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The Newtown Massacre, Pedophile Priests and the Pope’s Resignation: A Conspiracy Theory Within a Conspiracy Theory


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COMMENT: Red Alert: this is one helluva conspiracy theory. In fact, it is–as the title indicates–a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory. Major kudos to Neil Allen, who assembled much of the outer layer of analysis in his blog post, accessed in its entirety below.

Much has been written about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, CT in December of 2012.

Most of the discussion has focused on firearms and gun control-related issues, with conspiracy theories originating, largely from the anti-Obama right wing, about this being a gambit to “take away our guns.”

In this post we explore a hypothesis that has not had much exposure.

Adam Lanza certainly had severe psychological problems, including autism (according to some sources).

That he existed in an environment inhabited by pedophile priests, apparently enjoying tacit support from the Church hierarchy in the area, has been largely eclipsed by other points of debate.

Neil Allen has chronicled the presence of serial pedophile priests in the church and Catholic school Lanza attended. One of the molesting priests was awarded a position in Stamford (Connecticut) where his father resided. One wonders if Adam may have encountered him during his stay in Stamford.

IF Adam Lanza was molested by Castaldo and/or others as Neil Allen has hypothesized, we wonder if that may have helped to precipitate the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in February of 2013. (Lanza’s murder/suicide spree was in December of 2012.)

The Pope has been faulted for not acting with sufficient vigor when he was in charge of the Vatican body responsible for overseeing such matters.

In an update, “Pterrafractyl” informs us that Adam Lanza had an apparent preoccupation with pedophilia. (See text excerpt below.)

Several points to consider in the context of Vatican power politics:

  • The Catholic pristhood has long been a focal point of intelligence gathering and political intrigue, deriving from the ritual of confession. That has long attracted the interest of institutions and individuals seeking “inside information” and/or dirt on the vulnerable and powerful. Organized crime elements have also been involved with the Vatican’s financial hierarchy for quite some time.
  • The Vatican has been inextricably involved with fascism and the world’s intelligence services. The IOR (Vatican Bank) was heavily involved in the financing of Nazi industry and a nexus of intrigue and corruption in the decades following the end of the war. (AFA #’s 17-21 provide an in depth investigation of many of the Vatican’s shady relationships.)
  • As one of the world’s major religions, the Catholic Church is a major epicenter of global power.

“Why Adam Lanza Massacred Children at Sandy Hook, Newtown – A Theory & Motive” by Neil Allen; NeilAllen76; 12/19/2012.

ENTIRE TEXT: To save people time, I will give a 1 minute summary followed by details with verifiable online pointers to facts.

Note that this is just a theory about a motive, and will be shocking to everyone.


  • Adam Lanza was raped by a known, convicted Catholic pedophile priest named Fr John J Castaldo when Adam Lanza was 6 years old, when his family moved to Newtown, CT, in 1998.
  • He never stopped thinking about the traumatic moment of being raped by “Christ on earth”, which is what priests call themselves.  He spent every moment of his life trying to rationalize it.  He never developed normally.
  • Then he went to that specific classroom because there were mostly 6 year old Catholic children in that room.
  • No one protected Adam, Adam would show the Catholics that their children couldn’t be protected.


