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The Morlock/Palin Connection: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Did this guy date Bristol Palin?

COMMENT: As a boy, I loved the Hollywood motion picture made from H.G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine. In that sci-fi classic, the world is transformed after a nuclear holocaust. Gentle survivors on the surface of the earth are raised and harvested for food by mutant cannibals called the Morlocks, who live underground. (One is pictured at right with Yvette Mimeux [“Weena”].)

A recent incident, which casts further aspersions on the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan, involved a series of apparently pre-meditated killings of Afghan civilians. One of the figures convicted in a court martial was Specialist Jeremy Morlock from Wasilla, Alaska.

The Morlocks are associates of the Palin family in that admittedly small community. Is this a mere coincidence, arising from a crude, immature and [possibly] racist orientation on the part of Morlock? That may well be the case. The timing, however, is singularly unfortunate, making things just that much tougher for the U.S., the troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere and, of course, for the Obama administration.

There are real, very monstrous Morlocks on the earth’s surface, or so it would appear.

“Sarah and Todd Palin, Jeremy Morlock’s Family, and More Secrets from Wasilla Revealed”; palingates.blogspot.com; 7/21/2010.

EXCERPT: . . . . In my little teaser in the comments earlier today I said that it will have a bit of everything. The main part of the events have to do with the Palins and the Morlocks, two families who are very close to each other. The children grew up and played together, they went to school with each other, they had sleepovers at each other’s houses, the kids had Sarah Palin’s cellphone number saved and some of the adults have known each other for more than 30 years. The association of the families is very, very tight.

If you think you recognize this name: I am talking about the family of Jeremy Morlock, the soldier from Wasilla who was recently arrested for being under suspicion of murder, while being on duty in Afghanistan. . . .


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  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/13/afghanistan-base-nazi-name_n_1273444.html

    Afghanistan Base ‘Aryan’ Raises Objections From Soldiers Over Name

    week’s embarrassing controversy involving Marines displaying a flag with what appeared to be a Nazi insignia, American and Afghan soldiers have alleged that an Army base near Kandahar was named Combat Outpost “Aryan,” a term evocative of Nazi rhetoric.

    In a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on Monday morning, lawyers representing the Military Religious Freedom Foundation demanded that Panetta immediately rename the base and launch an investigation into its naming. “The horrendous religious and ethnic connotations are beyond dispute, as is the horribly wrongful nature of either the base name or the use of the SS insignia,” wrote Randal Mathis of the Dallas law firm Mathis, Donheiser and Jeter.

    The name of the outpost was included in a news bulletin from June 2011 on the website of the Army’s 170th Infantry Brigade. A subordinate unit of the brigade, which is based in Germany and was deployed to southern Afghanistan at the time, published a photo of American soldiers meeting with their Afghan counterparts at “Combat Outpost Aryan” on June 5.

    The Department of Defense pushed back on the report, telling The Huffington Post that it has no record of the alleged base name. “We have not been able to identify any ISAF facilities in Kandahar named ‘Aryan,’ but there is an Afghan National Army Combat Outpost in southwest Ghazni province called ‘Arian,'” said Commander William Speaks.

    According to MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein, his organization was contacted on Sunday night by a group of Americans and Afghans outraged by the base’s name but afraid to take the matter to their superiors. “The ANA [Afghan National Army] folks did not believe they could go to the Americans, and our own members of the military didn’t think they could go up the chain [of command],” he said.

    Weinstein told The Huffington Post that most of the 21 American servicemembers who contacted him were based in the Kandahar area, and at least two of them had been stationed at Combat Outpost Aryan. He also claimed that in the United States, military members at a unified command — a command made up of units from all of the military services — had attempted to inform their superiors of their concerns about the name but were ignored.

    The naming of Combat Outpost Aryan is the second incident involving Nazi symbolism in the military in four days. On Friday, pictures surfaced of Marines in Afghanistan holding what appeared to be the flag of the SS, an infamous paramilitary unit within the Nazi party. The Marine Corps apologized for the incident and Panetta has called for an investigation, but none of the individual Marines in the picture were punished.

    The MRFF dismissed the military’s reaction to the flag as inadequate, saying it ignores a wider issue in military culture. “These two things could not have occurred outside an environment that is apparently tolerating, if not encouraging,” they said in their letter to Panetta. “Surely your office does not condone such wretched behavior. Given the lack of any meaningful response last week from the Marine Corps, apparently only your office can do something of merit about it.”

    But Commander Speaks, the department spokesman, challenged the linkage to Nazi symbolism. “I would note that the name ‘Arian’ (or ‘Ariana’) refers to an ancient tribe in Afghanistan, and the name is used by Afghans (e.g., there is a news outlet, and an airline with the same name),” he wrote to The Huffington Post.

    Despite his disdain for the depth of the military’s response, however, Weinstein said the SS flag incident had allowed concerned soldiers the freedom to inform him about Combat Outpost Aryan. “When it rains, it pours, and they felt that now they had more cover,” he said of the soldiers who contacted him. “The ANA members were particularly terrified.”

    Posted by R. Wilson | February 13, 2012, 7:42 pm
  2. @Robert Wilson–

    Good show, bro!

    One of the most rewarding AND frustrating aspects of doing this is to call the shots ahead of time and get labeled a nutjob.

    For how long, and on how many occasions have I warned about “Serpent’s Walk” being a blueprint and a manifesto, not a mere novel?

    In that book, the descendants of the SS go underground–we know that happened. They did just that.

    They infiltrate the military.

    They use their economic muscle to launch giant transnational corporations–witness the Bormann capital network.

    They buy into the opinion forming media–witness Bertelsmann (the publishing house of the SS, whose house historian blames WWII on FDR, and, of course Jews) having more than twice the volume of any other English language publisher.

    Finally, the Nazis take over the U.S. in mid 21st century after the country is hit by terrorist incidents involving WMD’s, brought in through the controlled drug trafficking networks. (Recall Hopsicker’s landmark work about the Huffman Aviation milieu, through which Atta & company infiltrated the US.)

    Finally, martial law is declared and the Underground Reich cements its control.

    Also note the FTR series “Specialized Knowledge and Abilities.”

    Stay tuned.

    Posted by Dave Emory | February 13, 2012, 8:02 pm
  3. @R. Wilson: Good article! First heard about it on Democratic Underground. TBH, when I first saw that photo I honestly thought these guys might have just ripped off the logo of the glam-rock band KISS. However, though, one must wonder if indeed something more sinister may have been intended.

    @Dave: Yep. Not to mention the attempts at infiltrating certain movements such as the 9/11 Truth movement and Occupy Wall Street(while the latter group has had some decent success at exposing & keeping the scum out, the former, on the other hand, has been badly compromised at this point, as infiltration of liars, useful idiots, etc. such as Michael Collins Piper and Eric Hufschmid has sadly been very successful).

    Posted by Steven L. | February 14, 2012, 12:24 pm

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