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The “Sammy the Aryan” Show Hits the Road

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Muslim Brotherhood Offshoot Palestinian Islamic Jihad, one of whose important fund-raisers was al-Arian.


George W. Bush and his associate, Sami al-Arian

COMMENT: The Operation Green Quest [9] investigation into Sami al-Arian [10] uncovered profound links [11] between GOP bigwigs like Grover Norquist [12] and Karl Rove, as well as Bush allies like Talat Othman and networks that were funding Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (pictured at right and deeply connected to Sammy “the Arian”).

Lurking behind the American free-market advocates and Bush allies is the Muslim Brotherhood and the Bank Al-Taqwa [13].

Had the American political intellectual class and the news media done their job properly, Norquist, Rove, Othman [14] and the rest would be where they damn well belong–in a holding cell at Guantanamo instead of polluting the political waters ahead of King Jeb’s ascendance.

Sadly, the Truthers [15], the so-called progressive sector and the rest of the Terminally Distracted focused on “Sami al-Arian as Victim,” or on the untenable controlled demolition [16] of the WTC/cruise missile hit the Pentagon nonsense.

The elements present in the Operation Green Quest investigation [17]–never brought to heal–have cropped up again and again, in the Boston Marathon Bombing [18], in the MH 370 investigation [19], and in the downing of MH 17 in Ukraine. [20]


9/11 Truther Conference: A Grass Roots Movement

The available evidence suggests that one explanation for the ongoing cover-up concerns the apparent use of Muslim Brotherhood-related jihadis as proxy warriors in ongoing struggles around the world, chiefly against Russia [22] in the Caucasus and China [23].

We wonder if the apparently Muslim-Brotherhood-derived ISIS [24] may also enjoy the patronage of some element of Western intel–Saudi, Safari Club, Blackwater-type “private” intel and the like?

“Sami Al-Arian to Soon Be Deported” by Alexa Davies; WUSF News; 2/3/2015. [25]

WUSF has learned that Sami Al-Arian, a former USF professor who was at the center of a prolonged federal investigation into allegations he supported terrorist groups, is being deported – possibly as soon as Wednesday.

The information comes from a person who says he heard that Al-Arian spoke briefly about three weeks ago at a local Tampa mosque.

“He told me, ‘I’m being deported on February 4th,” the source said, “and I’m being deported to Turkey.'” . . . .