  • The Lanzas moved to Newtown in 1998.  See last paragraph at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/for-lanza-family-son-adams-difficulties-dominated/2012/12/17/3c0e8eb0-4890-11e2-ad54-580638ede391_story.html
  • known, convicted, serial pedophile priest named Fr John J Castaldo resided there from 1998 until 2001.
  • Now the speculation:
    • Adam is a quiet 6 year old who moves to Newtown in 1998.    Fr Castaldo was a serial child rapist, and pedophile priests have as much sex as they can get away with.   Most victims never came forward (like Adam) because they knew they wouldn’t be believed.
    • Castaldo probably had many victims, most of which never came forward.
    • Adam may or may not have had autism, making him easy prey.  Adam would never tell anyone, and could be manipulated easily.
    • Castaldo has sex with Adam, and the Catholic church hides and reassigns Castaldo, as they have done thousands of times in the United States
    • Psychological trauma:
      • It is tough for anyone to grasp the psychological trauma that a child experiences when they are raped by a Catholic priest.
      • <trigger alert>
      • They think they are being anally stabbed to death by “Christ on earth”, because that is what Catholic priests call themselves.   The pain is excruciating.  They think Christ is trying to kill them, and God won’t help.  They feel grunting, and groaning, and violent movement.
      • Then the pedophile priest typically tells them it is their fault, and that they will get in trouble if they tell anyone, and that no one would believe them.  They believe they are going to hell, and don’t know why.
      • They have more psychological pressure than anyone could endure, let alone an undeveloped 7 year old.
      • The pedophile priest goes to Catholic confession, is forgiven, and forgets about it.
      • Adam thinks about that moment every moment of every day.  For years, he thinks he is the only child in the world raped by Christ on earth.  He has nightmares that never stop.
      • His first goal is to make sure that no one ever knows what happened to him.  His biggest fear is that he is caught, and will be eternally bullied for being punished/raped/stabbed by “Christ on earth”.
      • Catholic child rape, and pedophile priest protection, is the ultimate psychological bullying.
      • He can’t even talk to other children.  He never develops socially.
      • As he grows older, he sees the world differently than everyone else.  He has no help or guidance.  Everyone calls him “odd”, affirming his belief that there is something wrong with him.  He knows.  He may think he was raped by Christ because he was bad, at age 6, or he was odd.  He can’t figure out what he did wrong.  The psycological games would destroy any human mind.  Especially a 6, 7, 8 year old.  And it gets worse every year.  And he can’t talk to anyone about it, so he doesn’t talk to anyone at all.  He lives life in a complete bubble.  Even Mom and the psycologists don’t have any idea.
      • He has nightmares every single night, and can’t stop them.
      • When he matures, and finds out that the Catholic church knows about his, and no one cares, and Castaldo and other priests get no penalty, he sees a world of evil.
        • Many victims of Catholic pedophile priest rape commit suicide.  In Australia, 40 suicides have been traced back to just 5 pedophile priests who abused children between 1960 and the late 1980s, and Catholics STILL don’t care enough to do anything about. ithttp://www.theage.com.au/victoria/churchs-suicide-victims-20120412-1wwox.html
        • Adam Lanza would know, through his internet research, that the Catholic church paid $11 million in Philadelphia to protect Msgr Lynn, who admitted to shredding evidence about 35 known pedophile priests in 1994.  Msgr Lynn shredded this information at the request of Cardinal Bevilacqua and with the knowledge of 2 bishops, Cullen & Cistone.
      • Mostly, in Adam Lanza’s bubble, he knows that the Catholic church fights to protect known child rapists and fights to humiliate the victims.  There is no good in this world that Adam sees.  In a world where Catholics say this is God’s best church, Adam sees nothing but evil.  He did something wrong when he was 6, and doesn’t know what it is.  He has always thought he was going to hell.
      • He will commit suicide, but before he does, he will take revenge against the 6 year olds, most of which were Catholic.  Catholics never protected or helped Adam at any point since he was 6, and he would show that their children couldn’t be protected.
    • I could go on for hours, but you get the idea.  An evil brain has been created, and has been cooking for 14 years.
  • New (2/1/13) In 5th grade, Adam Lanza threw up while watching a sex education video.  This would make sense for a child rape victim of a Catholic priest, who is now 11 years old and just learning about sex, reliving what happened to him when he was 6 years old. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2012/12/18/adam-lanza-sandy-hook-student/1777525/
  • Like most Catholic priest rape victims, Adam never tells anyone.
  • Adam goes to the school with a plan:
    • Kill the psychologist that didn’t help him when he was young.
    • Kill anyone who gets in his way.
    • Kill the 6 year old children, most of which were Catholics.  If Catholics didn’t protect him, he would see that those 6 year olds weren’t protected, and take revenge against the parents of those 6 year olds, who didn’t care what happened to him when he was 6 years old.
      • In his world (his isolationist bubble), he can now control whether 6 year old children are protected
      • The viciousness has been developed for years, and the hatred is unlimited.
      • An insane mind has been created.
    • He shoots himself as soon as the police showed up.  He can never be touched.
  • After the massacre, the local Catholic church, St Rose, was threatened, probably by another of Castaldo’s victims who never came forward:

There’s the theory, and is a more complete explanation than anything else I’ve seen.  If they investigate with this in mind, they will find internet sites he visited about Catholics protecting pedophile priests.  Even if his computer was destroyed, his internet provider will have a log of all the sites he visited.

Lastly, why did his brain snap that day?  My guess is that it was the anniversary of the date he was raped, a date he fears every year, when the weather, daylight, and pre-Christmas celebration by everyone remind him in ways he can’t forget.

Alternatively, it could have been because his mother said she was going to put him in an institution.  However, the bigger issue for him would have been that he couldn’t handle being touched.

This is a complete motive with an explanation for everything.  Let’s see what other evidence comes up.

