s just start with that understanding.

    Here’s the conversation. We can talk all day long. We had an armed guard in Columbine. We had an assault ban. Neither one of them worked. We’re talking about preventing mass murder by non- traditional criminals, people who are not traditionally criminals, who are not wired right, for some reason. And I don’t know if there’s anything Lindsey Graham can do in the Senate to stop mass murder from somebody that’s hell bent on doing crazy things.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | December 26, 2012, 12:45 am
  4. The Bushmaster was not used in the attack.


    Posted by Jack | December 28, 2012, 6:20 pm

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