UPDATES, thanks to a commenter below.

  • Another known (and admitted) pedophile priest named Fr Charles Stubbs, who admitted molesting a boy in 1997, was also at St Rose of Lima Parish around that time, as proven in the Reuters article. pedophile priest Fr Charles Stubbs at St Rose of Lima Church when Adam Lanza was there.  However, he may have left after 1997, and Adam Lanza arrived in 1998.  The article doesn’t make it clear whether Stubbs continued to live in Newtown in 1998.
  • Stubbs had been protected and moved by multiple priests including Bishop Egan, who put him in Newtown in 1997.
  • I could not find proof that Fr Donovan was at St Rose of Lima during that time period.
  • Regardless, with AT LEAST 2 known pedophile priests in the Newtown parish at that time, there certainly was a culture of accepted pedophilia.

“Despite Files, Conn. School Shooter Remains Enigma” by Allen G. Breed and Michael Biesecker [Asso­ci­ated Press]; Yahoo News; 12/28/2013.

EXCERPT: . . . .He liked to go “off grid” from time to time, and fre­quently refor­mat­ted his com­puter hard dri­ves, pre­sum­ably to cover his tracks, the friend said.

Another topic of dis­cus­sions was pedophilia.

Among the doc­u­ments inves­ti­ga­tors found on Lanza’s com­puter was one titled “pbear” that inves­ti­ga­tors described as “advo­cat­ing pedophiles’ rights and the lib­er­a­tion of chil­dren.” Another, called “Love­bound,” was a screen­play describ­ing a rela­tion­ship between a 10-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man.

Lanza said his stance on issues of men­tal ill­ness, includ­ing pedophilia, “would cause oth­ers to make snap judg­ments about him as an apol­o­gist,” Lanza’s the­ater friend told authorities. . . .


2 comments for “The Newtown Massacre, Pedophile Priests and the Pope’s Resignation: A Conspiracy Theory Within a Conspiracy Theory”

  1. Some of the details in the police final report certainly raise these kinds of questions:

    Despite files, Conn. school shooter remains enigma
    Associated Press
    By ALLEN G. BREED and MICHAEL BIESECKER December 28, 2013 2:22 PM

    Adam Lanza was fascinated with chimpanzees because of their capacity for empathy, but could show little or none himself.

    He could write stories that struck horror into a teacher’s heart, then turn around and craft a poem so beautiful it moved listeners to tears.

    As a kid growing up in Connecticut, he rode bikes, played baseball and saxophone, and kept hamsters. As a man, he taped black garbage bags over his bedroom windows, retreating into a world of violent video games, guns and statistics on mass murder.

    Despite the release Friday by Connecticut state police of thousands of pages of interviews, photographs and writings, the man who gunned down 20 first-graders and six adults at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, remains an enigma.

    Some of the most tantalizing evidence of the inner workings of the 20-year-old Newtown man’s brain appears to be contained in writings that the police chose not to release.

    An eight-page document titled simply, “me,” is described in a police inventory as “detailing relationships, ideal companion, culture, voting, personal beliefs, describes doctors touching children as rape.” Another, named “tomorrow,” apparently contains details about the author’s “desires, list of the benefits of being thin and negative connotations associated with being overweight, list of goals …”

    What the files do show is a deeply troubled young man, living with a single mother who was either unable or unwilling to accept the depths of his illness.

    The picture most people have of Adam Lanza is the skeletal, blank face from photographs released by police following the massacre. Childhood photos show a smiling boy who could look into a camera, but signs of trouble — if not violence — emerged early.

    By seventh grade, a teacher told investigators, Lanza’s writing was “so graphic that it could not be shared” — except with the principal. The teacher said Adam’s parents were not “upfront” about his mental abilities.

    Adam would write essays “obsessing about battles, destruction and war,” said the teacher, whose name and gender were redacted. “In all my years of experience, I have known … boys to talk about things like this but Adam’s level of violence was disturbing.”

    But when the teacher asked Adam to submit something else to share with the class, he produced a lovely poem.

    “Adam shared his poem in public with his father present, who was in tears,” the teacher told police.

    Peter Lanza has declined to speak publicly about his son. But in interviews with investigators, he said that his son’s life appeared to take a turn after his 11th birthday.

    He seemed “less happy, stressed and frustrated,” his father said, but he never exhibited any “outward signs of anger or aggression.” He told people he “did not think highly of himself and believed that everyone else in the world deserved more than he did,” according to investigators.

    Despite all the evidence that he was a loner, Lanza had not yet cut himself off completely.

    In recent years, Lanza would spend nearly every weekend playing the videogame Dance Dance Revolution at a nearby movie theater. In fact, he was there so often and long, people there called him “DDR guy.”

    Someone who befriended him there told authorities that Lanza was not completely withdrawn.

    “Emotion wasn’t something expressed in particularly verbose or grandiose fashion but it was expressed,” the unnamed witness, who met Lanza sometime in 2011, told investigators in a lengthy email. “He was capable of laughing, smiling and making jokes though always in a dry fashion.”

    The two had wide-ranging conversations.

    They discussed chimp society, with Lanza remarking that chimps “were able to show more empathy to members of their group than humans were at time.” Lanza said humans were “glorified animals” with a “flawed faculty of judgment.”

    Adam was interested in Japanese techno music and had taken Chinese lessons with a private tutor. He even talked about joining the military.

    In general, the friend said, Lanza would adopt “a very nihilist take on things” and seemed “overtly fatalistic and bleak.” Lanza would disappear for weeks at a time, after which he would say he was “having an existential crisis.”

    He liked to go “off grid” from time to time, and frequently reformatted his computer hard drives, presumably to cover his tracks, the friend said.

    Another topic of discussions was pedophilia.

    Among the documents investigators found on Lanza’s computer was one titled “pbear” that investigators described as “advocating pedophiles’ rights and the liberation of children.” Another, called “Lovebound,” was a screenplay describing a relationship between a 10-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man.

    Lanza said his stance on issues of mental illness, including pedophilia, “would cause others to make snap judgments about him as an apologist,” Lanza’s theater friend told authorities.

    Eventually, however, Lanza even fell out with his DDR buddy. In June 2012, the man told authorities, Lanza said “that he should not expect him to participate in any more activities with him.”

    Workers at the theater say they last saw Lanza there in August or September 2012. His isolation had now become total.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | January 27, 2014, 8:17 pm
  2. There was a recent piece in the Connecticut press addressing this topic. It included interviews with a number of the experts involved in the investigation that discussed the possibility that the shooter’s was a victim himself. The experts assert that there’s no evidence that he was a victim, although the family’s attendance at the Catholic church with multiple convicted priests is never mentioned:

    Computer evidence shows Lanza’s interest in pedophilia
    Dirk Perrefort
    Updated 1:01 pm, Sunday, January 19, 2014

    NEWTOWN — Adam Lanza had an interest in pedophilia.

    On his computer hard drive was a screenplay, “Lovebound,” that describes a relationship between a 30-year-old man and a 10-year-old boy, as well as documents advocating for “pedophiles’ rights and the liberation of children.”

    He also discussed with a friend how it was “a disease that needed to be treated and not looked at as evil,” according to the State Police report on the shooting released late last month.

    Smiggles, a screen name state police said Lanza used, made hundreds of posts on a now-defunct online forum, “Shocked and Beyond,” that focused on mass shootings after Columbine.

    In a post dated Dec. 30, 2009, Smiggles said, “I used to think I was asexual, but the primary reason why I thought that was because my BMI (body mass index) was 14.” At the time of his death nearly three years later, he was 6 feet tall and weighed 112 pounds.

    Smiggles also posted on the forum, “I castrated myself when I was 15 to rebel against society.”

    Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky said he was “unaware of any information” about Lanza attempting to castrate himself.

    While there is still no concrete evidence that Lanza was a pedophile — or a victim of one — the material does point to an internal conflict that may have plagued Lanza in the years before he walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and took the lives of 20 young children and six educators before killing himself the morning of Dec. 14, 2012.

    “Certainly, there isn’t enough evidence to come to a firm conclusion,” said Dr. Fred Berlin, director of the sexual behaviors consultation unit at Johns Hopkins University, “but it sounds like he was conflicted about these issues. It’s possible he had an attraction (to children) or he knew people who had them and he was trying to sort it out. But it’s still a long way from explaining what he did.”

    Berlin said one could speculate that Lanza, if he had pedophilia tendencies, could have targeted the elementary school in an attempt to eliminate temptation.

    “The idea is that someone who has a strong desire for something and they’re forbidden to act upon it, they can be angry at the source of temptation,” he said. “It’s not unreasonable, given what happened. There must have been a tremendous amount of rage inside of him.”

    He stressed, however, that the idea is just a hypothesis and there isn’t enough evidence at this point to either refute or support the claim.

    “It’s just more pieces to an incredibly complex puzzle,” he said.

    Mary Ellen O’Toole, a retired FBI behavioral analyst whose expertise is in mass homicides and school violence, said there is a compulsive aspect to many pedophiles that isn’t apparent in the evidence released to date on Lanza.

    “These urges come back repeatedly, and they aren’t satisfied by one instance,” she said. “I would expect to see a more compulsive nature to the inquiry. When searching a home, you would expect to find volumes of material on the subject.”

    She added that investigators would expect to see some kind of searches pertaining to a sexual curiosity on most 20-year-olds’ computers. Lanza’s hard drive, however, was filled with documents pertaining to his research of mass shootings, images of Lanza holding a handgun to his head and a smattering of information related to the rights of pedophiles.

    While additional evidence hasn’t surfaced in the Lanza case, O’Toole said that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

    “It could mean the investigators didn’t find it or it was part of what was destroyed,” she said.

    Lanza made every effort to destroy his hard drive before his rampage, which included killing his mother in her bed at home. He also redacted a number of comments he left on social media forums that may have discussed the topic.

    Dr. Charles Herrick, the head of psychiatry at Danbury Hospital, said it is difficult with the information released to date to know if Lanza’s interest in pedophilia had any influence on his behavior.

    “The material related to his obsession with mass shootings is far more compelling about what is driving his behavior,” he said.

    Herrick said that while perpetrators of any kind of abuse tend to have been abused themselves, there is no indication that Lanza was molested.

    “That’s pretty common,” he said, “but they don’t usually think about it in such a intellectual way. If abused, why would someone seek to justify it?”

    Dr. Harold Schwartz, chief of psychiatry at the Institute for Living in Hartford and part of the 16-member Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, said there was not enough information in the documents to say whether Lanza may have been a victim himself of a pedophile.

    Members of the commission, appointed by the governor last year to make recommendations on school safety, mental health and gun violence after the shooting, have been openly critical of the state police report on the shooting, saying the report released late on a Friday afternoon was all but indecipherable.

    The report is so disorganized that the commission has accepted the help of a Hartford law firm to turn the 6,700-page file — an online collection of hundreds of individual documents without a table of contents or index — into a searchable database.

    Keep in mind that much of the content of destroyed hard drives was never recovered so, as the FBI investigator pointed out, it’s hard to say whether or not that was part of what he was hiding by destroying the drives. Also note that it was recently reported that The FBI made a trip to the family home back in 2004 due to the shooter’s hacking of two government websites (he would have been around 12 at the time). So he probably would have had the technical know-how required to obtain that kind of illegal content online if he was so inclined:

    The Day the FBI Knocked on Adam Lanza’s Door
    By Matthew Lysiak
    Filed: 1/19/14 at 2:04 PM | Updated: 1/20/14 at 9:53 AM

    In 2004, officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation knocked on the door at 36 Yogananda Street, in Newtown, Connecticut, wanting information on a 12-year-old boy named Adam Lanza, according to his mother.

    Adam had used his computer to hack through two levels of security on a government website, the officials told Nancy, and they wanted answers.

    Nancy Lanza knew exactly how to handle this situation, how to keep her son out of trouble. “He’s a computer whiz,” she told the federal agents, assuring them he was just a very bright, if somewhat troubled boy. “Adam was just testing himself,” she added.

    The agents left, apparently satisfied that the child was not a serious threat.

    “It goes without saying that an AK-47 and enough ammunition could do more good than a thousand ‘teachers,‘ if one is truly interested in reforming the system,” Adam had written a year before walking into Sandy Hook Elementary School with a Bushmaster XM 15-E2S assault rifle.

    “In short time the children will be brainwashed, pumped full of Xanax and told to conform, until they have been turned into the oppressors.

    “They (the children) are already dead.”

    On the site where he was posting, no one batted an eye at any of this. After all, it was typical of the stuff Adam had been posting on Shocked Beyond Belief for more than a year.

    By “reforming the system,” Adam was espousing his already well-documented world view that the role of society was to manipulate humanity into its immoral value system, which is perpetuated by a vicious cycle of propagandizing young children through the education system.

    “Is it really so ideal to have good and efficient citizens? All they’ll do is be more effective at propagating the system you hate,” Adam wrote.

    He believed this system had made millions sick, both physically and mentally, as evidence by the rampant use of anti-depressants. “The entire philosophy behind education: the brutal indoctrination of pristine minds so as to propagate some delusional system of cultural values.”

    In another post he wrote that “the enculturing of human children” was “terrifying.”

    In his world, mass shooters were sending a message of resistance. They were declaring that they wouldn’t play by society’s sick rules. They were fighting back.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | January 30, 2014, 12:17 pm

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